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By Pete Moore On September 15th, 2019

This is both Bercow’s legacy but also a consequence of simply being in the EU, which hollows out the institutions because they become meaningless and powerless. Once charged with actually being responsible for something for a change, as Parliament was so charged three years ago, the occupants cannot cope. Forty years of letting someone else do the thinking has left them politically infantilised.

A change is coming, and not just a General Election. Our little vote in 2016 did so much more than order that we leave the EU. It blew a hurricane through the entire political/media nexus which exposed how rotten, corrupt and bankrupt it is.

5 Responses to “THAT MANY LOONS?”

  1. A change is coming, and not just a General Election.

    Yes Pete

    We need a written constitution and a fair voting system. Most democracies have both.

  2. Bless , Our Pete thinks the magic of Brexit is going to transform our Parliament into a house full of clever resourceful brilliant creative honest trustworthy politicians. Somewhere over the rainbow indeed…. 😉

  3. A bit harsh Colm 🙂

  4. Colm is right, unfortunately. The system is too rotten to be improved.

  5. We’re doomed whatever happens ☹️