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R.I.P. Ginger

By Patrick Van Roy On October 7th, 2019

77 Responses to “R.I.P. Ginger”

  1. It’s strange that the drummer always seems to be the odd-ball in a rock band, a bit screwy and wild, never the intellectual.

    But probably few were as odd as the great Ginger Baker.

  2. Hmmmmmm.

    Not sure if I agree there Noel:


    Topper Headon from the Clash was a multi instrumentalist who wrote and played all the instruments on ‘Rock The Casbah’ and Jet Black was the Stranglers business manager.

    Of course I occasionally batter the skins myself so I may be a bit biased.

  3. It probably shouldn’t be a surprise but it is always disappointing when people can’t get their act together (literally) to keep a good thing going. After astounding success of Cream and Blind Faith Ginger Baker basically spent the bulk of the next 40 plus years being a total as hole and not making anymore memorable music.

  4. The Kinks had a similar issue withe Ray and Dave Davies at loggerheads since 1996, depriving themselves and the world of twenty plus years of creativity. I did read they are making an effort to reconcile recently but lost decades can’t be reclaimed.

  5. I’d love to see that with the Kinks….. a great bans

  6. Didn’t know you play, Paul.

    Ginger Baker was a true musician, with all kinds of subtelties and tone to his drumming, in stark contrast to many others of the area, like John Bonhom of LZ and Keith Moon of the Who, two other madmen btw, who were really just good for speed and hammering.

  7. Maybe ‘play’ is too strong a verb Noel. I’m absolutely useless when it comes to speed.

    For me the greatest drummer in history was the unbelievable Buddy Rich, (meant to be an absolute bastard as a person), although I’ve always had a soft spot for Charlie Watts. In terms of the more modern contempories Topper Headon from the Clash, Clem Burke from Blondie and John Bradbury from the Specials were the cream of their generation.

    Mahons, Pat.

    I went to see the Sex Pistols here at a festival in 2008. Ray Davies came on after them with a one man show and blew everyone before and after him off the stage.

  8. .. like John Bonhom of LZ and Keith Moon of the Who, two other madmen btw, who were really just good for speed and hammering.

    Don’t think so. Keith Moon was a genius of a lead drummer. Allow The Ox and Roger Daltrey to explain at 1:30 here.


    Moon did that all the time, leading with the drums as well as giving spot on timing.

  9. and the first person the who wanted after his passing was Ringo…..

  10. Moon € Zep’s drummer have great reps among drummers.

  11. one of the originals from Lynyrd Skynyrd also passed


  12. What airline was he on?

  13. lol

  14. Moon was spectacular in his drumming ability.

    I don’t rate Ringo as a great, he’s good but he’s not a great drummer. As a matter of fact, I think hs son Zak is better.

  15. Most musicians actually rate Ringo very highly, he didn’t partake of the flashy and often boring drum solos of his Era for the most part.

  16. Ringo has never received his due from the public.

  17. Mahons 734

    Yes I’ve heard that too

  18. He was a good, solid drummer. A safe, dependable pair of hands.

    He certainly wasn’t a great drummer IMO.

  19. one of the great never mentions…… Nicholas Berkeley Mason

  20. Jesus Christ, truly awful shite.

    Christ but I can’t stand Pink Floyd.

  21. Pink Floyd had some very fine innings

  22. Just not for me Phantom. God knows I’ve tried to listen to listen to them but could never see what all the fuss was about.

  23. Well said, Paul.

    We don’t always agree on music but you are spot on here: The Clash = class; Pink Floyd = muck.

  24. None of the artists mentioned by any of you above compares with the true geniuses of modern music… the sadly short lived Milli Vanilli 😉

  25. well there it is settled….. Milli Vanilli

  26. (Girl) You know it’s true, Reg.

  27. Clem Burke called Ringo one of the greatest drummers of all time.

  28. What would Clem Burke know?

  29. Ringo Starr was a very good drummer. Anyone who thinks otherwise should listen to Abbey Road.

  30. Yes, he was a good drummer. No one is disputing that.

    He wasn’t a great drummer, IMO.

