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Since You’re Gone

By Mahons On September 16th, 2019

One of the tricks Ric Ocasek pulled off is nobody seems to know if he was 70 or 75 when he died yesterday. The lead singer and songwriter for The Cars kept that offbeat vibe until the end.

The Cars were that perfect pop band that blended several genres (new wave, classic rock, punk) without ever fully being pinned down by one identity. Magic, Just What I Needed, Let the Good Times Roll, My Best Friend’s Girlfriend, You Might Think etc have been part of the soundtrack of rock since the 70s. He also was an eclectic producer for such varied bands as Weezer, Bad Brains, No Doubt, Suicide and Black 47.

He was a master of the pop hook. He was off kilter as a pop icon – a skinny, shaggy and weird looking outsider whose sound was instantly familiar yet oddly unique. The Cars first albumn would have passed as a greatest hits record for anyone else. How to measure The Cars impact? Wait until the next time you are driving and one of their songs comes on the radio. Try not to turn up the volume. Can’t be done.

4 Responses to “Since You’re Gone”

  1. He/they were good.

  2. RIP Ric


  3. They were a really good band. A life well lived.

  4. Superb band, brilliantly understated yet instantly recognisable. Today’s a sad day: