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By Pete Moore On September 20th, 2019

Welsh rugby fans travelling to Japan for the World Cup have been urged to cover up tattoos to avoid offending some of their hosts.

Hundreds of supporters are heading to the country ahead of Wales’ opening game of the tournament on Monday.

Tattoos have long been associated by some in Japan with yakuza crime syndicates, and tattooed tourists could be barred from communal hot springs.

Fans are also being asked to wear shirts when using gyms or pools.

Have the Japs been told to expect a load of gym bunnies? These are rugby fans. Hot springs, gyms and pools will rank far below beer, food and rugby on the to-do list. Just organise those and everyone will be happy. But we learn that tattoos are a thing in Japan, and a bad thing at that. I don’t mind a bit of ink, but it’s their country and their society so they make the rules.

And don’t worry about the Welsh. They won’t be there long.

2 Responses to “A WORD TO THE JAPS”

  1. Beer..well they are in Sapporo so thats sorted. Food well that’s either great or if you are looking for western stuff not there. Rugby ..not a problem. I would have said accommodation was the biggest issue. Hideously expensive. Why else do capsule hotels exist? I doubt the hosts will appreciate drunken tomfoolery either. Their way is very different from ours and its their country. When in Rome etc…

  2. I’ve visited Tokyo and Kyoto maybe 12 years ago and found Japan it very reasonable

    There has long been an urban legend about cantaloupes costing $100 each and hotel rooms costing $1500 a night, But If you do the slightest bit of homework Decent hotels, restaurants, etc Won’t cost any more than in many European cities

    I stayed in a decent western hotel not far from the imperial Palace and it cost $125 a night

    The quality of food is very high, and the people are kind

    I’d love to go back to Japan someday