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Letter to Erdogan from Trump

By Patrick Van Roy On October 17th, 2019

46 Responses to “Letter to Erdogan from Trump”

  1. “One of President Donald Trump’s golf resorts in Florida will host the G7 summit next June, the White House says. White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney denied President Trump would profit from the event…

    Mr Mulvaney told reporters on Thursday that an advance team of scouts had started with a list of possible locations for the summit, including venues in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Tennessee and Utah. In the end, he said, it became apparent that Doral was by “far and away, the best physical facility for this meeting”.


  2. Trump has now come out openly in favour of Turkey’s ethnic-cleansing of the Kurds in northern Syria:


  3. From Tulsi Gabbard:

    “Trump to Kurds: “I got you a great deal. I gave Turkey your homeland and homes, and you have 5 whole days to pack up your families and leave before they slaughter you!” The Art of the Deal: How to sell what’s not yours.


  4. A view from Israel

    A big winner will be Iran, as Iran was the big winner of the Iraq invasion.

    The phone conversation between Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan is having catastrophic results. The green light the U.S. president gave his Turkish counterpart on October 6 (even if Trump later clumsily tried to play down its significance) has produced tremors that have completely changed the situation in northern Syria, already affecting the strategic picture across the entire Middle East. (Click here for live updates)

    Here’s a balance sheet of the last few days. The United States has betrayed the Kurds, its key allies in defeating the Islamic State, and evacuated its troops from Kurdish areas in Syria, as Trump had promised Erdogan. Turkey has penetrated 30 kilometers (19 miles) into Syria, sending tens of thousands of civilians fleeing. Hundreds of Kurds have been killed by Turkish air raids, with a few instances (such as the murder of a female Kurdish politician and the execution of prisoners on camera) of war crimes by Turkish soldiers and their Syrian militia allies.

    Meanwhile, hundreds if not thousands of Islamic State prisoners have escaped from camps controlled by the Kurds. In their despair, Kurdish leaders have appealed to Bashar Assad, asking the Syrian regime to take control of certain Kurdish areas on the assumption that even the murderous regime in Damascus is better than what they can expect under the Turkish jackboot.

    The axis supporting Assad, led by Iran, is also making gains. First, the regime is expanding its sphere of influence in eastern Syria. Second, the Iranians will be pleased with reports of another Trump decision: to remove U.S. troops not just from Kurdish areas but from other areas in eastern Syria.

    The axis supporting Assad, led by Iran, is also making gains. First, the regime is expanding its sphere of influence in eastern Syria. Second, the Iranians will be pleased with reports of another Trump decision: to remove U.S. troops not just from Kurdish areas but from other areas in eastern Syria.


  5. Why post letter without commenting on it. It is available all over.

  6. He thinks that this is the literary equivalent of the Gettysburg Address.

  7. Because the denizens of this site are notorious for not looking things up. Since they are all so concerned but not enough to get involved in doing anything for the Kurds I still thought they should have actual documents rather than either of your spin….

  8. Because the denizens of this site are notorious for not looking things up.

    Absolutely not true with the vast majority of regular commentators here.

    I read the letter this afternoon. It was written in the style of a lower secondary (high) school kid.

  9. a lower secondary (high) school kid

    Who is the leader of the most powerful nation in the world….

    Ain’t America Great

  10. good cop work


  11. But look at the handwriting

    Lots of frustration and anger there.

    Compare with that of Obama

  12. https://www.ranker.com/list/all-president-signatures/jacob-bryant

  13. https://www.today.com/news/video-captures-utah-trooper-saving-driver-oncoming-train-t164796

    Good Cop Work II

  14. Actually people here usually look things up quickly, it is how they have repeatedly corrected you over the years.
    Does anyone think this letter is anything other than a total embarrassing moment?

  15. I just looked this up:

    “The day began with an Oval Office news conference with Italy’s president. “The Kurds are very well protected,” Trump proclaimed, even as Kurds are fleeing for their lives from the Turkish onslaught. “And by the way, they’re no angels,” he added, before repeating his false assertion that the Kurds are deliberately releasing Islamic State prisoners to make Americans think, “Oh, gee, we’ve got to get right back in there.” This is Turkish propaganda with no basis in reality; reports suggest that Islamic State prisoners are actually being released by Turkish proxy forces. But having already betrayed the Kurds, Trump feels no compunction about cruelly maligning them. That about 11,000 Kurds gave their lives in battle to defeat the Islamic State means nothing to this solipsistic commander in chief for whom duty, honor and sacrifice are alien concepts…

    Trump’s insouciance about the Turkish onslaught is, of course, at odds with the administration demand that Turkey declare an immediate cease-fire. How can Trump’s aides demand a cease-fire while the president says he doesn’t care if the fighting goes on? This makes about as much sense as Trump imposing sanctions to punish Turkey for doing what he gave it permission to do…”


  16. The much-denied quid-pro-quo on Ukraine has now been admitted, as expected. So Trump firstly lied that Biden was mentioned in the phone call, then admitted that he was but claimed “There was no quid-pro-quo!” and now his chief of staff admits that there was a quid-pro-quo, i.e. US aid to Ukraine was dependent on them digging for dirt on Biden. This is a criminal offence, but we are now getting the predictable “So what?” line of defence:

    “Washington (CNN)White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney made a stunning admission Thursday by confirming that President Donald Trump froze nearly $400 million in US security aid to Ukraine in part to pressure that country into investigating Democrats.
    Mulvaney insisted that he only knew of a US request to investigate the handling of a Democratic National Committee server hacked in the 2016 election, but text messages between US diplomats show efforts to get Ukraine to commit to an investigation into Burisma, the company on whose board former Vice President Joe Biden’s son sat. There is no evidence of wrongdoing in Ukraine by either Biden.

    After weeks during which Trump denied the existence of any political quid pro quo in his withholding of security aid to Ukraine, Mulvaney confirmed the existence of a quid pro quo and offered this retort: “Get over it.”


  17. lmao….. keep trying Pater

    Hey Peter have you bothered to watch any of those Veritas tapes…..

    yeah I didn’t think so, none of you have. You all have no interest in seeing how badly your all being lied to and don’t kid yourself the news across the pond gets it’s american perspective from CNN International all your news takes their spin.

    Your willing ignorance is amazing…..

  18. Trump seems to be losing it completely, as in losing his mind::

    “The president isn’t simply volatile and erratic, however—he’s also incapable of consistently telling the truth. Those who work closely with him, and who aren’t in denial, must deal with Trump’s lying about serious matters virtually every day. But as one former official put it, they “are used to the president saying things that aren’t true,” and have inured themselves to it. Trump’s own former communications director Anthony Scaramucci has on multiple occasions described Trump as a liar, once saying, “We … know he’s telling lies,” so “if you want me to say he’s a liar, I’m happy to say he’s a liar.” He went on to address Trump directly: “You should probably dial down the lying because you don’t need to … So dial that down, and you’ll be doing a lot better.”

    That was good advice, but clearly wishful thinking. Trump simply can’t dial down the lying, or turn it off—even, his own attorneys suggest, when false statements may be punished as crimes. A lawyer who has represented him in business disputes once told me that Trump couldn’t sensibly be allowed to speak with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, because Trump would “lie his ass off”—in effect, that Trump simply wasn’t capable of telling the truth, about anything, and that if he ever spoke to a prosecutor, he’d talk himself into jail.

    Trump’s lawyers in the Russia investigation clearly agreed: As Bob Woodward recounts at length in his book Fear, members of Trump’s criminal-defense team fought both Trump and Mueller tooth and nail to keep Trump from being interviewed by the Office of Special Counsel. A practice testimonial session ended with Trump spouting wild, baseless assertions in a rage. Woodward quotes Trump’s outside counsel John Dowd as saying that Trump “just made something up” in response to one question. “That’s his nature.” Woodward also recounts Dowd’s thinking when he argued to Trump that the president was “not really capable” of answering Mueller’s questions face to face. Dowd had “to dress it up as much as possible, to say, it’s not your fault … He could not say what he knew was true: ‘You’re a fucking liar.’ That was the problem.” (Dowd disputes this account.) Which raises the question: If Trump can’t tell the truth even when it counts most, with legal jeopardy on the line and lawyers there to help prepare him, is he able to apprehend the truth at all?