  31. I don’t think it was possible to be a great drummer in the Beatles. Their music didn’t lend itself to producing great virtuoso drumming . It wasn’t their style.

  32. BTW Colm, the story of Milli Vanilli is (seriously) absolutely tragic.

  33. Paul -didn’t you cite Clem Burke as a heat drummer?

  34. The funny joke was Ringo wasn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles.
    But drummers know – Max Weinberg, Chad Smith, David Grohl. Stewart Copeland and David Grohl all cite him as a huge influence.

  35. Mahons, have you got your humour switch on low tonight?

    For me Clem Burke was one of the master drummers of his generation. He thinks Ringo one of the greatest drummers in history, I don’t.

    It’s a matter of subjective opinion and doesn’t always have to be a binary choice, e.g, I think Brian Setzer’s a better guitarist than Eric Clapton. There are those, both musician and non musician, who will disagree.

  36. No, I couldn’t tell if you were joking.

  37. Fair enough. Just for clarity, I was.

  38. But not about Pink Floyd. Most overrated band in history

  39. know nothing about drums, expect prolly the best come from bongo-bongo land .. boom boom

  40. Heidi Allen: Former Tory MP joins Liberal Democrats

    C’mon lads who’s with the header Heidi Hi


    An udder one bite de dost ( Roger Taylor – Queen )


  41. Subjective opinion again Mahons but yes, you are 100% correct.

  42. http://rockandrollgarage.com/pink-floyds-dark-side-of-the-moon-is-elected-the-best-album-of-all-time/

    Just because you heard it too many times doesn’t mean it is overrated

    It was great, and that is that

  43. I don’t enjoy Ringo Starr’s drumming – fair subjective opinion.
    Ringo Starr was a great drummer objective observation

  44. Paul McMahon, on October 7th, 2019 at 7:56 PM Said:

    Jesus Christ, truly awful shite.

    Christ but I can’t stand Pink Floyd.

    Mahons, on October 7th, 2019 at 9:44 PM Said:

    But not about Pink Floyd. Most overrated band in history

    Obviously those who write such opinions haven’t seen or heard this from Pompeii – full of foreboding, violence and death: it is actually somewhat scary and awe-inspiring.

    Put it through headphones


  45. I played drums with a few rock and punk bands (and very briefly with one Jazz band!) back in the day. My favourite drummers are:

    Brian Downey, Thin Lizzy

    Dave Lombardo, Slayer

    Cozy Powell, too many bands to mention

    Neil Peart, Rush

    Neil Peart wrote most of the band’s lyrics, and would definitely be considered the ‘intellectual’ one in Rush. He also shied away from publicity, preferring to stay backstage and let the other band members do press conferences etc. He wasn’t even that comfortable around the band’s fans, although he was apparently always very polite and friendly when he did meet them.
    The band’s lead singer, Geddy Lee, is the child of two Auschwitz survivors, so they’re probably not high up on Allan’s list of favourite bands.
    Peart has suffered in his life too. Very shortly after his only daughter was killed in a car crash, aged 18, his wife died of cancer. Peart said she died of a broken heart. He left the band for a few years after this, and travelled all over the Americas on his own on a motorbike. The only indication the other band members had that he was still alive was when they would occasionally receive a postcard from Peru, or Nova Scotia, or somewhere in between.
    After he announced his retirement due to chronic pain in his joints, Rush put out a statement to say that they can now probably be declared as disbanded, as the other two members can’t imagine carrying on under the Rush name without Peart there.

    Sammy Davis Jr was a great drummer, as was, perhaps surprisingly, Norman Wisdom.

  46. Buddy Rich

  47. Actually agree on something Allan.
    Roger Waters is a genius he went major league with concerts in Berlin 1990 which were just extravaganzas explosions of images light theatre . Like The Wall . Best band ever

  48. Mother should I run for President
    Mother should I trust the government

    Ahh Sinead O’connor in Berlin 1990 in happier times ….

    Paul tell me you don’t like that ?

  49. Pink Floyd are a great band. Dark Side of the Moon is an amazing album.
    Don’t listen to Paul. He thinks the Clash are the greatest Punk band ever, and they’re simply not. The Damned are.


