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By Pete Moore On September 10th, 2019

US President Donald Trump says he has fired his National Security Adviser John Bolton.

“I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House,” he wrote.

“I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions,” Mr Trump wrote, adding that a new national security adviser would be appointed next week.

The world is a little safer today. Bolton never heard a country mentioned without wondering how to preemptively bomb it. The wonder is that he got the gig in the first place. The disagreements could have been over Venezuela, Iran, Afghanistan or Syria. I suspect it was all of them.

The really interesting thing here is that the entire press pack was taken by surprise. “White House sources” is a line you always see when they’re pushing their daily bullshit. It turns out they have no sources.

46 Responses to “JOHN BOLTON FIRED”

  1. Bolton said that he tendered his resignation yesterday, and that the president said lets talk about it tomorrow.

    Then Trump fired Bolton, by tweet, today.

    Trump seeks to demean anyone that he comes into contact with, sooner or later.

  2. They deserved each other.

  3. They say that you should never work for someone that you don’t respect.

    So why does anyone work for Trump?

  4. The really interesting thing here is that the entire press pack was taken by surprise. “White House sources” is a line you always see when they’re pushing their daily bullshit. It turns out they have no sources.

    No Pete, this is why they were taken by surprise:

    Paul McMahon, on September 10th, 2019 at 5:54 PM Said:

    According to reports Trump fired Bolton:


    A sailor’s pay packet in Amsterdam lasts longer than a Trump staffer.

    Where Bolton contradicts Trump’s version of this is however where it gets interesting:


    I think this is going to be messy.

  5. Over on twitter

    back then
    @DVATW Mar 23, 2018

    Start wetting your pants, Libs, John Bolton is a SUPERB choice by @realDonaldTrump
    to move the #MAGA agenda on. He is a great patriotic American, unlike the globalist shill he replaces.

    and today
    @DVATW Sep 10, 2019

    Good leadership @realDonaldTrump

    · 2h
    I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and therefore….

  6. No that is funny.

  7. oh my my

    They keep records of this stuff, how can this be

  8. The right wing making a 180 turn? Shome mishtake shurely?

  9. If Trump says that the sun shines at night and that the moon is seen mainly in the day, they will all agree with that.

    That’s where we are.

  10. Bull……

    Trump was right to Bring Bolton in if were in a shooting war you want Bolton as an advisor. Trump is not going to get into a shooting war. In troop deployment and projection Trump is in full retreat while he fights the war economically with the threat of the Big stick.

    Mattis and Bolton do not match Trumps foreign policy.

  11. Bolton never served in the military, what value does he have in a “shooting war.” The truth is Bolton escaped the let’s bring the Taliban to Camp David looking better than Trump and word of his opposition to that mad idea got out. So he was fired/hoodwinked. It is delightful.

  12. Good work, Fews.

  13. Bolton is the classic war wimp.

    He’ll fight to the last drop of our young troops’ blood

    They will have to invent a new, worse hell for people like him.

  14. Oh Patrick have a bit of independent backbone. Don’t become like Patty, an unthinking Pom Poms for Trump automaton.

  15. oh don’t get me wrong Colm I am a firm supporter in the actions and policies that Bolton advocates. Even if I wasn’t using his policies I’d keep him to hear that side of the argument.

    Who’s going to fill that voice now ?

  16. So in your opinion has Trump made a mistake?

  17. It’s a mistake to fire him plain and simple…. the Iranian economy has completely collapsed… what if they choose conflict instead of negotiation ?

    Which advisor is analyzing that data now ?

  18. Patrick

    I don’t think we have heard your views on Trumps planned talks with the Taliban literally just as we are about to commemorate 9/11. I know he has cancelled them but he was about to give the terrorist murderers of thousands of US civilians the same legitimacy he recently gave Kim Jong Un. What say you ?

  19. I say it was stupid.

    If we’re going to leave the cave dwellers then lets just leave.

    The only reason to invite these idiots here is if it was to a surprise lynching they’re terrorists.

