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By Patrick Van Roy On September 11th, 2019

18 Responses to “Newt……”

  1. Newt is dumb

    Fracking isn’t either a left wing or right wing issue.

  2. Warren and Harris have both said they’d ban it….. do you understand what that would do to our economy ?

    Did you listen or are you just shooting from the hip ? He’s right the rust belt of steal towns in Pa are all making money hand over fist….. a dem isn’t going to win Pa saying she’s going to kill Union Jobs…..

  3. Warren aND Gingrich know fuck all about the topic and give fuck all about it other than how they can use it.

  4. I do not support a national ban on fracking

    My only comment is that there’s nothing inherently left or right about the position

    It is an environmental position, not a left or right stance

  5. Newt is onto something.

    Bloody Allies closing down the concentration camps, all those people losing their security jobs, especially in an economic downturn.

  6. Fracking has relit the furnaces it is the single reason that the US is about to enter it’s greatest economic boom.

    and it is a left right issue Phantom the left don’t care about the environment it is only their tool to seize and maintain control over every aspect of our lives.

  7. I think that those who oppose fracking are sincere. They fear the long term impact on groundwater, they may feel that it would be better to go directly to renewable energy.

    NYC and much of the state has exceptionally good drinking water, from pristine lakes upstate. The governor has banned fracking in the state.

  8. Fracking has been going on since 1947 Fracking (also often referred to as hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracking) is a process stimulation procedure first used by the oil and gas industry in 1947 at a well in the Hugoton gas field located in Kansas. Hydraulic fracturing was first used commercially in 1949.

    It doesn’t effect ground water.

    I loved the anti-fracking movie that came out and one of the things they used as propaganda was the fact that you can light water on fire in Pa. Except there have been places in this state where you could always light the water on fire…. the Native Americans used to do it.

    It happens because there is so much natural gas oil and coal in the ground hell we have one fire that’s been burning underground since May 27, 1962.

  9. Elizabeth Warren wants to ban fracking. She doesn’t care that it has resulted in jobs for many Americans and banning it would cause all these people to lose their jobs.

    She does care, but unlike this bigotted fossil fuel shill (bought and paid for) she knows that thousands of jobs are being created in renewable energy and millions more will be created over the next 20 years. Solar and wind are already cheaper than fossils in many parts of the USA and getting cheaper all the time:

    “The cost of electricity coming from renewable sources has been plummeting and we’re now reaching the point in which such energy is cheaper than burning fossil fuels. A situation that seemed like just a fantasy a decade ago has now become reality…”


  10. “But now that solar PV has marched along the learning curve, it is competitive even in rich, well-connected areas. As early as 2012, PV projects in the sunny US states were signing deals to sell power at less than the price of electricity generated by fossil fuels. That was the sign that solar power had become a serious threat to existing fossil fuel infrastructure, not because it’s green but because it’s cheap.

    In late 2016 in Nevada, for example, several large casino chains switched from the state utility to purchase their power from largely renewable sources. This wasn’t a corporate branding exercise: it was designed to save them money, even after paying $150m (£122m) as a severance fee.”


  11. Peter we can’t get to alternative fuels without fossil fuels it will take decades to transition if they could do it in less than 50yrs I’d be shocked.

    For the next 50-100 years the United States will gladly supply the world with whatever type of fuel you want to buy.

    The US has lowered your horrid emissions better than any country on the planet. Our environmental recovery programs are working, our yours ? Has Germany met it’s climate goals ?

    LNG, Oil, and Coal are the Earths gifts to mankind. We can use them responsibly and we are. Germany is now a puppet of Putin’s another gift of Merkel all your fuel comes from behind the iron curtain.

    Tell me Peter what are the environmental conditions of russian oil production…. if you buy from the polluter your the polluter.

    Sorry Peter you’re not in Germany are you….. that’s Noel… sorry bad day, but my point still applies if I was clear at all

  12. Peter us evil energy guys want to live to you know….. This planet is slowly giving birth to the greatest space faring race that ever sailed the black…. and we’ve found one…


  13. Peter we can’t get to alternative fuels without fossil fuels it will take decades to transition if they could do it in less than 50yrs I’d be shocked.


