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By Pete Moore On September 13th, 2019

Because Friday night is Music Night.

Another week done at the coalface of capitalism, another week of Remain lies, cheating and (probably) looking at dodgy websites. Remember to clean your browsing histories, EU-junkies!

But enough of grubby politics.By this time next week the Rugby World Cup will have started. Blogging might be light, but we will always have the Friday Night Jukebox. Boz Scaggs hasn’t appeared before, so we’ll have some of his toe-tapping stuff now.

Have a good weekend whatever you’re up to. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –


  1. Eddie Money…. former NYC Cop, Rocker, Fish Farmer and back to rockin

    dead at 70…. RIP


  2. Here comes to electronic music, the French have nailed it.
    Sadly it will be under appreciated by the dinosaurs on ATW. 😁


  3. Pete Moore.

    This one for you mate. It’s actually a compilation of the most offensive sketches from the Harry and Paul comedy series. The BBC has actually banned many of these sketches from being shown again, and issued apologies for broadcasting several of them. It’s completely un-politically correct. I love it.


  4. Dave Alton –

    Whilst I bow to no-one in lacking regard for French electronic music (“even worse than Jazz”), I am touched with your comedy gift. It’s saved and will be enjoyed tomorrow.

    I was actually a big fan of It’s Harry and Paul. Harry Enfield is a super talented writer and mimic. I can’t give Paul Whitehouse any greater praise than to say that he’s a latter day Ronnie Barker, and in my opinion Ronnie Barker is the greatest comic actor bar none.

  5. Pete.

    I’m also a huge Harry and Paul fan, both are comedy geniuses. I agree with you about Ronnie Barker. Tina and I used to love watching anything he was in. From porridge and going straight, to the many comedy shows he did.

  6. Thank you for sharing

    I had never heard of them

  7. This is a classic track from one of the best Irish bands of all time:


  8. I’ve always liked this Boz Skaggs song

    And it’s good to now find this different, live version of it

    None of his singles or albums reached number one in the United States, But some albums were very big sellers; I bought “ Silk Degrees “

    I see that he is on tour now, playing in Telluride Colorado tomorrow night. Good luck to him


  9. Eddie Money does a gag commercial for GEICO in Bay Ridge


  10. Phil Chevron’s old band Frank. One of life’s true gentleman, the world got a bit darker when he left us.

    I like The Radiators and the version of Faithful Departed plays well but this IMO is the definitive one from one of the greatest bands Ireland has ever produced:


  11. Paul, that’s a great version….I didn’t know they did one! Had forgotten about Moving Hearts completely, a great band indeed. Just been listening to “Hiroshima Nagasaki” and Christy Moore stuff.

    Though for me the definitive version is the one on Ghostown, still one of my favourite albums today, never understood why that record and the band was not more widely known. This is another version done by the man himself, and produced by Elvis Costello. (flip side of “The Captains & the Kings”) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWQIGqs0Hvc

    I think Phil Chevron used to refer to that song as his pension plan. Shame he did not live to collect on it. One of the most under appreciated songwriters of the time certainly, along with Paul Cleary of The Blades.

  12. This is a classic track from one of the best Irish bands of all time:


    They were a really good band. The bassline suggests that Phil Lynott thought so too.

  13. MH really were spectacular Frank. Some of the most accomplished musicians in Ireland and my favourite incarnation of Christy:


  14. ….and of course MH took this Jack Warshaw song about prisoners of conscience and made it their own:


  15. you have to watch this…….. Rockin Mormons


  16. Get some Jesus ska into your soul: