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I rest my case

By Patrick Van Roy On September 14th, 2019


The man is a total idiot that has no prayer of being elected. That is not the point, the point of course is that Beto is not an outlier on this issue among his Presidential Hopeful Political Peers.  He’s the only one dumb enough to say it national TV.

18 Responses to “I rest my case”

  1. He made a reckless and undiplomatic statement That has sat back the cause of gun control – a cause that most Americans believe in

    Every NRA pantywaist Is now twice as afraid as he was a week ago. What an accomplishment, Beto. You will really help to turn Texas blue.

    I have no idea why this guy is running for president, what he really brings to the table that is different from What several leaving Democratic candidate bring . He’s a professional politician with a pretty face, who married into a rich family that allows him to carry on like this, without having had a real job in his life

  2. summed up well Phantom

  3. Perhaps from a perspective on this side of the pond I cant remotely see what is so shocking in what he said. He wants the government to use its legitimate authority to prevent people having weapons that cannot possibly have any justification being in civilian hands. I expect Patrick to dismiss this but I am surprised Phantom is in agreement with him.

  4. I support banning ownership of assault weapons. End of.

    But the way he expressed himself was unwise. He is framing the issue in a way most likely to inflame many gun owners who might otherwise be convinced to support controls.

    You need to build a coalition with responsible gun owners. He just made that harder to do

  5. If you could buy an assault weapon I too would be in favor of them being banned also. Civilians don’t need and can’t buy weapons of war except handguns…

    The big thing Colm is the country is hardwired that if a politician mentions any kind of restrictions sales go through the roof…. since the last exploited shooting sales are up nationwide 15% these remarks by Beto will cause every Black Rifle in the country to be sold out in the next two weeks….

  6. Colm has a parochial, European sensibility. Cultural norms in the wider world, beyond their little bubble, often bemuse these people. It’s this incomprehension that others live and act differently which gives rise to their customary intolerance of difference.

  7. How (and why) can Americans own an AKM rifle?

    Such weapons are weapons of war assault weapons with an automatic fire setting.

  8. https://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/how-to-buy-an-ak/

    Looking for a inexpensive blaster with a legendary reputation for reliability, close ties to history and an appetite for inexpensive hard-hitting rounds? How about a diehard bug out gun with more than 60 years of battlefield-proven effectiveness chambered in a round with ballistics close to a 30-30? The answer is the same but also different. The AKM. With enough variants to fill countless tomes of information, buying an AK can be an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, shooters can simplify it by answering a few simple questions on what they expect and need out of their first Soviet lead-slinger.

  9. All self reloading weapons should be banned. That as a starting point should be universally accepted.

  10. “You need to build a coalition with responsible gun owners.”

    What responsible gun owner would object to what he said?

  11. Uninformed ones terrified of any talk of “ Coming to get your guns “

    They will hear that as “ Coming to get all guns “

    There has been decades of scare propaganda by the NRA and by other gun nuts

    O’Rourke Is an imbecile. He was speaking to the rabid base when he needs to be speaking to those we need to build coalitions with.

  12. because that’s what it is Phantom…. “ Coming to get all guns “….

    Do you think after setting a precedent it will stop ?

    Every Gun owner and every Anti-Gun Person including yourself knows damn well that is the truth.

    They want to take them all.

  13. We disagree

    I don’t support confiscation of all guns, pistols or rifles,, and I don’t think that the big majority of gun control supporters do either

  14. …since the last exploited shooting sales are up nationwide 15%…

    That’s a pretty callous thing to say. Shouldn’t every single one of the numerous shootings in the US be ‘exploited’ by those who wish to end them?
    That kind of statement makes it sound like you don’t give a shit about the victims of these shootings, you only care about the bad press people like you might get from it.

  15. No Seimi it is not callous it’s honest Chicago, Detroit, Philly and several other cities average above ten shootings a day…..

    No outrage is generated over this, no massive sweep of known criminals houses for guns, no one even charged with actual gun charges…. but I should lose my mind over the occasional nutcase when they do nothing about the well armed animals….. nope sorry you might be outraged over the occasional crazy I’m outraged over the daily slaughter that is ignored….

    Now am I callous or are the people who refuse to acknowledge the inner city black on black gun violence ?

  16. You seem to think that other people don’t care about ‘smaller’ shootings, which don’t make the national or international news. You’re wrong. ALL gun crime is wrong, and that is why many people believe there should be tighter controls on gun sales/ownership, and what type of gun can be bought owned.
    No-one can monitor and comment on each shooting episode because – and this is the bit where you should be outraged enough to actually do something about it – there are so many of them in your country! Reducing/controlling gun ownership and type of gun ownership would only lower the figures, but no, because blah blah 2nd Amendment blah blah blah.

  17. The reason there are so many Seimi is because they don’t enforce the Laws that already exist….

    Here is a good breakdown of what the left is doing with this issue, please listen.


  18. There are Laws on the book you get caught with a gun and you shouldn’t have one it’s an automatic 5 years no parole….. no one is EVER charged with that Law cause it’s racist.

    Commit a crime with gun the sentences are 5/15/30 no parol another Law never charged.

    They have no interest in disarming criminals only Law Abiding Citizens, because we are the threat.