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A Death in the Family

By Phantom On October 6th, 2019

A week ago, 33 year old NYPD officer Brian Mulkeen died on the job.

He was pursuing an armed gangbanger in a housing project, late at night. There was a struggle for the gang member’s gun. Mulkeen was killed by a shot fired by a fellow cop. ” Friendly fire ” they call it.

Officer Mulkeen graduated with a degree in finance from Fordham, and worked on Wall Street for a time. But he wanted to do something more than that. He took the test and became a cop.

By all accounts, he lived to serve. He just loved being a cop. Someone that he arrested was quoted in the paper last week, in mourning himself – his relationship with Mulkeen didn’t stop with the arrest. Mulkeen reached out to him afterward, asking if he was OK, trying to help keep him on the straight and narrow.

Mulkeen was an athlete, and had just volunteered to coach for the Fordham track and field team

The fact that he was killed by a bullet fired by his partners makes the loss even worse. ” Friendly fire ” is the most hateful thing, but it happens, in military and urban combat.

Say a prayer for Officer Mulkeen, say another for his brothers, who were with him in the face of great danger at the Edenwald Houses in the Bronx, late that night.

6 Responses to “A Death in the Family”

  1. //Mulkeen graduated with a degree in finance from Fordham, and worked on Wall Street for a time. //

    An unusual academic background for a cop perhaps. Strange that they put a man like that out on night patrol.

  2. A good number of NYPD and other police have exceptional academic records.

    I wouldn’t think of him as any bookworm. He was an athlete, someone who wanted to be on the street, someone I think who was well suited for it.

    No matter how street smart you are, chasing armed gang members in housing projects is a dangerous assignment.

  3. Every public sector worker in Spain including cops have to do ‘opicionés’, the public sector entry course.

    While each course is specific to each field of work it’s pretty intensive study involving learning the laws & theory etc appropriate to the field and compiling a dissertation which you then have to defend in front of a five person panel.

  4. Sad story. A tough job despite what the armchair quaterbacks say.

  5. very nice Phantom

    thank you

  6. Sad indeed.

    Yeah, don’t think he was going to trade wall street for a desk job.

    Sounds like a big loss to his community.