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By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006

795151-539402-thumbnail.jpgIt’s not just leftists around the world who will be watching out for the results of the US mid-term elections that could determine the course of President George W Bush’s last two years in office. Naturally the MSM are drooling at the prospect of a Dem victory in both Houses, although I detect a massive cranking down of their "landslide" expectations in recent weeks as the Republicans have gotten their act more together.

But who else will celebrate a victory for the Democrats?

Well, we know the likes of the UN and EU are champing at the bit to see the Republicans given a black eye. They are envious of a decisive United States that will act to do what is right, rather than sit and pontificate as to what might be wrong. (See UN discussions on Darfur)

But there are other people who sit, and watch, and wait.

The Islamofascists know which Party they want to see gain the levers of power. They know that the latter day Democrats are essentially a frivolous Party, which wants to cut and run on the war on terrorism. And if the Jihadists see the will of the US dramatically weaken, and if they watch images of Democrat appeasers seizing power in both Houses, what do you think THEIR reaction will be? (Clue; It won’t be cut and run..)

Should the US electorate make the wrong decision today, then I fear for the future of United States and its genuine allies. The Jihadists will be encouraged and more acts of terror will follow.

The ONLY result that can send a message of defiance to the Al Queda scum out there is to vote Republican. Bush is far from perfect, and his Party is not in any way perfect, but compared to the Defeaticrats, I’ll take the Republicans ANYDAY. As Ann Coulter said last week..

Even a dying party has death throes. If Democrats win a slight majority in the House or Senate, Americans will get shrill, insane leadership of the nation in time of war.

Democrats can’t not be crazy. They will instantly set to work enacting a national gay marriage law, impeachment hearings, slavery reparations and a series of new federal felonies for abortion clinic protesters. The only way to get Democrats to focus on terrorists would be to convince them that the terrorists are interfering with a woman’s right to choose or that commercial jetliners exploding in midair are a threat to America’s wetlands.

The probable new House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, is in a catfight with Rep. Jane Harman for not being insane enough.

Remember who is watching and waiting. The MSM won’t tell you!


  1. More billious tripe from Coulter.

    Here’s my take: The Republicans will hold onto the senate. The Democrats will win the house, but by a very small margin. Never underestimate Rove and the Republican party machine.

  2. >>The ONLY result that can send a message of defiance to the Al Queda scum out there is to vote Republican<<

    I’d say the only message the Al Queda scum could sent to the American people is vote Republican.

    They know such a result would invigorate Bush, and that it’s easy to for them to handle someone who puts populism before policy, who drops multiilateralism when a common approach by the west is the most effective weapon against them, someone who likes to rouse the rabble and then allows that rabble to seduce him into making one mistake after the other. He has already secured for them a sound base in Iraq. There is now a real prospect of them being able to influence politics in that country. Maybe he’ll even extend their support base further afield in the next 2 years.

    Bush gives them every reason to hope. What they have to fear is an America that bases its policy on the rule of law, that respects its traditions and its friends, that can make friends and influence people and that can focus on one problem at a time.

  3. Peter,

    As ever, your predictions seem on the mark and I think you may be right – we’ll see shortly.


    Any thoughts why the likes of terror scum such as Jihad Jaara, a senior member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group and the infamous leader of the 2002 siege of Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity has urged people to vote Democrat??? A Christmas message??

  4. Cunningham: A bit early in the day to be smoking that stuff isn’t it?

    You say Bush puts "populism before policy."

    Really. I guess that explains why he is so high in the opinion polls then hunh?

    The you follow your first moonbat dripping up with: "who drops multiilateralism when a common approach by the west is the most effective weapon against them.."

    Again, being reality challenged is just no excuse for such an absurd statement.

    Bush has recently been criticized by Democrats for not acting unilaterlly in undertaking direct talks with North Korea. We’ve also got a coalition of nation’s working with us in Iraq. Perhaps you are not aware that British troops are the second largest coalition partner.

    Anyway, enough of your lunacy. This election is too imporant to be sidetracked.

    I can tell you that GOP voters are excited and energized to vote. In the last few weeks, people started to think about what a victory for Democrats would mean.

    Bets are that Democrats may take the House and turn it into a loony bin where Cunningham would feel right at home. But the trends in the last few days show a strong GOP surge.

    Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure: BUSH IS PRESIDENT FOR TWO MORE YEARS!!!!!

  5. keep an eye out for disparity between exit polls and counted votes.

    "Any election, of course, will have anomalies. America’s voting system is a messy patchwork of polling rules run mostly by county and city officials. ”We didn’t have one election for president in 2004,” says Robert Pastor, who directs the Center for Democracy and Election Management at American University. ”We didn’t have fifty elections. We actually had 13,000 elections run by 13,000 independent, quasi-sovereign counties and municipalities.” "

    "The evidence is especially strong in Ohio. In January, a team of mathematicians from the National Election Data Archive, a nonpartisan watchdog group, compared the state’s exit polls against the certified vote count in each of the forty-nine precincts polled by Edison/Mitofsky. In twenty-two of those precincts — nearly half of those polled — they discovered results that differed widely from the official tally. Once again — against all odds — the widespread discrepancies were stacked massively in Bush’s favor: In only two of the suspect twenty-two precincts did the disparity benefit Kerry. The wildest discrepancy came from the precinct Mitofsky numbered ”27,” in order to protect the anonymity of those surveyed. According to the exit poll, Kerry should have received sixty-seven percent of the vote in this precinct. Yet the certified tally gave him only thirty-eight percent. The statistical odds against such a variance are just shy of one in 3 billion.(40)"

    "Such results, according to the archive, provide ”virtually irrefutable evidence of vote miscount.” The discrepancies, the experts add, ”are consistent with the hypothesis that Kerry would have won Ohio’s electoral votes if Ohio’s official vote counts had accurately reflected voter intent.”(41) According to Ron Baiman, vice president of the archive and a public policy analyst at Loyola University in Chicago, ”No rigorous statistical explanation” can explain the ”completely nonrandom” disparities that almost uniformly benefited Bush. The final results, he adds, are ”completely consistent with election fraud — specifically vote shifting.”"


    democracy in the USA is on its knees, and gasping for air. not sure whether a democrat victory will improve anything, but ones things for sure, it couldnt get any worse.

    My prediction: Major "incident" inside six months of a democrat controlled House and/or Senate.

  6. Mike – can I ask a question? Although I try to follow American politics I have never found out what GOP stands for. Can you enlighten me?

  7. grand old party

  8. David: A spectacular misunderstanding of the American Political landscape and the history and the background of both parties. You are a serious individual but sometimes I think ideology gets in the way of accuracy and that is the case here.

    The claim that the Democratic Party wants to cut and run from terrorists is specious. Like any large national party it has crazy elements among its members, but it has consistently supported the fight against terrorism in this nation. That is not to be confused with the WAY terrorism is fought by the Bush administration. The Republicans want people to believe that their way is the only way, to stiffle any alternatives.

    A harpy like Coulter ignores the real issues and concentrates on the famous wedge issues (gay marriage etc.) because the real issues are damning to this administration.

    It is common in elections here for sides to resort to hyperbole and mudslinging. But some level of decency and accuracy is called for. Some of the Republicans have clearly crossed that line.

  9. And of course there’s the Republican robo-call scam, which has now been rolled out nationwide:

    "Most of the call’s script is a fairly standard attack robocall, a series of Republican talking points aimed at the Democratic congressional in a particular district. Nothing particularly noteworthy. The key is the introduction. The lead into the call starts with the speaker saying ‘I’m calling with information about’ Dem candidate X. Then there’s a short pause.

    At this point, you know it’s an annoying robocall, so a lot of people just hang up. If you hang up then, you think it’s a call from the Democratic candidate.

    Second, the repetition. And this part is the key. If you don’t listen through the whole message, the machine keeps calling you back, often well in excess of half a dozen times with the same call. It only stops if you listen all the way through.

    As you can imagine, that’s driving a lot of people through the roof.

    In other words, the Republicans behind the calls win either way. If you keep hanging up, you think you’re being harassed by the campaign of the local Democratic House candidate. If you give up and listen all the way through, you hear the political attack. The true source of the call, the NRCC, the GOP House campaign committee, is only revealed at the end of the call.

    (Federal regulations dictate calls be identified at the top of the call.)

    Third, and for this there is as yet only anecdotal evidence, many of the calls seem to be going out overnight or during, say, a major sporting event in the given district."

    Good old Rove! In the gutter as usual.


  10. mahons

    <i> it has consistently supported the fight against terrorism in this nation</i>

    Consistently? As in I voted for it before I voted against it?

  11. Daytripper,
    "democracy in the USA is on its knees"? Care to clarify that? It’s an unusual thing to write, on an election day of all the times you could choose. Last I checked, all future elections were still on schedule and GWB will be unemployed by January of 2009.

  12. Looking forward to BBC trying to explain why months of their reports suggesting complete GOP meltdown were wrong. There can be only 2 options, either their reporters are incompetent or biased.

  13. Mahons,

    I think I understand the Pelosi/Dean leadership only too well.

  14. NRG,

    How about incompetent AND biased???

  15. This is a very important election. I have never trusted the constant trumpeting of the fact that it’s over for the GOP. We will have to watch the numbers come in. No exit poll data to be released before the polls close.

    LOL at Tripper. You are seriously a slave – you’re a SLAVE! Democracy ‘gasping for air’… Where do you come up with this stuff?

  16. Henry:
    One of Kerry’s idiotic comments does not mean that the Democrats have not been against terrorism, as I hope you know. They have supported the war against terrorism, though not necessarily agreed with the Republicans on how that war is to be waged.

  17. If only the US would vote for frivolity. But they won’t. They’ll vote for either the Republicans or the Democrats, which is like choosing between a kick in the nads and a poke in the eye.

  18. David: I agree that Pelosi and Dean are two disasters in the making for the democrats. If I were a republican presidential contender in ’08 I would secretly be hoping they win. Has anyone ever forgotten Dean’s demented impersonation of a banshee? But I think you would find that the leadership in the democratic party is far more liberal than the rank and file.
    No matter who wins, the margins are too tight for a mandate. But a democratic win might give Bush some wiggle room into trying something different in Iraq, which I think we all might agree is needed.

  19. Mahons,

    I agree entirely with most of your last comment, the leadership is out of line with many sensible democrat voters, And that’s a great shame.

    As for the GOP – it needs to pull itself together. That means Bush stopping being so neo-Wilsonian in my view.

  20. David,

    How can you compare Wilson to Bush? Wilson founded the UN and Bush has ignored it any time it didn’t agree with him. Wilson was a multilateralist, Bush is a unilateralist in the neo-con mould.

  21. ""democracy in the USA is on its knees"? Care to clarify that? It’s an unusual thing to write, on an election day of all the times you could choose. Last I checked, all future elections were still on schedule and GWB will be unemployed by January of 2009."

    even undemocratic nations have elections. the existence of an election in no way ensures that a valid democracy is functioning.

    The only way to ensure that an election is fair is to have independant oversight. not party/political control at state, down to district or pricinct level.

    In 2004, in the key state of of Ohio the states secretary had control of election process while simultaneously being a co-chair for the re-election comittee of one of the candidates. does nobody else se a conflict of interest in such a situation? what about campaign financing? corporate interests have much control in US politics yet they do not represent the majority of employers in the country. small business owners do. where is their voice? side by side with corporate lobbyists do these people stand a chance of being heard? no, they are too busy actually doing some good for the economy. while corporations, largely based offshore seek as many benefits as they can cream off a maliable congress.
    there are the alsmost daily stories coming out about the electronic voting systems, largely run, and effectively controlled, by partisan companies, such as diebold. whistle blowers are revealing a grim story of out and out fraud. none of this is being investigated with any real gusto.

    i think america has been far too polarised and is too far gone for any real reform. it will eat itself to death before admitting it has a problem. pity too cus its a great country filled with great people.

    but, hey what do i know. i just live in the british equivilent to puerto rico.

  22. Daytripper: Funny line amigo but inaccurate line. Puerto Rico has had the opportunity to vote itself a different status many times. Incidetnly, check out Michael Kinsley’s article in last Sunday’s New Yrok Times Book review section for the state of American politics. It was quite good.

  23. "Puerto Rico has had the opportunity to vote itself a different status many times"

    none that would grant it either independance or united statehood, as far as im aware. but im no expert on US imperialism 😉

  24. Peter,

    Bush – a unilaterist????

