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By Pete Moore On September 20th, 2019

This question came up on the BBC’s Question Time last night:

What does it say about British society? It says that it’s not involved a catastrophic war. It says that the murder rate is low. It says that our roads are relatively safe. It says that infant mortality is low – something almost all generations of humans would have regarded as miraculous. And it says that we have almost eradicated infectious diseases.

Every one of these miracles is down to capitalism and markets, because only capitalism and markets can generate the awesome wealth necessary for these achievements.

5 Responses to “EXCELLENT NEWS!”

  1. I wonder how much of that suicide is down to capitalism and markets too?

  2. using your logic the US does not have a gun violence problem since 2/3rds of all gun deaths are suicide.

  3. And all of this excellent news while we are still oppressed downtrodden prisoners of the evil monstrous EU eh Pete ?

  4. Pat, check your mail please.

  5. The usual load of contradictory shit from Pete Moore as usual.

    So the murder rate is down Pete, does not contradict you whinging about stabbings in London, claiming it as bad as South Africa. You really just make this shit up as you go along down you.