  50. The band’s lead singer, Geddy Lee, is the child of two Auschwitz survivors,

    Believe it or not, the geezer who features below is also the child of two Auschwitz survivors – as are all jews. Trevor Rabin breathed new life into Yes, and this is the best song:


  51. Pink Floyd were consistently fantastic

  52. Spot on Patrick. I love pink Floyd.

    In my opinion this track is a masterpiece.


  53. Mahons,

    But not about Pink Floyd. Most overrated band in history

    This claim is complete bullocks. I don’t just mean because it’s made about pink Floyd, I mean if it was made about anything it would be complete bullocks.
    If you don’t like something that’s fine, that’s your opinion, but to claim something is overrated just because you don’t like it is nonsense. How do you quantify something being overrated? I don’t like football and I can’t understand why it’s so popular. But the fact is, it is popular and people, a great many people obviously like it. For me to claim football is overrated would be nonsensical. How do you even quantify or prove that clam.

  54. meanwhile its all kicking off in blighty. Downing street has released a scowling summary of a call to Merkel, not factual, DUP are in roaring mode. Blame game begins, usual suspects out of the starting block to get the first digs in. Calm heads required. Temperature going up, pound falling. We got 3 weeks of Brexit Madness coming, after 3 years of it . Facts will be scant, froth will be in abundance. If you are looking to be offended, October will be a rich month 😉

  55. Dave


    Love them or hate them, Pink Floyd were artistically ( and politically ) significant.

    Never once did they ” mail it in “, or seek only commercial success.

  56. Yes was another great group Allan

  57. Anyone who can’t find some Pink Floyd that they like just hasn’t listened.

  58. Dave – so nothing can be overrated?

  59. Mahons.

    That’s an interesting question. You can of course personally claim that something is overrated. But I don’t believe you can definitively prove that something is overrated.

  60. Mozart is overrated.


    Because someone said so!

  61. By it’s very nature a subjective opinon based on personal taste can’t be proven / disproven because it’s based on personal taste?

  62. Indeed. Which is why claiming something is overrated is Bollocks.

  63. Dave – Justin Bieber is the greatest singer of all time. Would you deny that comment might be overrated?

  64. In my personal opinion yes. But I’m sure there are other people who would disagree.

    Just to clarify, if you’re making a factual claim that pink Floyd are the most overrated band of all time, then you’re wrong.

    if you personally think that pink Floyd at the most overrated band of all time, that’s your personal opinion and your entitled to it.

    That’s the point I was making.

  65. I wasostly joking about Pink Floyd being the most overrated. But I think overrated can be both opinion and fact.

  66. Fair enough mate, but I disagree, I don’t think overrated can be demonstrated to be factual.

  67. Piers Morgan is still on television. I rest my case.

  68. So, by extension, nothing can be underrated?

    Not even Primal Scream’s achingly beautiful debut, Sonic Flower Groove? Or the criminally underlooked tour de force, Generation Terrorists, by the early Manics?

    I refuse to live in such a world.

  69. Don’t you dare say the A word, Colm

  70. I just don’t see what the fuss is about PF, they never did anything for me.

    There’s no doubt that they are phenomenally successful but I just can’t understand why some people give them God like status which means, for me, they’re overrated.

    I don’t like or dislike Floyd, I’m indifferent about them. The opinions above are of course based on subjective taste which means someone’s arguments as to their greatness are evry unlikely to change my opinion.

  71. Coldplay is the most overrated band in my book.

    Pink Floyd had their moments. Coldplay is the gullest dross all the way through.

  72. Timing is a factor. PF’s work coincided with an appreciation for the type of opus they put out.

  73. Familiarity breeds contempt is a concept with a bit of truth. If I hear the Stones Start Me Up I’m not impressed. But B Sides and deeper album cuts can remind me how great they were.

  74. //But B Sides and deeper album cuts can remind me how great they were.//

    Same here. I was listening to this practically all day yesterday.


    Just listen to the way Jagger says “Oh, no, no, no”. I normally like his fake American, but his English accent is also perfect for that kind of song.

  75. Good song, great movie. Same for the Stones track in Tushmore.

  76. Rushmore.

  77. Simple Minds are criminally underated. 😁