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Wither Rick Perry?

By 33230715130361 On October 18th, 2019

The former governor of Texas, departing Secretary of Energy, and eternal moron Rick Perry has apparently advised the Stable Genius that he will be resigning from the Trump Administration before the end of the year. Due to the Ukraine affair.
I mean why?
Unlike the President’s spokesman who clearly said there was a Quid Quo Pro and then unclearly denied it, and Rudy Guiliani who cant seem to find lunch dates who dont get arrested, Secretary Perry seems to be a dimwitted yet not unduly rotten guy. Why is he worried? Why is he jumping ship? What does he know and how is distincing himself from the President protect him?
When the abnormal becomes normal should we pause and ask what the heck is going on?

16 Responses to “Wither Rick Perry?”

  1. The fact that the likes of Rick Perry get to be governor of a big state and Energy Secretary of the country speaks poorly of our system.

    He’s an empty head, a male Palin.

  2. Yeah doesn’t tell us much that comment phantom. Mahons they are the important questions . Linking to the Palmer report this guy has the up to date on this .

  3. //Why is he worried? //

    Was it not he who was pushing Trump to make that phone call?

    Here he is with the famous Zelensky. Only one of these men took part in Dancing with the Stars.


  4. Oh me oh my….. Rick Perry is resigning after running a department that he said if he was elected President he’d abolish….. nowhere has HE SAID the fake Ukraine nonsense is the reason for his leaving….

    It amazes me (not really) those who call successful politicians stupid or dimwitted. Perry ran a State for years, re-elected twice, he’s run one of the largest depts of the federal govt for three years in which time he helped bring our unlimited oil and gas online and eventually to market.

    Perry was commissioned as an officer in the United States Air Force and completed pilot training in February 1974. He was then assigned as a C-130 pilot with the 772nd Tactical Airlift Squadron.

    Yeah the guys a real dolt…..

  5. He didn’t ” run ” the state of Texas. He was governor of it.

    I hear tell that Texas governors have less powers than do governors of other states.

    GW Bush was governor there for God’s sake.

    There are tons of super smart people in Texas, but GW Bush and Perry aren’t among them.

  6. so how many times have you been elected and reelected ?

    Can you Fly a plane Phantom ?

    Both of those men can……

  7. Patrick you’ve constantly called other politicians with obviously better academic and professional as less than intelligent. Are you now taking the position that Perry or Bush are intellects? Or that obtaining elective office is a sign of wisdom?

  8. “Better academic and professional credentials”

  9. Garry Kasparov criticizes Trump and Putin.

    He AFAIK doesn’t have a pilot’s license.

    Therefore, Rick Perry is smarter than him.

  10. BTW, mahons, did you mean wither or whither, or both?

  11. Think that choice was intentional!

  12. https://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/466532-perry-wont-comply-with-subpoena-in-impeachment-inquiry

    No Phantom it doesn’t mean Perry is smarter than him he may be he may not be. Michiakacku doesn’t know how to fly a plane either and very few are as smart as him….

    The point is YOU call anyone you don’t agree with politically stupid….

    People who reach the level of success to run a state or a huge division of the government hell even the President…. You can’t be stupid and get to those positions.

    Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were corrupt scum, but neither are stupid.

    You are one of the most arrogant people I’ve ever known.

  13. The link has nothing to do with the comment…..

    It’s just the Announcement that Perry won’t testify before Schiff

  14. Have to Sat mains that I have really enjoyed your increased posting

  15. are you Ok EP ?

    I agree with your sentiment, but you usually don’t misspell

  16. There have been plenty of stupid governors mayors and Other government officials just as there have been many genuinely stupid senior businessmen including some who got into politics ( Herman Cain being one)

    And Perry only got that federal job Because he was a loyal Trump supporter.

    You have to stop worshiping politicians.