    Hey – tell Condi and her pals to stop running to the UN re Iran, and North Korea.

    I’ll post more on this separately when I get the chance.

  25. David: Bush as Wilson? Maybe Flip Wilson (does that translate over there?).

  26. Her’s another reason to keep the GOP in power. Border security. When I went to the GOP Rally in Dallas last night, the first thing I met were protesters. Not many, maybe 100. But they where protesting and chanting IN SPANISH! Monica, I thought of you!

    I’ll post on my blog about thr rally as soo as I have a cofee or two. Let me just say that President Bush is a commanding speaker that TV doesn’t do justice to.

  27. DT: A smartass might say that the subjects you are not an expert in are infinite. I am that smartass.

  28. Charles: Surely one of your undocumented maids can make the coffee?
    Bush does better than expected as a speaker because expectations are so low. He also can be engaging.
    I know that border security is a big issue, but what has he really done in that regard? Authorized the building of a fence without authorizing the funds?

    Wouldn’t we fare better as the world economy continues to become more global if we started building bridges instead of fences?

  29. Charles,

    What’s so threatening about them chanting in Spanish? Even W speaks it, kind of.

    Mahons, agree with pretty much everything you’ve said here. Coulter is ridiculous and simply attempting to frighten social conservatives with baseless claims. Pelosi and Dean are not, unfortunately in my view, particularly representative of their party, and if the former becomes the Speaker that doesn’t mean she can push through any law she wants. Many of the Democrats that have been doing well in the polls are those that are in the center rather than the left.

  30. So Pelosi, who they will elect Speaker, Dean the party chairman and Kerry their last canditate are not representative of the part? That is not really credible is it?

  31. Neal, Mahons, Actually, the maid is black, it’s the lawn man that’s Spanish. Nothing’s wrong with Spanish, as I speak some myself.

    However, the protestors were making a political statement by using it. What statement? I suppose that they’re against the President because he signed the border security bill into law (he held his nose doing it). I guess the protesters want in the Dems to keep the border open. Mi casa es su casa. A time of war has changed our loosey-goosey attitude about an open border situation.

  32. Chas,

    I think you meant to say, su casa es mi casa. It makes more sense that way. I’m also opposed to unrestricted immigaration, but most of the terrorists have come in through Canada not Mexico.

  33. Alan, that’s want the illegals are thinking,thats for sure! Mi casa es su casa is what the Dem’s are thinking! I’m thinking where my lawn man is, as Santos is usually mowing by now.

  34. "but most of the terrorists have come in through Canada not Mexico."

    on fast tracked visas from US embassies in Saudi Arabia. lest we forget.

  35. Neal: Only agree with "most" of what I wrote? You’ll have to do better.

    Henry – Pelosi and Dean are on the left of their own party. I think you’ll find Clinton (either) more represetative of the party’s mainstream (and thus electable). Surely all Republicans aren’t to be damned for the likes of DeLay, Foley or Hasert?

    Charles – I am forgetting my Gone With the Wind. Of course the maid is black.

  36. electronic voting latest.


  37. People in the USA are unhappy with Bush mismanagement and incompetency, and they’ve finally woken up to the fact that Bush has made the world a less safe place.
    GOP to be walloped.
    There are other ways to tackle muslim extremism, rather than go in with all guns blazing, asking questions later. Red neck approach has been tried and has failed, move along GWB.

  38. "Don’t try to undertand em
    Just rope em up and brand em"

    That is a cowboy song, not a foreign policy.
    Any takers? Bye Bye Whackos from Waco 😉

  39. I think Dateraper is about the last person I would go to for ANY objective, or even rational analysis of the American electoral system.

    The fact that he, and some Democrats, would even CLAIM that exit polls, or as some do, opinion polls, have more legitimacy than the ballot is SCARY!

    Both exit and opinion polls have been seriously flawed for years. And it appears the only person who doesn’t know it (Dateraper) doesn’t want to know it.

    And, There has never been ONE certified, TRUE case of election result tinkering using electronic voting machines, which were demanded by DEMOCRATS who were in an uproar because their voters were too stupid to punch a card ballot.

