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Great and Unmatched Wisdom

By Mahons On October 9th, 2019

Reports confirm the Turkish offensive into Syria which is said to already involve bombing of former US allied Kurdish civilan areas (this is a developing story so details remain to be seen).
The President greenlighted this shameful debacle. There is no getting around that no matter how ludicrous his threat to destroy the economy of Turkey (he claims again?) An ally that lost thousands fighting ISIS is now at risk of further deaths at the hands of an autocratic nutcase who our autocratic nutcase could not control.

16 Responses to “Great and Unmatched Wisdom”

  1. This was a stupid move and a betrayal.

  2. The situation as it stands…… Syria is now completely in the hands of The Syrians, The Iranians, and the Turks.

    Russia has sworn to uphold the integrity of the Syrian borders, the Turks are annexing the northeast corner of Syria and claiming it for Turkey while they kill Kurds.

    How is that going to sit with The Russians Iranians and Syrians ? and add to the mix that the Kurds have over 10,000 ISIS fighters in cages and now no reason to hold them.

    I say we have the makings of a real shit storm.

  3. Just goes to show that the only thing more dangerous then being an enemy of turnip is to be an ally

  4. Up to 11,000 Kurds died in the fight against ISIS. This is how they are repaid.

    if the allied bargain with America is that our local allies bleed and then we abandon them to death and military catastrophe when we weary of the alliance, who will ally with us again? Moreover, as we know from recent history, terrorists often thrive not just in chaos but especially in the power vacuums created by unwise American withdrawals. Thus, the Trump administration is creating the worst possible dynamic — it’s undercutting allies at the very same time that it’s creating conditions that may require us to ask for their help again.


  5. Trump has thrown the Kurds under the bus. He will have been fully briefed that this would happen and decided to do it anyway. Further proof that the Trump playbook does not contain this sentence: “We can’t do that because it just wouldn’t be right.”

  6. Why is Trump so deferential to the Turks? Is there an unknown quid pro quo?

  7. yes yes Erdogan has pictures…. naked trump compromising pictures we must impeach……

  8. Trump is the 4th President to abandon the Kurds….. everytime we have an interaction in the ME they get screwed.

  9. “yes yes Erdogan has pictures”. Trump is in real estate, it is more likely found in that area, something like Trump Moscow somewhere in Turkey.

  10. Syria is not our fight it never was. The only reason we were involved with anyone there was because of John Scumbag McCain.

    I feel for the Kurds they got screwed….. but oh well.

    I’m sorry it’s time to bring this back to reality, yes Trump fucked the Kurds the only thing keeping them from being shot at was the Americans in their presence and now we aren’t there and it’s sad. The Irish, Brits, Germans, and Scots can go stand in our place we’ve gone home. Now whether not 50 of you standing with the Kurds may not stop them from being attacked though like 50 of ours did.

    We fucked these people. Any nation willing to go help them may do so…. I don’t see a long line of troops and weapons from any other nations rushing to their aid or have I missed an announcement of any nation doing so ?

    That might seem a little brutal, but if you believe the Kurds are worth it send your children ours have done their part.

  11. So now the question is who is going to step up?

    Turkey is pounding the hell out of the Kurds…. not us. Which of your nations will now step into Syria ?

    None of them will, not only do you lack the ability, but you lack the will. Not one European Nation, EU Nation, or NATO Nation, is going to send a single troop. But you insist it’s our job.

    When the US steps off the field the shit hits the fan and everyone starts shooting at each other. We were rude, but it’s not our fight and as I said your nations are very welcome to fill the void if you want to make it your fight.

  12. Patrick

    You will obviously support Trump in 2020 when he runs on withdrawing from Nato and the UN. And of course the WTO. America First demands it.

    Just as America First demands that the fugitive from British justice who killed a motor-cyclist by driving on the wrong side of the road should be sheltered stateside. That’s how much the “Special Relationship” means when nip comes to tuck, This is behaviour that we would expect from Iran, not the USA.

  13. She isn’t a fugitive. Diplomatic Immunity predates Trump (predates America) and has been ratified by the UK.

  14. PVR

    “I feel for the Kurds they got screwed….. but oh well.” Why did Trump pull out our soldiers? We do not have an explanation for the sudden change in policy after speaking to Erdogan. Apparently neither the pentagon nor state department were consulted. The Kurds need not have been screwed and it is both a disgrace and a blot on the US. Do you think there should be an explanation?

  15. Trump has many dealings in Turkey.

    Which absolutely gave Erdogan leverage in any discussions.

    Trump and his family have long had business ties in and with Turkey, the most visible example being the Trump Towers Istanbul, which licenses the Trump name. The Trump Organization describes the buildings on its website as “a landmark in the historic city of Istanbul” and it is the organization’s first and only office and residential tower in Europe, with offices, apartments and upscale shops. The Washington Post has reported that the organization was paid up to $10 million to put the Trump name on the two buildings.

    Erdogan attended the opening ceremony of the office and residential towers in 2012 and Ivanka Trump tweeted a message thanking him for attending, although a photo of Erdogan at the ribbon cutting has been removed from his Facebook page.


    This is not a mere ” screwing “.

    If I cheat someone out of $100, I’ve screwed them.

    This is a green light to genocide of a friendly nation.

  16. Phantom

    Thanks. I did not know about Trump business in Turkey, but suspected it. It is probably the quid pro quo. Trump probably traded the slaughter of our loyal allies for a “favor” – that is the way gangsters act. It is hard to think of anything more reprehensible.