    Behavior like this is unusual, a point that journalists across the political spectrum have made. “This is not normal,” Megan McArdle wrote in late August. “And I don’t mean that as in, ‘Trump is violating the shibboleths of the Washington establishment.’ I mean that as in, ‘This is not normal for a functioning adult.’” James Fallows observed, also in August, that Trump is having “episodes of what would be called outright lunacy, if they occurred in any other setting,” and that if he “were in virtually any other position of responsibility, action would already be under way to remove him from that role.”


  19. Peter hi
    The problem is there is multiple op-eds every day entitled ” Trump has lost the plot” all over the place. But if anyone in his admin is disloyal they get fired and replaced.

    Trump has an amazing fire-wall in place similiar to how a backbone server works in IT
    and so even if one workstation fails, a new kit is installed.

    I think he could fire and replace everyone and still counter-punch like the madman he is.
    But its possible in my view if the prosecutors isolate Rudy and sweat him good, and get him singing like a canary, it could open up cracks in the Matrix, the divisons and fissures would need to collapse inside concave not convex and multiple ex-staff and current staff stab him to death (figuratively speaking)- like what happened to Julius Caesar literally.

    lol Pat is gonna say I’m on the kool-aid again.

    You’re goddamn right I’m on the kool-aid Trumps in my cross-hairs 😉

  20. Yes Kurt, crooked Rudy could be the weak spot. He’s as mad as Trump, but he won’t do jail for his Boss.

  21. peter that is good to know, others have said same. Trump has unusually “not fired him” so Rudy has some leverage clearly

  22. Your banking on Rudy being the crooked weak link…..

    oh my god…… you can’t buy comedy this good.

  23. Unlike Bernard Kerik, Ruby couldn’t deal with being in prison.

    I’d love to see him turn on Trump.

    He could be a national hero once again!

  24. Who is next under the bus Rudy or Mick Mularkey?

  25. You’d imagine that with all his advisors and money Trump should be able to get someone to write his letters for him.

  26. That signature though. It’s like he held a marker in his fist and had some kind of seizure. Or they fed the paper into a lie detector by mistake.

  27. Talk about America dumbing down:

    US President Donald Trump has compared the deadly conflict between Turkish forces and Kurds in north-eastern Syria to a fight between children.

    “Like two kids in a lot, you have got to let them fight and then you pull them apart,” he told a rally in Texas


    The fella’s a fucking simpleton with no understanding whatsoever of foreign policy, and probably most other things.

  28. Trump yesterday also said that the Kurds are very happy with the incredibly great solution that has come about

    Who’s dumber, Trump or anyone still supporting him?

  29. //That signature though. It’s like he held a marker in his fist and had some kind of seizure. Or they fed the paper into a lie detector by mistake.//

    HA HA!

  30. He’s a simpleton, the people who follow him are the dumbest…..

    Really ?

    I don’t like the way he did the Kurds but gee it did work and all your lies about given them the green light to be killed by turkey is disproven by the letter. The economy is booming and unless your a Democrat there are no signs that it’s slowing. Employment is up in every sector Woman, Blacks, and Hispanics have never had employment participation rates as they do today.

    The people in the ME are children. spoiled children at that. We shall see what happens in Syria either way it’s not our problem. If any other nation or person doesn’t like it there is nothing stopping you from grabbing a gun and joining them.

    In the meantime you all look foolish and attacking half the people in the United States calling them stupid isn’t very bright….. you just can’t help yourselves. You’re so filled with hate and anger…. you must truly learn to control your emotions, they will be the death of you. All that stress effects the body and comes out in very negative ways.

    I’ll make sure I mention you all in my prayers this morning.

  31. We know that the Trump bunker worship his farts on all issues, but that’s a weak comment.

    Trump’s treachery against an ally has not worked. It may cause harm to the region and to us for centuries.

    The long term beneficiaries of this treachery and betrayal are Assad, Assad’s patron Iran, Russia and Turkey. No close observer will say otherwise.

    And we note that there are two Trump Towers in Istanbul.

  32. //all your lies about given them the green light to be killed by turkey is disproven by the letter. //

    No, they isn’t 🙂

    The letter was written after his green light caused a shitstorm in DC, not least among fellow Republicans. Maybe he got another call from Putin, the only advisor he listens to, apparently.

    At any rate, while stronger opposition from the US probably did help a change of heart among the Turks, I’d say equally important is the new alliance between the Kurds and the Syrian government, and even more so the Russian undertaking to support the latter.
    That raised the stakes very much and could have led to a major war in the region that Turkey would have lost.

    Both the Russians and the Iranians are now stronger in Syria than they were last week.
    US policy in the region is even more confused, and confusing, than ever.

  33. //He’s a simpleton, the people who follow him are the dumbest…..//

    No, not really actually. I said the first clause whereas you just made the second one up. But hey, if the hat fits?

  34. Trump has been exposed, utterly and completely, far more than before.

    The betrayal, the letter, the daily meltdowns, the lies.

    It is completely impossible for any serious person to regard him as a good leader.

  35. //Syria either way it’s not our problem//

    As I explained last night the invasion of Iraq,(which apparently was your problem), was the biggest contributory factor to the Syrian mess.

    Still, nice to see you’ve 180ed on your previous position.

  36. //”The people in the ME are children. spoiled children at that.” //
    dumbest comment have read on ATW
    These people are displaced, caught in civil wars in the mess of Syria
    about 5 million of them pat
    yeah spolied children , get a grip dude


  37. Syria is not our problem but Iran is because Iran does stuff in Syria and Yemen.

    Got it.

  38. The Al Smith Dinner is one of the big political events every year. A lighthearted event that raises money for charity.

    Look who one of the speakers was this year.

    ” I earned my spurs on the battlefield ” !


  39. Phantom have you been able to watch any of the Rugby World Cup Games ? IRE tomorrow Vs NZ prolly early for you like 6am

  40. Unfortunately that is on a special pay TV subscription service on my local TV provider so I won’t be able to see it.

    Good luck to them.

  41. The cost of the single match would be $30.

    I won’t pay.

    I don’t want to encourage pay TV sports.

    Pay per view sports is very bad for any fans, sports programming is the biggest reason why cable and satellite TV costs have far exceeded inflation.

  42. I wouldn’t say the majority of Trump voters are stupid, but I would say the majority of stupid people are Trump voters.

  43. Look who one of the speakers was this year.

    A superb, impassioned, ispiring speech from someone who actually did walk the walk. I’m not a big fan of soldiers & military big dickism but if those are the sentiments truly in the heart of that man then it’s no surprise that he is a leader of men.

    If the above values were turned into practical reality then America would truly be the greatest nation in the world as opposed to just some jingoistic war cry.

  44. Like all true warriors, Mattis hates war and loves his troops.

    He was a voice of reason on Syria and he supported continuing with the Iran agreement.

  45. Ray Kelly, one of our past very good police commissioners, was behind General Mattis there.

  46. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling it a “once-in-a-lifetime incredible deal,” Donald Trump on Friday offered recently-escaped isis fighters a group rate at the Trump National Doral Miami.

    “I am giving isis a group rate that entitles them to the full run of the golf course, the spa, you name it,” he said. “This is going to make the isis people very, very happy.”

    The fighters can qualify for the group rate by presenting proof of isis membership and their recently freed status, Trump said.

    Trump declined to say whether he would extend the same group rate to Kurdish fighters in Syria. “I’m not a fan of the Kurds,” he said. “Where were the Kurds in 1776 when George Washington took control of the British airports?”

    Shortly after Trump made the offer to isis, however, the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, issued a lukewarm response.

    “We’ve read some not-so-great things about the Doral on TripAdvisor,” Baghdadi said. “If we wanted to go to a golf resort, we’d pick one that doesn’t have bedbugs.”