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By Pete Moore On September 20th, 2019

Thousands of young people have been corralled by the commie kiddie fiddlers into yet more “climate protests”. It was called bunking off when I was at school. What’s happened to their tiny minds?

Young people used to protest imperialism. Now they want EU imperialism. They once protested the state. Now they demand to have their lives impoverished by endless taxes and laws to fix the weather. They are utter, spineless morons. The spirit of rebellion has been swept away, replaced by craven surrender to political propaganda and humanity-destroying socialism.

To Australia then, for dose of common sense on these self-centered, infantile simpletons. I can’t wait for the next spotty moron to tell me about so-called “climate change”. I’m having his phone, trainers and lunch.


  1. Kids nowadays, eh?

  2. Young people are great.

    They work hard, It’s much harder for them to get started in a career than it was those decades ago etc

    But just as most young Americans never protested the Vietnam war etc.Most young people now are not participating in this thing today. Don’t fool yourself for a minute

  3. I’m intrigued as to which previous acts of youthful rebellion would have had Pete’s approval .

  4. Colm –

    Your use of “previous” implies a current act of rebellion. No, the point is that they are suffocatingly woke, conformist and obedient. Today, conservatism is the counter-culture.

    To answer though, many a brave young’un stuck two fingers up to the horrid socialist regimes which imprisoned them, from East Germany to the Russian Far East, and they did so in many ways. I salute them.

  5. ‘Woke’ another buzzword from the right wing bullshit lexicon.

  6. Pete

    Which ones in the UK or the west in general ?

  7. “ Woke “ Is a real thing

    The demonstrators on today’s news Are indeed very conformist. They’re no rebels. In New York and in many other places they were organized by their school teachers , And they Both got a nice day off in the sunshine Instead of working in a classroom

  8. “ Woke “ Is a real thing

    Yeah, about as real as ‘gammon’.

  9. Ah so no words mean anything then

    And all Comments and observations have equal validity

  10. No, of course words mean things but the lexicon used above, (‘woke’ ‘gammon’), is politically contrived mildly insulting bullshit.

  11. What do you think people mean by that word

  12. I think it’s a mildly insulting political slur. What do you think people mean by it?

  13. The “urban dictionary “site basically nails it

    The act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue

    It’s a very real thing

    Think back to the recent anniversary of the Moon landing, and how the New York Times wrote a story about how there were no girl astronauts in the program in the 1960s And how this was some sort of tragedy and horrifying injustice

    Even my friends on the left laugh about this phenomenon. As does lefty Bill Maher on HBO

    Come on

  14. Nothing to see here, please move along:

    “2019’s Arctic ice melt season started out with record heat and rapid ice loss. Though cooler weather prevailed in August, stalling the fall, by mid-September ice extent was dropping dramatically once again. Then this week, 2019 raced from fourth to second place — now behind only 2012, the record minimum.
    With 2019 providing no reversal over past years, scientists continue to document and view the Arctic Death Spiral with increasing alarm. This story reviews the 40-year satellite record, along with some of the recent findings as to how Arctic ice declines are impacting the global climate.

    Researchers are increasingly certain that melting ice and a warming Arctic are prime factors altering the northern jet stream, a river of air that circles the Arctic. A more erratic jet stream — with increased waviness and prone to stalling — is now thought to be driving the increasingly dire, extreme global weather seen in recent years.
    The 40-year satellite record of rapidly vanishing Arctic ice — as seen in a new NASA video embedded within this article — is one of the most visible indicators of the intensifying climate crisis, and a loud warning to world leaders meeting at the UN in New York next week, of the urgent need to drastically cut carbon emissions.”


  15. Yeah, I checked out the UD definition for it and gammon before commenting on it. Like ‘virtue signilling’ it’s a contrived buzzword from the right wing lexicon like ‘dhimmi’ ‘cultural marxism’ etc.

    I mean, what are some of the more ‘exhuberant’ far right comments here if not ‘virtue signalling’ in reverse?

  16. Like ‘virtue signilling’ it’s a contrived buzzword

    ‘Virtue signalling’ is real – leftists really do that most of the time, except when the subject of the virtue signal causes certain inconvenience to themselves. Here’s an example……


    And ‘cultural marxism’ is real too – it infests western universities to such an extent that it’s impossible to achieve real advancement in any subject outside the most demanding such as science and engineering:


    Totalitarianism has always needed muscle, as the Soviet Union demonstrated for 70 years. For Political Correctness is a totalitarian movement, seeking to control even the language of everyday communication. Its apologists affect to sneer at its identification as cultural Marxism, denouncing that self-evident truth as a “conspiracy theory”, when to deny it is historically, philosophically and ideologically illiterate.

    The term “political correctness” was not coined, as is often claimed, by Michel Foucault in 1968. It was invented much earlier by Anton Semyonovich Makarenko, Lenin’s education guru and favourite wordsmith. Its principles had already been implemented under the communist dictatorship of Bela Kun in Hungary, in 1919, by Georg Lukacs, the “commissar for culture”. He introduced a programme of “cultural terrorism” under which he imposed pornographic sex education on schoolchildren, promoting promiscuity, demonising the family and encouraging pupils to mock their parents and religion.

    Lukacs’ urgent demand was: “Who will save us from Western Civilisation?” Later, he helped found the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, from which emerged the ideology of Frankfurt School Marxism. The Institute’s director Max Horkheimer grafted Freudianism onto Marxism, complemented by the cultural Marxist theories of Herbert Marcuse, an admirer of the Marquis de Sade, who expressed his belief in “polymorphous perversity”.

    Of course, the test of any subjective statement is this: does it describe what is happening now?

    “Polymorphous perversity” – when a man who intends to cut off his own genitalia to become a ‘nullo’ is pronounced sane, and then proceeds to cut of his own genitalia

  17. https://nypost.com/2019/09/20/trader-joes-removes-pictures-of-circus-elephants-from-packaging-after-peta-complaint/

    No this should’ve Been posted on this thread

    And example of hilarious wokeness this from today’s newspaper

    A pack of idiots complain about images of circus animals on food packaging, Leading to a national chain of stores to change the packaging

  18. What is ‘virtue signalling?’

  19. Do you think that engaging in a protest over the use of images of circus animals on food packaging Is in anyway a logical thing for a person to do?

  20. No, but that wasn’t my question.

  21. Well we haven’t resolved “ wokeness “ So Why zig zag to new subjects

    Protesting against images of circus animals, And getting a national chain to change its packaging over The matter is exhibit A of wokeNess in America

    Wokeness totally exists

  22. So Why zig zag to new subjects

    Because the converstion is currently about contrived political buzzwords?

  23. Neither wokeness nor Virtue signaling Are contrived anything

    Cultural Marxism I don’t know about but the first two are real. I’ve seen it, and so have you

  24. Are we who comment here ‘woke virtue signallers?’