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By Pete Moore On October 11th, 2019

Because Friday night is Music Night

Something brand new this evening. I rarely post new music for two reasons. One, because I don’t seek out new music and two, because everything knows that old music is better than new music anyway. Them’s the facts.

But I quite like the Stereos. Who knew that the Welsh could play instruments?! They’re not just swarthy tenors over there after all. And I like this new one from them. So have at it. We’ll be back to old stuff soon enough, and boy do I have some absolute bangers to play.

Have fun whatever you’re up to this weekend. The Jocks are desperately hoping it will involve watching their boys play Japan. So am I really. I never thought I’d so look forward to watching those two play each other. Damn you Typhoon Haggis.

As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –


  1. because everything knows that old music is better than new music anyway. Them’s the facts.

    Ain’t that the truth though. Let’s have some Schubert:


  2. ot

    anyone in the UK…. is this real


  3. No idea. I’ve not seen it anywhere else. The thing is, you just wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. Filthy, degenerate perverts abound in state classrooms.

  4. I know that’s what scares me…..

  5. Bloody great rock n roll from the Phonics. Play it LOUD:


  6. Pete.

    Good choice. I like a bit of Stereophonics.

    because everything knows that old music is better than new music anyway. Them’s the facts.

    You’re confusing facts with personal opinion again Pete.

  7. Peter.

    That Schubert was really lovely mate, and the girl playing it was well tasty. That’s the kind of classy bird I wanna meet.

  8. Paul

    Good choice Paul. I did take your advice and played it loud through the living room sound system, whilst I was having my Saturday brunch.

  9. Here’s my choice. It’s an old one so I should make Pete happy. Mind you, it has got swearing in it and I know how sensitive he is about that.

    It another good one to play loud.


  10. Not bad for rap Dave. I know how much you like your electronica so this electro pop one hit wonder from around 88 came to mind:


    I like because of its cheesyness and also because it reminds me of a bloody brilliant time in my life.

  11. What do you make of this Dave?


  12. That Morcheeba one wasn’t bad.

    That Schubert was really lovely mate, and the girl playing it was well tasty.

    Going by the title, her name’s F. Liszt.

  13. Paul.

    Bloody excellent mate, I haven’t heard this Kon Kan track for years. Totally cheesy but absolutely brilliant I love it, and like you, it brings back great memories for me. (You can tell we’re the same age.)

    Let’s keep that 80s cheesiness going:


  14. Yes, 1988 Europop cheesyness:


    She had her knockers but it was a monstrous summer hit.

  15. Paul McMahon,
    //What do you make of this Dave?//

    I thought that was excellent Paul. I don’t remember hearing that John Lydon track before. It’s got one of those catchy tunes that sticks in your head.

  16. It was a one off little known duo with Africa Bambatta. I thought it was superb, as I aslo do this synth influenced noughties cracker:


  17. Paul.

    That Sabrina track is great mate. Especially like the fact that it’s the uncut, pop-out version.
    I actually saw Sabrina live with the hitman and her. I can’t remember which nightclub it was now as I travelled around quite a bit, but I think it might have been the Palace in Blackpool. The most memorable thing of the evening wasn’t Sabrina’s performance or the fact that I was at a nightclub with the hitman and her, it was what my friend said when Sabrina was on stage performing, which was staying with me till the day I die. He said: ‘I’d crawl over broken glass, to suck the cock of the last man who shagged her.’

  18. Michaela Strachan in the Hitman & Her.


  19. Paul

    Before I even clicked on your link I knew it was going to be that Sabrina song. I can only think of two reasons why you would enjoy that video 🙂

  20. Paul McMahon,
    //Michaela Strachan in the Hitman & Her.


    I went to a few performances of the hitman and her. Michaela Strachan seemed really nice.

  21. ….. But you my everlasting regret, due to illness I missed a little-known singer called Madonna, performing at the hacienda club in Manchester.

  22. …. But I did see New Order at the hacienda. That sort of makes up for it.

  23. Another bubble gum Europop song from another Italian one hit wonder. This came out the year before Sabrina and is a pretty catchy pop song:


    But I did see New Order at the hacienda.