    It’s clear that someone who seeks to introduce doubt regarding the legitimacy of the US election process has an agenda of undermining the democratically elected result.

    That thinking is not only offensive in the extreme, but DANGEROUS.

    The last time a minority movement overturned the legally arrived democratic election result, the Germans ended up with Adolf Hitler.

  40. Sir Percy,

    You would advocate "dialoguing" with cows? Mmm…I think some wackos can be located a tad closer to home than Texas.

  41. Mike: Charges of election fraud are as American as Apple Pie (see Nixon v. Kennedy Chicago circa 1960 for one from the Republican side). There is no harm in a democracy of challenging the process. In fact, it is healthy.

  42. Add Sir Percy to the Tripper category, Mike.

  43. "There are other ways to tackle muslim extremism, rather than go in with all guns blazing, asking questions later. Red neck approach has been tried and has failed, move along GWB."

    Care to enlighten us on what this new approach entails Sir Percy?

  44. Mike

    Does daytripper in any of his comments make a derogatory and insulting misuse of your username. If he does I’ve never seen it. So why not just attack his arguments as feircely as you wish without adding the childish and immature ‘dateraper’ nonsense.

  45. DV has spoken on the misuse of name issue – all note! Stick to topic i.e. the election!!!

  46. Colm: On the namecalling between the ATW regulars you noted, if I may quote Oscar Wilde on fox hunting – "the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible."

  47. anony
    <a href=http://www.freedomofmind.com&gt; mind control expert </a>

    html tags, hperlink not working????
    David am following the formula

  48. Mike’s America

    If there’s nothing wrong with the electoral process then there’s no need to get your panties in a bunch when it’s challenged, is there?

    Interesting though that Josh Marshall is reporting that in Missouri a voter tried to vote for McCaskill and the electronic voting machine recorded it for Talent. Probably just speaks to problems with the machines in general, which appear to be happening across the country.

  49. Colm: If you don;t like how I refer to that lying propagandist, then don’t read my comments. Something tells me you don’t anyway.

    Neal: Do you have any idea how ludicrous your assertion is? I take exception to murders, just as I do liars and those who actively seek to undermine the democratic process.

    There has NEVER been a succesful prosecution of GOP voting irregularities. In Florida 2000 Dems claimed that black people were turned away from the polls. Yet the Civil Rights Commission (run by Democrats) could not find ONE person to testify this was so.

    On the other hand, I can point to a number of recent prosecutions of DEMOCRATS for vote fraud.

    The funniest was this idiot who was paid with crack cocaine to register voters for an organization affiliated with the NAACP civil "right" organization. The guy obviously got a down payment and sampled the stuff as he registered Mary Poppins. Jeffrey Dahmer. Janet Jackson, George Foreman, Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, and Dick Tracy all living at the same address, his house.

    Vote fraud has long been the refuge of those who cannot win on ideas. And the false spectre of shenanigans by the GOP is further proof that the Democrats and their anti-American socialist terrorist appeasing moonbat friends like Dateraper have nothing to offer but confusion and lies.

  50. Mike’s America:
    Democrats offer only confusion and lies? Didn’t you forget treason, sedition, plague, incest, cancer, jock itch, herpes, pornography, starvation, rioting, looting, homosexuality, and overdue library books?

    Look man, I checked out your blog and it is clear that you are committed to the Republican Party. Knock yourself out. But we live happily in a land that isn’t ruled by one party (like China, for example). Shouldn’t you go by the name Mike’s Republican for truth in advertising?

  51. Ironically if there is one single thing that may have finally turned it towards the GOP in the final analysis its almost certainly going to be that monumental idiot Kerry insulting the troops. That almost certainly will bring back the vast majority of the Republican base that has left because they feel Bush is too weak, and also will doubtless sway many, many undecideds as well – this last is being borne out by the polls by the way.

    One thing you DON’T do if your a US Politician is insult the troops. Not only is the guy a contemptible moonbat (which may float some ATW people’s boat of course) but he is also a truly, truly bad politician.

  52. No, Mike, I guess I don’t. If there’s nothing wrong with the system you have nothing to fear from it being questioned, though it is clear that you do fear it. Why is it threatening if you’re so certain that you’re right? And how does it undermine the system to question whether it’s working as it’s supposed to?

  53. Neal: Do me a favor and just THINK about what you are saying.

    Undermining the democratic system and the legitimacy of the government elected as a result of that process doesn’t trouble you?

    Again, the history of Germany in this regard should be a lesson.

  54. Mike’s Republican: You mean in not being able to challenge the system as in Nazis Germany?

  55. David

    "DV has spoken on the misuse of name issue – all note! Stick to topic i.e. the election!!! "

    You may have spoken but Mike is studiously ignoring your request to desist.

    It is hard to avoid reading this offensive name as he suggests as we have read it before we know to avoid it.

  56. Mike’s Republican ! I appreciate correct labelling.

  57. BTW, Mahons, can you explain to us confused Europeans which of the two houses of Congress is most important for a party to control if it wants to influence the executive?

  58. Ok – here goes again.


    Please refer to ‘Tripper by his handle. I don’t want to hear Dateraper again.


    Can’t you try and argue without

  59. David

    happy to argue without ;o)

  60. Cunningham: Don’t be so modest. Most Yanks could use a refresher course.
    The Senate is the most important chamber as it has two members from every state for a total of 100 (ties broken by the Vice President). The terms of its members are for 6 years as opposed to 2 in the House, and it ratifies treaties, votes on certain presidential appointments (Supreme Court Judges) and an impeached President is tried there. It affords a protection for small states like North Dakota by allowing them as many Senators as a more populated state such as Texas.
    Each state is entitled to a certain number of members of the House of Representatives based on population, with each state having at least one, and the larger states having more. The members tend to have more parochial interests and (in general) less influence on the Executive. One mind-blowing exception: The Speaker of the House of Representatives is third in line for the Presidency if the President and Vice President’s offices become empty (law went into place after JFK). The Housee members run in a particular district (like the House of Commons?).

  61. Al Quaida is a CULT. There are techniques to deprogramme these guys and bring them back to sanity.
    I guess its just easier to bomb em huh, then you make more, and we bomb them, and it goes on and on
    Its bloodthirstiness.knowing no bounds.
    We need to STOP and pull back.
    Time for a re-think.
    Bush policy just isn’t working.

    Put me in charge
    vote Sir Percy, the moonbat king.
    Now wherez my Jo-jo’s 🙁

  62. why my new site not up?

  63. Thanks. Id asked 4 normally well-informed people today and got no satisfaction.

    Which of the 2 has the strongest legislative function?

    >>The Housee members run in a particular district<<

    You mean those from your city get to run in the NY Marathon?

  64. Cunningham: Their legislative function is roughly the same as a bill must pass through both the Senate and the House to be sent to the President to sign into law. There was a great little cartoon that the Yanks here would recall called Schoolhouse Rock that set down the whole procedure in a memorable little tune that David should be encouraged to put on the ATW jukebox someday.

    As for the NY marathon I don’t recall the last time one of the Congressman or women ran in the race, but I believe the current Govenor of Arkansas ran this year. We call it running for election, and I think you call it standing for election (English Beat’s Stand Down Margaret is my prime source).

  65. mike loves to bully, which he can do all he wants. because it wont wriggle him out of his lies. republicans have been caught tampering with elections

    read on……

    "Despite the widespread problems, Blackwell authorized only one investigation of registration errors after the election — in Toledo — but the report by his own inspectors offers a disturbing snapshot of the malfeasance and incompetence that plagued the entire state.(98) The top elections official in Toledo was a partisan in the Blackwell mold: Bernadette Noe, who chaired both the county board of elections and the county Republican Party.(99) The GOP post was previously held by her husband, Tom Noe,(100) who currently faces felony charges for embezzling state funds and illegally laundering $45,400 of his own money through intermediaries to the Bush campaign.(101)

