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Helicopters, Submarines and Robots…….

By Patrick Van Roy On September 12th, 2019

Paris (AFP) – Leonardo da Vinci’s famous mechanical lion on Wednesday went on display in Paris for a month, in a tribute to the Renaissance master 500 years after his death.

The lion, which is two metres (six feet, seven inches) high and three metres long and made of wood with a metal mechanism, is a reconstruction based on a rudimentary sketch left by da Vinci.

The original automaton, long since lost, was designed by da Vinci on a commission from Pope Leo X to amuse French king Francois I.

Da Vinci, who died in May 1519, had a legendary obsession with the flight of birds and how understanding the mechanism could lead to the creation of a human flying machine.

The lion is on display at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris.

Leonardo was a Time Traveler that got stuck in an age where they considered his knowledge a threat and the whimsy of a mad genius….. His art is some of the most beautiful man has created , and his genius unmatched.

18 Responses to “Helicopters, Submarines and Robots…….”

  1. If one more person tells me that Leonardo da Vinci invented the helicopter first, (which he definitely didn’t), I will scream.

  2. who invented it Dave……

  3. Patrick.

    That’s an interesting question Patrick as many people over many decades have been involved in the development of helicopters. Many would credit Igor Sikorsky, as he developed the first truly successful helicopter however, Hermann Ganswindt’s helicopter was the first to carry passengers, so perhaps he should be credited with the invention.

  4. but the concept was conceived by DaVinci…… His was not practical because it was powered by 4 men since there were no engines….

    Sikorsky still make great crafts right here in Pa.

  5. Da Vinci drew a fanciful craft that he imagined could fly. I’m pretty sure that a great deal of other people did the same thing. He was one of the many who imagined the concept a flying machine.

  6. Regardless of the things mistakenly attributed to him or not there is little question that Da Vinci was extradordinarily accomplished in many, many disciplines.

  7. I agree Paul, Leonardo da Vinci was a genius.

  8. I don’t like helicopters

    Flew in one once, in no hurry to do it again

    And I hate the noise that they make in cities, and which ruin the experience in nice places like Hawaii

    Ban the whirley bird sons of bitches, except for police and military use.

  9. I know what you mean Phantom, some of the rich buggers who live near me, own private helicopters and the noise and vibration they make when flying over my house is f**king annoying.

  10. Don’t like the noise helicopters make?

    You would have really loved growing up in Belfast in the seventies & eighties.

  11. I visited Belfast in the nineties,.

    I remember a stationary helicopter way up high, not moving for a long time.

  12. look at it a robot Lion……

  13. Always wanted to learn to fly helicopters

  14. I don’t believe DaVinci made that contraption, Pat. Where did you find the picture?

    They didn’t design things like that in the Renaissance.

    I often wondered when was the earliest time that powered flight could have been invented.

  15. Noel the post gives you all the info you need…… Paris (AFP)…

    The lion, which is two metres (six feet, seven inches) high and three metres long and made of wood with a metal mechanism, is a reconstruction based on a rudimentary sketch left by da Vinci.

    why don’t you jump on a train and go to Paris and look at it for yourself ?

  16. I’m sure Dave knows the name for that particular kind of woodwork, with fins of wood and their edges creating the illusion of a surface.

    It’s very modern. My kids had models of dinosauers etc. built like that.

    The head is also sort of based on Lion King, which was probably made after Leonardo’s time.

  17. Noel.

    I’m not sure if there’s a proper name for it mate, I think it’s just called slotted sculpture, at least that’s how I’ve always referred to it.
    I’ve made quite a few slotted together bookcases and things using this method.

  18. On a related topic. Isn’t it strange that lions appear in so much medieval art. Pictures of lions are found on tapestries and heraldic shields everywhere etc. Strange because they didn’t have lions in Europe then, and very very few people would have been to Africa to see them.

    Wild lions actually used to roam freely all over Europe, even as far north as England. But they disappeared tens of thousands of years ago (and made a brief reappearance only in the form of WS Churchill).

    They knew of lions from the Bible etc, and probably stories and maybe pictures of lions came back with the Crusaders or perhaps the Vikings. But it is still a very tenuous link to generate so many images of that animal. I presume the lion was a kind of mystical beast for medieval Europeans, and they reproduced the image like that of the dragon, without ever having seen one or not even knowing if they exist.

    Which also leads to the question of how fire-spewing dragons appeared in ancient Chinese and in ancient western art, even though there were no links at the time.
    Yes, many questions this sunny Thursday evening.