    Did you read what I linked to? Renewables are already cheaper than fossil fuels so that’s where the investment is moving to. Battery technology is developing very fast and this will solve the day-night problem.

    With technology, things seem to take a long time to happen and then suddenly they happen very fast. Think of the automible being invented around 1890 (big joke, man with red flag, always breaking down) and almost totally replacing horses between 1900 – 1925 in New York and London. Petrol and diesel vehicles will probably be totally replaced by electric powered vehicles within the next 20 years. Tesla has paved the way but all of the big manufacturers are scrambling to catch him. His new car is flying in the UK despite costing over £30,000:

    “The Tesla Model 3 was the No. 3-selling new car in the UK in August, finishing behind the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Golf. It’s the first time a full-electric car has been in the UK’s overall ranking of top 10 selling models. The UK is Europe’s second-largest car market after Germany.

    With sales of 2,082 Model 3s, the Tesla model was ahead of the Ford Focus at No. 4 and the Mercedes-Benz A class, which rounded out the UK top five last month. The success of Tesla’s smallest model pushed the UK’s electric car sales up by 337 percent in August to 3,147 units. The overall UK market was down 2 percent.”


  14. A constant refrain from the fossil fuel shills is “But China is opening a new coal-fired power station every day / week / month! Why should we cut our emissions?

    Yes, China is still building coal power stations, but coal is falling rapidly as a source of its energy, not least because the choking smogs are hard to deny, even by the Chinese Communist Junta:

    “China is the largest producer and consumer of coal in the world and is the largest user of coal-derived electricity. The share of coal in the energy mix declined during the 2010s, falling from 80% in 2010 to 60% in 2017.”https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coal_in_China

  15. And China is marching ahead with massive solar-power installations, not least to end the smogs:

    “Solar power is now cheaper than grid electricity in cities across China which could drive a surge in uptake, according to new research. Some experts thought China would have to wait decades until solar generation cost the same as electricity from the grid. However, thanks to a combination of technological advances and support from the government, “grid parity” has already been reached.

    Scientists found that all of the 344 cities they looked at could have cheaper electricity powered by solar energy, according to the study published in the journal Nature Energy. Twenty-two per cent of cities could also have solar systems that would generate lower cost electricity than coal, according to the researchers, led by Jinyue Yan from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

    As the price of clean energy technology plummets and China’s electricity demands rapidly rise, investing in renewables is becoming more appealing. Kingsmill Bond, an energy strategist at Carbon Tracker who was not involved in the research, told Carbon Brief: “The conclusion that industrial and commercial solar is cheaper than grid electricity means that the workshop of the world can embrace solar. Without subsidy and its distorting impacts, and driven by commercial gain.”


  16. I mentioned this before.

    When I stepped off the plane in Beijing years ago, the first thing I noticed was the dirty coal taste in the air.

    They’ve just about destroyed their waters and air.

    They’d better do something different.

  17. well our air and water are fine

    Peter the number one obstacle to green in the US is the automobile. Americans love their cars. Only in very few places can you live without one. Phantom lives in one of those places and he still owns a car. I am by all standards a pauper and there are 4 cars in my household.

    The nation is wired for gasoline it needs to be restructured for another primary fuel service. You are talking Billions of dollars and decades to convert the nation to an alternative to gasolene.

    What is your proposal for the american auto ?

  18. Patrick

    Musk is betting on electric replacing gas for vehicles. Your nation has been wired for electricity for 100 years. If the battery problem gets solved (and it will be, billions are being invested and the winner will take all), electric vehicles will replace petrol and diesel very quickly. Because their power source will be cheaper (never mind cleaner) and their engines will last much longer than fossil fuel engines and with much less maintenance. Both of those economies are already present, and they are growing exponentially.

    All of the big vehicle manufacturers know this and are piling into electric so that they will still be in business in 2030.