  20. Wanting to commemorate 9/11 by handing Afghanistan back to Taliban/Al Queda is ” stupid ”

    Wow what a severe rebuke

  21. you see in the days before recorded history when the Dragons fell…. wherever they fell they contaminated the land with natural evil the poppy grew from their dust….. Afghanistan was and still is the land of the dark dragon….. some people can’t be helped.

  22. Phantom you expect me to lose my mind over him firing Bolton it ain’t gonna happen.

    and I said we should have invited the terrorists over to kill them what more do you want ?

  23. oh yeah for you Phantom….. happens every time 🙂


  24. Patrick

    You are being very mild. If Obama had commemorated a 9/11 anniversary by inviting the Taliban to talks you would have sent the internet into meltdown before heading straight to Pennsylvania Avenue with a flaming pitchfork !

  25. true……

  26. … but Donald just melts and soothes you’re heart every time ❣️❣️

  27. lol…..

    while this guy just pisses me off


  28. Bolton was “fired” for being insufficiently Pro-Taliban.

    He says he resigned. I can’t stand Bolton, but who, other than dumb cult members, believes anything our liar in chief says?

    If everybody on Trump’s team who thought inviting the Taliban to Camp David was a stupid idea actually resigned, the only people still working for Trump would be Jared & Ivanka.

  29. In 31 months, Trump has had 2 defense secretaries, 2 acting defense secretaries, 2 secretaries of homeland security, 2 acting secretaries of homeland security, 2 secretaries of state, 1 acting secretary of state, 2 CIA directors, and 3 chiefs of staff.

    The president is incompetent.

  30. He knows more about the military than the generals and defense secretaries do.

    He defeated ISIS the first week in office, by himself, one afternoon.


  31. Does anyone think Jared and Ivanka do any real work or do they just float along the corridors of nepotistic power ?

  32. Jared’s dumb.

    Ivanka is very ordinary. Not dumb, but not impressive in any way.

  33. I think she defines the term “ Pretty Vacant”

  34. David Vance has either lost his mind or he’s making good bank echoing alt-right, Trumpist talking points.

    How else to explain those sadly hilarious contradictory tweets?

  35. Pretty Vacant

    Perfect, Colm!

  36. If Bolton wants to do a service for our country, he should start spilling the beans on how dysfunctional Trump is.

  37. that does paint the picture colm Pretty Vacant….. the kids don’t look right, presidential children never do except the Obama’s those kids looked normal but most presidential children look like the got robbed at the gene pool.

  38. //Does anyone think Jared and Ivanka do any real work or do they just float along the corridors of nepotistic power ?//

    They’re an attractive couple 24/7. That’s hard work.

    Mind you, she made a bit of a fool of herself at the G20 trying to rub shoulders with people who actually know something.


    As someone said: being someone’s daughter isn’t a career qualification.

  39. Have a look at this


  40. Trump deserves credit for firing warmonger Bolton. Bolton should be in an insane asylum not in government.

  41. NY

    We don’t actually know he was fired. He claims he resigned.


    Attractive couple ? She is attractive in a sort of cold blank way, but the word cannot be applied to him in any way.

  42. The bottom line is that US military advisors told trump that an attack on Iran would end in disaster, and Bolton wanted to press on regardless.


    The Navy

    The existing fleet has never been under fire and does not think it ever will be. Most of its ships are thin-skinned, unarmored. One hit by an antiship missile would remove them from the war. This is as true of the Tico-class Aegis ships as of the newer Arleigh Burkes.

    An aircraft carrier is a bladder of jet fuel wrapped around high explosives.The implications are considerable. A plunging hypersonic terminally-guided ballistic missile, piercing the flight deck and exploding in the hangar deck, would require a year in the repair yards. The Russians and Chinese are developing–have developed–missiles specifically to take out carriers. Note that the range of some of these missiles is much greater than the combat radius of the carrier’s aviation. Oops.

    Now when society as a whole is subject to globo-homo feminisation, the stuff of the military is certain to fail:

    The Milquetoast Factor

    Through Vietnam, America’s wars were fought by tough kids, often from rural backgrounds involving familiarity with guns and with hard physical work. I know as I grew up and went to Marine boot with them. Discipline, if not quite brutal, came close. Physical demands were high. In AIT–Advanced Infantry Training–at Camp Lejeune, it was “S Company on the road!” at three-thirty a.m., followed by hard running and weapons training until midnight. Yes, oldsters like to remember how it was, but that was how it was.

    Today America has a military corrupted by social-justice politics. Recruits are no longer country boys who could chop cordwood. Obesity is common. The Pentagon has lowered physical standards, hidden racial problems, softened training. The officers are afraid of the large numbers of military women who are now in combat positions. One complaint about sexism and there goes the career.


    West Point will celebrate its most diverse graduating class in its 217-year history this weekend – with a record number of Hispanic and black female graduates
    Class includes 34 African American women, a jump from last year’s class of 27

    Why Trump sacked Bolton

    Assume that Bolton gets his war against Iran. Advisers tell him it will be short and sweet, surgical, a cake walk. Have we heard this before? The Navy says it can keep Hormuz open, grrr, woof. But somehow Iran doesn’t follow the script, doesn’t surrender. The Navy to its surprise cannot find the deeply dug-in and truck-borne antiship missiles that keep hitting tankers. These keep burning. Soon nobody will insure them. They stop coming. Three weeks into the war the world is screaming for oil, there is no end in sight, Trump can’t admit that he has blundered, and Bolton wants to nuke Tehran.

  43. That asshole in white house isn’t fooling most Americans.

    Three Trump job rating polls in last few days sing the same tune:

    39% approve, 55% disapprove

    38% approve, 56% disapprove

    39% approve, 57% disapprove

    That said, these polls aren’t focused on the EC battleground states. Those states are majority old, white and super under-educated = prime Trump voters. That matters.

    I predict Trump hasn’t hit the basement floor on these low approval ratings. If nothing else, this obnoxious choad excels at stomping on his own short dick and he’ll do so repeatedly over the next twelve months.

    He needs to go, no matter who the dem challenger. We can debate on policy later, we need to get this reckless idiot out of the white house.

  44. Trump was pissed at Bolton because he wouldn’t go on the talk shows to back Trump’s idiotic foreign policy decisions.

  45. Bolton may be an enemy of the American servicemen and woman But if he won’t support handing Afghanistan over to the Taliban – Al Queda on September 11 week, maybe he’s not all bad

  46. This is precious.

    The fool Bolton had apparently mentioned in negotiations with the North Koreans the “Libyan model” of denuclearisation. However, the North Koreans considered this disarming of Libya as a prerequisite for the western invasion of the country a few years later, and Bolton’s remark apparently damaged the talks that Trump was hoping for.

    This is Trump on Bolton yesterday.


    The President hinted at high-level contacts with both Pyongyang and Tehran:

    “I think Iran has potential and I think North Korea has — those are two countries we’re dealing with right now on a very high level.”

    “We were set back very badly (in the negotiations with North Korea) when John Bolton talked about the Libyan model, and he made a mistake. And as soon as he mentioned that, the Libyan model, what a disaster,” Trump said.

    “Take a look at what happened with Gadhafi with the Libyan model, and he’s using that to make a deal with North Korea? And I don’t blame Kim Jong Un for anything he said after that, he wanted nothing to do with John Bolton.”

    “John is known as a tough guy, he’s so tough he got us sent to Iraq,” the President commented. “Mr. Tough Guy… you have to go into Iraq. I don’t say it was his decision, you had a president and you had other people also, but he was very out there I can tell you.”
    Trump said he “disagreed with that decision from the very beginning.”
    “Here we are many, many years later, decades later, and we’re still there,” he added.

    Asked about Bolton’s departure, the President said that the longtime Washington operative would likely “do whatever he can to spin it his way,” but that he had asked Bolton to resign.