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Friday the 13th….. Anniversary of the betrayal of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and a Full Harvest Moon

By Patrick Van Roy On September 13th, 2019

A great song if you’ve never heard it….

37 Responses to “Friday the 13th….. Anniversary of the betrayal of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and a Full Harvest Moon”

  1. What betrayal Patrick ?

  2. The betrayal of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ

  3. I’m still none the wiser.

  4. Probably some obscure reference to a movie

  5. Friday the 13th is celebrated as a bad luck day because it was on Friday the 13th The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ (Knights Templar) were betrayed……

    and today is the Full Harvest Moon also the Festival of SamHain.

    The 2 combined should make for an interesting night….. and the song is Harvest Moon and I like it.

  6. While the date of the dissolution of the Knights Templar by Philip IV of France was Friday 13th October the use of Friday the 13th as a bad omen or bad luck day dates to the 19th century. The “link” to the Templars was invented in the 20th century.

  7. It may be that you think that to be so but I strongly disagree Seamus

  8. The Friday the 13th bad omen dates to the 19th century. That is not an opinion. That is fact. Show me one source pre-19th century that uses Friday the 13th as a bad omen.

    You have said in the past that you haven’t read the Da Vinci Code. But half the stuff that Dan Brown got wrong you seem to get wrong in the exact same way.

  9. I think I will go with Seamus on this one.

  10. Morituri te Salutamus

    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini tuo da gloriam

  11. History…… Friday the 13th has been marked a bad since that day Friday, October 13, 1307…. you can’t find any event in history before it and you had the destruction of Christs Soldier Monks on that day all for money…. the F’ing French wanted the Templar Gold so he betrayed them. The Templars were the worlds first branch bank…. they invented checking.

    The French King attacked deceitfully the Poor Knights arranging for the betrayal to take place on Friday the 13th. No other event in history has any significance he destroyed a Holy order of Knights for their gold on Friday the 13th.

    He forced the order underground and every Friday the 13th since then has been remembered for this betrayal….. now name me another point of significance about the date before that….

  12. Name me a single point in history before the 19th century when Friday the 13th was used as a bad omen. If it was because of the Templars then between the 14th and 19th century you would have found references to it. Find me one use of Friday 13th as a bad omen at any period of time in between the two. You can’t because there aren’t any.

    Put down the Dan Brown. It isn’t history. It is fiction.

  13. Templar and Masonic history….. the day is always marked and remembered long before the 19th century.

    You underestimate subtle influence of the fears and suspicions of men of high influence.

    you know I’ve never read Brown, but I’ve heard that series of books is good. Do you recommend it?

  14. Seamus 136

    Interesting, I did not know that

  15. “Templar and Masonic history….. the day is always marked and remembered long before the 19th century.”

    Show me a single source that shows it being marked in such a way before the 19th century.

    “you know I’ve never read Brown, but I’ve heard that series of books is good. Do you recommend it?”

    It is an interesting read. Enjoyable but by no means factual.

    “Interesting, I did not know that”

    Indeed. It is one of those urban legends that seems to make sense but drill down a little into it and it falls apart.

  16. But the calendar changed anywaw in the 16th C, so any dates before that (in the old Julian calendar) have to be converted if you want to get the true date by today’s (Gregorian) calendar.

    So the real anniversary to celebrate this event would be 21st October according to our calandar.

    More useless bits of information: The original Battle of the Boyne was fought on 1st July 1690. But Britain didn’t switch to the Gregorian calendar until 1752, almost 200 years afer it was introduced, when the anniversary then became the Twalfth. This was because of religious feelings at the time; the Gregorian system had been introduced by Pope Gregory.

    But the loyal Ulster troops in the trenches (the UVF) in 1916 were aware of this Papal infamy and on the fateful 1st July 1916, the day they went over the top in the Battle of the Somme, they duly donned their full Orange regalia and shouted out No Surrender and Kick the Pope etc as they advanced into German machine-gun fire and died in their thousands with these blasphemies on their lips.

    Maybe because even the Protestant Prussians had switched to the Gregorian much earlier they missed the significance.

  17. History is interesting and always worth learning, but getting so hung up on dates and events in the past mean you get so trapped by the ‘wrongs’ of the past that you fail to live in the present.

  18. Somethings must never be forgotten Colm the events of Friday the 13th aren’t equal to the holocaust but to certain people what took place rises to the same outrage.

  19. Who in their right mind puts the dissolution of the Templars at the same level of the Holocaust?

  20. Anyone who is bothered by what happened to some knights or monks in the 13th century needs to get out more 😉

  21. hey hey….

  22. However I must admit I still seeth with anger and cry sometime about the defeat of the Therypolaes people at the hands of the Mycaenian army at the battle of the Aegean plate in 656 bc . 🙂

  23. Colm.

    Did you have to bring the defeat of the Therypolaes people up mate. I was having a peaceful Sunday to you reminded me about that horrific event.

  24. Dave

    It took me a lot of courage to even mention it. Sometimes I try to forget and then the hurt just rises to the surface again !

  25. Or who could forget the Gunpowder Plot, or 5/11 as it is better known.

  26. Was Guy Fawkes a Brexiteer ? 🙂

  27. yes just let things in the past go 5/24/1923

  28. Don’t you mean 24/5/1923 ? 🙂

  29. no I wrote it propper….. month/day/year…. so don’t color me wrong bub…

  30. You American upstarts. Mother England brought you up proper, then you become big stroppy teenagers and go and do your own thing…

  31. Did I have a comment deleted from this thread last night?

  32. Never mind 🙂

  33. no…. I don’t even delete duplicates

  34. no…. I don’t even delete duplicates

  35. No….I don’t even delete triplicates

  36. //aren’t equal to the holocaust but to certain people what took place rises to the same outrage.//

    There certainly were plenty of reverberations. Jacques Molay was the leader of the Templars, one of those arrested and was later sentenced by the king, with the approval of the Pope, to be burned at the stake without a trial.

    Molay shouted out many predictions before the flames reached him. He said that the king (King Philip) and the pope would both be dead within the year, and that the king’s lineage would end, all of which happened as predicted.

    WB Yeats claimed that Molay appeared to him in visions during the civil war and warned of coming trouble in Ireland from violence, which sort of happened too, didn’t it?

    “Vengeance upon the murderers,’ the cry goes up,
    “Vengeance for Jacques Molay.’ In cloud-pale rags, or in lace,
    The rage-driven, rage-tormented, and rage-hungry troop,
    Trooper belabouring trooper, biting at arm or at face,
    Plunges towards nothing, arms and fingers spreading wide
    For the embrace of nothing; and I, my wits astray
    Because of all that senseless tumult, all but cried
    For vengeance on the murderers of Jacques Molay.

    You see, you don’t have to go beyond the Irish if you want to understand everything.

    Molay was burned beside Notre Dame cathedral. Yes, the same church that burned in April.
    Divine justice… – sure there’s no escaping it!

  37. as I have always said…… F the French