    State inspectors who investigated the elections operation in Toledo discovered ”areas of grave concern.”(102) With less than a month to go before the election, Bernadette Noe and her board had yet to process 20,000 voter registration cards.(103) Board officials arbitrarily decided that mail-in cards (mostly from the Republican suburbs) would be processed first, while registrations dropped off at the board’s office (the fruit of intensive Democratic registration drives in the city) would be processed last.(104) When a grass-roots group called Project Vote delivered a batch of nearly 10,000 cards just before the October 4th deadline, an elections official casually remarked, ”We may not get to them.”(105) The same official then instructed employees to date-stamp an entire box containing thousands of forms, rather than marking each individual card, as required by law.(106) When the box was opened, officials had no way of confirming that the forms were filed prior to the deadline — an error, state inspectors concluded, that could have disenfranchised ”several thousand” voters from Democratic strongholds.(107)

    The most troubling incident uncovered by the investigation was Noe’s decision to allow Republican partisans behind the counter in the board of elections office to make photocopies of postcards sent to confirm voter registrations(108) — records that could have been used in the GOP’s caging efforts. On their second day in the office, the operatives were caught by an elections official tampering with the documents.(109) Investigators slammed the elections board for ”a series of egregious blunders” that caused ”the destruction, mutilation and damage of public records.”(110)

    On Election Day, Noe sent a team of Republican volunteers to the county warehouse where blank ballots were kept out in the open, ”with no security measures in place.”(111) The state’s assistant director of elections, who just happened to be observing the ballot distribution, demanded they leave. The GOP operatives refused and ultimately had to be turned away by police.(112)

    In April 2005, Noe and the entire Board of Elections were forced to resign. But once again, the damage was done. At a ”Victory 2004” rally held in Toledo four days before the election, President Bush himself singled out a pair of ”grass-roots” activists for special praise: ”I want to thank my friends Bernadette Noe and Tom Noe for their leadership in Lucas County.”(113)

    more here….. alot more…..


  66. Nice one, mahons. It’s at:


  67. daytripper fraid to say you are becoming more of a factoid. Keep it simple dude, these rednecks here are shallow, and afraid.
    Short points with some depth.
    You my fried are trying to eulogise on James Joyce’s Ulysees, these crazies are slaves to materialism.
    I say this gently in order to help.
    visit my site, click on my name, that’s how to do it 🙂

  68. nope. im going to bludgeon these people with facts until they realise.

    it explains why the republicans have made such a mess of democracy in Iraq. they actually dont have the first clue who to run an honest operation.

    "”This is very strong evidence that the count is off in those counties,” says Freeman, the poll analyst. ”By itself, without anything else, what happened in these twelve counties turns Ohio into a Kerry state. To me, this provides every indication of fraud.”

    How might this fraud have been carried out? One way to steal votes is to tamper with individual ballots — and there is evidence that Republicans did just that. In Clermont County, where optical scanners were used to tabulate votes, sworn affidavits by election observers given to the House Judiciary Committee describe ballots on which marks for Kerry were covered up with white stickers, while marks for Bush were filled in to replace them. Rep. Conyers, in a letter to the FBI, described the testimony as ”strong evidence of vote tampering if not outright fraud.” (184) In Miami County, where Connally outpaced Kerry, one precinct registered a turnout of 98.55 percent (185) — meaning that all but ten eligible voters went to the polls on Election Day. An investigation by the Columbus Free Press, however, collected affidavits from twenty-five people who swear they didn’t vote. (186)"

  69. Mahons,

    Schoolhouse Rock – I loved those little snippets. The little bill who became law, wasn’t that one of them? I remember American history and grammar lessons. Were there others?

    "Conjunction junction, what’s your function?"

    My favorite history memory is of the tea in Boston Harbor and George III being poked in the back by a bayonet.

  70. Mahons,

    Here you go – I found it on YouTube. <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEJL2Uuv-oQ">How a bill becomes a a law</a>.

    And, here’s <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMasFhFAed8">Conjunction Junction</a>, for those who like grammar tunes.

    Couldn’t find "Shot heard round the world" – another good one.

  71. Duhh,

    Just saw Cunningham’s post above. And, he knows how to make the hyperlinks work right with this new comment format.

  72. Eagle: I have a memory of our mutual classmate the Flea singing Naughty Number Nine, which was one of the group of songs. Suffice to say, that one is ruined for me.

    Conjunction Junction was a true classic.

    I suspect many of our British friends on this site would not have the same fondness for the Boston Tea Party and the incident with George III, but that is water under the bridge.

  73. Naughty Number Nine – yes tragically cut short in life thanks to having been killed by the flea.