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Trump Derangement Syndrome…… Impeachment Style

By Patrick Van Roy On October 10th, 2019

I couldn’t resist this post, President Trumps #1 cheerleader has compiled together a set of clips that are worth watching for everyone who believes now FINALLY Trump has done something he will be Impeached for. I ask you, do you really think the current hysteria from the looney left and those suffering from terminal TDS are REAL charges or nothing but the same wishful thinking by the howling loons of the Left ? I give you,… or actually Mr. Hannity gives you, “The Loons”…. saying Trump should be Impeached dating to before he even took the oath of Office.

5 Responses to “Trump Derangement Syndrome…… Impeachment Style”

  1. For a guy who doesn’t watch a lot of Hannity you watch a lot of Hannity.

  2. If you’ve never asked a leader a tough question you don’t qualify as a journalist
    Laura shows how its done

  3. If you read comment and rant in defense of Donald Trump in multiple forums and consume as much news as I do you can’t really avoid Hannity Clips…….

    and besides I will go out of my way to highlight any little gems like the above just to push Phantom 😉

  4. Is the fact that he is a complete idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing qualify as grounds for impeachment?

  5. There is no longer any doubt that he is entirely unfit.

    And that Pence and other senior Republicans are aware of this.