    Could never see what all the fuss was about either Joy Division or NO mate.

  24. Aahh but what if New Order had been fronted by Sabrina..? 🙂

  25. If NO had been fronted by Sabrina I would have liked to have been the drummer…

  26. Paul.

    Bloody hell Paul, that’s another cheesy classic that I loved and had completely forgotten about. That brings back some great memories you’ve taken me back to my younger years mate, nice one.

    //Could never see what all the fuss was about either Joy Division or NO mate.//

    Well, we’ve all got different tastes in music mate. Mind yu, I’ve been accused of liking everything, but I ask you, is that a bad thing?


    //Aahh but what if New Order had been fronted by Sabrina..? 🙂//

    The song ‘Blue Monday’, may be named for completely different reasons. 😁

  27. But I ask you, is that a bad thing?

    Not at all, each to their subjective own. I truly, truly adore music and while there may be music that I don’t particularly care for tastewise I still absolutely respect the creative effort that went into making it.

    As we’re on Eurobird pop singers another one,


    The absolute carbon copy of one of my exes.

  28. I feel sad. Us Brits won’t be allowed to listen to cheesy Europop after Brexit. We will have to download trashy German and Italian disco tunes on the dark web living in fear of being exposed to the Ministry of Britpop police 😉

  29. This is a haunting song from John Lennon, apparently the last he wrote. He didn’t live to record it properly but this demo track survives:


  30. I feel sad. Us Brits won’t be allowed to listen to cheesy Europop after Brexit.

    If they told us that three years ago it would have been a landslide vote to leave.

  31. Pete

    Don’t let me ever catch you playing an ABBA track…

  32. Peter.

    I hadn’t heard that John Lennon track before, thanks for posting it mate.

  33. “…. But I did see New Order at the hacienda. That sort of makes up for it.”


  34. Paul.

    The absolute carbon copy of one of my exes.

    Another great 80s track mate. And I think you and I have the same taste in women.

    Let’s keep the cheesiness flowing.

  35. MourneReg,


    Top man, MourneReg

  36. Cheese you want?


    The ultimate when cheesy hype & presentation mattered more than content. Tony James from Gen X was in the band, the guitar riff which runs through the song is unmistakable.

  37. I promise you Paul, I’m not making this up. I was just listening to this sigue sigue Sputnik track about half an hour ago. I’m pretty sure YouTube suggested it because of all the cheesy music I’ve been posting. LOL.

  38. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eDMYAsu5PvI

    Linda Ronstadt was a megastar in the 1970s

    There is a new documentary about her that I saw last night in a small theater in Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania

    She had the most exceptional voice And sang different styles Most famously in country/rock

    She did collaborations with Emmy Lou Harris, Dolly Parton, Aaron Neville, and others

    She cannot sing anymore Because she has Parkinson’s

    This is a wonderful little film, if you get the chance to see it I recommend it

  39. I’ll have to see it….

    What did you think of the BMFI ?

  40. I think it is a very nice small theater

    Apparently it’s really not so much a commercial theater, but an old movie theater that is supported by the community and by local businesses And which will often show small films that would otherwise Not be shown by the big theater chains

    I believe if you live there or you can buy a membership in the theater

    There are a number of theaters like that in the United States now and it’s a great thing

  41. I loved Bryn Mawr I spent a lot of time there 40yrs ago. A buddy of mine owned a Pub called the Grey Fox.

  42. They’re showing Godzilla and Invasion of the Body Snatchers soon!

  43. cool….

    there is also a course that’s about to start that if I still lived in Drexel Hill I would definitely attend.


  44. This is the type of membership that people can buy


    Lots of local people buy memberships so as to support the theater

    By supporting the theater, they also support the town and the restaurants etc around it

    We have this sort of thing in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Academy of music

    Again, there are others like this across the country and it’s such a great thing

  45. There are at least two others in the Delaware Valley that are set up the same way. One in Media another in Swarthmore.

    a Great form of preservation.

  46. Continuing with cheese, Whigfield had a world wide hit with the bubblegum disco ‘Saturday Night’ however listen to her vocal range on this love ballad: