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Democrats outside the Trump Rally

By Patrick Van Roy On October 12th, 2019

11 Responses to “Democrats outside the Trump Rally”

  1. //We’re watching the death throws of the Democrat …//

    Yep, obviously another Trump supporter there….

  2. Fake news. These were obviously paid actors hired by the Trump campaign to stage this propaganda piece,

  3. Burning stolen MAGA hats is domestic terrorism

    Magnificent 🙂

  4. Btw

    If someone doesn’t have Twitter app on say an iPad, Twitter videos cannot be seen

    If you want Your videos to be seen by everybody, you should use a universally viewable technology like YouTube video

  5. now that I did not know…….

    I’ll keep that in mind…. I would say get the Twitter app, but twitter is a hell hole….. It does have it’s advantages. Like if I want to promote a post it put’s it in front of a million peoples eyes in an instant.

    The bad thing is it puts it in front of a million peoples eyes…….

    The trick to twitter is engage with no one…… scan, and read. Most news and commentary break stories on twitter at the sametime that they announce on their site.

    Pluss I was shocked at how many reporters speak their personal feelings on there… but it’s not a place for interaction……

  6. I have experimented with Twitter a couple of times

    Even when you only follow a limited number of persons and publications I find that it is such an overwhelming torrent of messages that if I pay any attention to them I have no Ability to concentrate on anything else!

  7. you have to look at it like a ticker tape

  8. something you might be interested Phantom


  9. its funny, at one time dissension from the power structure is what made amurica “great”, now its called the death of democracy and domestic terrorism

  10. Patrick

    Thanks for that article I had not seen it

    The issue is complicated

  11. Homage to those who made America great…….