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By Pete Moore On October 16th, 2019

Why not? These clowns have long ago given up on crime

However loony you think your country is, the British state sector will always beat it.


  1. Dunno what your problem is petem
    Police’s job is to uphold the laws of the land
    you don’t get to pick and choose which laws you like

  2. We have pronoun laws now?!

  3. Genuinely funny and sad at same time.

    Maybe you should just disband the British police and start up again with a real police department.

    This is what they spend their days on?

    What a complete waste of time they are.

  4. Equality Act


  5. Its just the law phantom, a non-story , the police uphold the law . period.
    Can we have a Rudy Thread pul-eeese 🙂

  6. This is what they spend their days on?

    No, it’s just what Pete likes to highlight to make it appear it’s so:





    Etc etc.

  7. Phew, I was worried then. I thought it was another law I’d have to ignore.

    It turns out that kurt (he/him/idiot) was just talking nonsense.

  8. nah opposite turns out petem was talking nonsense
    police job description is to uphold the law
    Its really not difficult this one

  9. You’re mental.

  10. lol mental is when you let something as insignificant as your thread disturb you

    Dave Alton
    Name calling is back on: idiot/mental
    this is not a smart move by you petem is it ?

  11. Pete – make sure that ‘kurt’ is correctly pronouned or you could be in trouble: it’s the law. Mispronouning is now a ‘hate crime’ and it’s clear that Orwell didn’t see this one coming


    Now trans and gay hate crime will mean SIX months in jail after judges are ordered to crack down with harsher sentences than those that are given for domestic burglaries

    This year Surrey Police quizzed a Catholic mother-of-five after she was accused of ‘misgendering’ the trans daughter of an activist on social media by using the pronoun ‘him’.

    Last week Thames Valley Police launched an inquiry into possible public order hate crimes by demonstrators who put up stickers in Oxford with messages such as: ‘Woman: noun. Adult human female.’

    The assault on decency and reason is accelerating. Fortunately, the agenda and its enforcers are a huge target for mockery

    The number of hate crimes reported to police has reached 100,000 a year for the first time.

    Home Office figures showed a 10 per cent increase this year, with a surge in allegations of homophobic and transphobic abuse.

    Was anybody hurt – oh, it was just name-calling

  12. That Pete Moore, she’s a funny one she is 😉

  13. kurt,

    Dave Alton
    Name calling is back on: idiot/mental
    this is not a smart move by you petem is it ?

    To be honest Kurt, name-calling was never off. Snowflake Pete has repeatedly not only complained but threatened me with censorship for using ‘bad language’, and by bad language I mean sh*t and f**k with the asterisks in, as well as calling him stupid or accusing him of lying. Even indirectly calleing him stupid, by pointing out the people who believed that certain thing are stupid, caused him to throw a hissy fit.
    All while double standards Pete, (with the posible exception of the swearing), does exactly the same things he berates me for, to other ATW regulars himself. Which is why I point out regularly, that he is a massive hypocrite. As well as a huge snowflake.

    if you want to see one of many examples of Pete’s hypocrisy, have a look at this post he made a while ago.


    Pete Moore
    I know what it is to be hot or cold, to be in love, to be happy, sad, angry, frustrated or calm, but I’ve genuinely never grasped the idea of being offended. Anyone can say what they like about me and what I hold dear. So what? They’re just the thoughts and words of other people. “I’m offended by that” isn’t a phrase I understand. I don’t know what it’s supposed to feel like. Am I missing some offence gene? I really don’t think that “taking offence” is a real thing. I can’t conceive of it beyond being a tactical response to someone with unapproved opinions. It sounds like a device to shut up other people, that’s all.

  14. Dave –

    Nothing offends me, and that’s that. I know it’s difficult for a scouser to comprehend, since everything offends scousers, but that’s not my problem.

  15. yeah well he can’t do a manly post on say rudy and the criminal revelations, he can only do girly posts attacking people who are different, weaker. same with allan lays into the messed up people
    cowards mate. The Right has always been weak people , feeble minded picking on supposed inferiors from a keyboard, spineless , gutless , wasted sperm really
    You’ve shown backbone many times as have others, keep it up man. They have surrendered their manhoods, its as primal as that. fascists are fundamentally people of fear, culturally inferior and mentally low IQ’ers , their beliefs attract morons and imbeciles, you know cretins. They bore me, but many of the regulars here have interesting things to say
    cheers, good night

  16. Yet another lie and a childish, untrue personal insult. You’re on form tonight.
    For a man who claims nothing offends him, sure do plenty of whinging about being offended Pete.

  17. Cheers Kurt. I appreciate that. Your presence back here is a breath of fresh air mate.
    Pete likes to dish it out in his posts, but he’s not man enough to take it in return.

  18. ‘krut’ or whoever you are (you seem familiar, somehow) – the “messed-up people” are getting into schools and nurseries when they should really be in the same ward as you. But they are definitely messed-up people and I’ve been saying that for years: these trannies are sick and need real help.

  19. Canadian Cancer Society Uses Trans-gender Woman on Certvical Cancer Page


    This is insane, but most at ATW go along with the insanity. Dave – does a trans-gender ‘woman’ have a cervix?

  20. Allan

    Dave – does a trans-gender ‘woman’ have a cervix?

    For a man who doesn’t answer my questions, or if you do answer them, gives evasive answers, you certainly ask me a lot of questions Allan

  21. Allan
    At what age to introduce sex education inc difference to our children is a worthy debate. But neither of you two panto villains seems mature enough to enter that field. I suggest it’s because it’s too manly arena for you wimps. So instead you content yourselves with puerile derision mocking the weak powerless and disabled. When either of you grow a pair and fancy an adult debate post something a thread that would indicate your mature enough to handle the subject. Adieu