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A Saturday Smile

By Patrick Van Roy On October 19th, 2019

F the French


38 Responses to “A Saturday Smile”

  1. Not a fan of Macron (too much style, not enough substance) but when he became President of France the French unemployment rate was 9.6%. It is now 8.5% (so a reduction of 1.1%). In the same period of time US unemployment has dropped from 4.3% to 3.7% (so a reduction of 0.6%). Macron, for all his faults, seems to be doing better than The Donald.

  2. unemployment when Trump took office was over 10% not 4.3% and we have set records in the amount of Blacks, Hispanics, and Women being employed in greater numbers ever in history…..

    once again facts matter.

  3. No it wasn’t. We do have the stats for it. You can’t just makes stuff up. Unemployment when Trump took office was 4.7%. Stop making stuff up. As you say “facts matter”. Actual facts, not your alternative facts.

  4. “… maybe we have a better president than you do.”
    Afterwards, one of his helpers explained to Trump who the US president is…

  5. That’s actually witty, but if Macron blocks an extension it’ll be wrong too.

  6. “F the French” – how banal
    It was Chirac prior to the invasion of Iraq ( wrong country ) who said it would all end in tears and no gains made. Bush and Blair said afterward the fateful meeting and I quote ” He just doesn’t get it ” referring to Chirac – the rest is history.

    Vive la France

  7. Trump’s increasingly erratic behaviour suggests that he will not see out his term. His obvious personality disorders are getting worse and he is becoming even more of an embarassment to his country. Surely the men in the white coats will be calling soon.

  8. Typical sexist posting on ATW

    “men” in white coats indeed.

  9. “… maybe we have a better president than you do.”

    If he’d been talking to an English reporter, he’d probably have said the same thing.

  10. genuine sat smiles not this fake sat smiles:

    Video shows high school coach disarming and hugging suicidal student


  11. BTW, has anyone else got big problems accessing the ATW site recently?

  12. Noel

    The odd time it will load slow

  13. Oh contraire.
    Great music, great food, great snowboarding…
    I love the French, and France.

  14. Will someone else put up another post quick so that anyone visiting this site won’t immediately see this post and think we’re all as brainless as it is.

  15. if they do Noel I’ll change the Time Stamp and pin this post to the top just for you…. how’s that skippy ?

  16. oh and F the French

  17. Noel,

    Will someone else put up another post quick so that anyone visiting this site won’t immediately see this post and think we’re all as brainless as it is.

    I think that ship may have sailed quite a few years ago mate. 😁

  18. oh and F the French

    Donald’s busy f*cking the Kurds at the moment, but I’m sure he’ll get round to it.


    This is the president of the United States, FFS.

  19. so when are you going to Syria to help the Kurds Dave ?

  20. Yes, F the French. Much like the Kurds at Normandy when did they ever help us?

    I don’t think Dave destabilised the region when he invaded Iraq Pat.

  21. Patrick

    so when are you going to Syria to help the Kurds Dave ?

    Why didn’t you just say, ‘my dad’s bigger than your dad Dave’? it would have been a slightly less childish response.

  22. Spot on Paul.

  23. Patrick

    Personal remarks against ATW commentators won’t turn Trump’s betrayal into a good decision

  24. Not much more needs to be said by, President Trump


  25. From Saturday Smile to disbelieving Sunday Smirk


    A brilliant psychologist and specialist in hate crime and violence in South Africa was brutally butchered and had her throat slit in her own home by a gang of armed robbers.

    Former art teacher turned counsellor, Dr Wilks qualified last year with a PhD in Hate Crimes from the University of South Africa after spending many years in South Africa as a top psychologist.

    She had also gained degrees at the University of Queensland in Australia and the University of Pennsylvania in the USA and was working at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg when she was murdered.

    Dr Wilks had moved to Australia from Israel as a young girl and had a daughter Tarryn and son Brett in Melbourne, Victoria, with husband Frank and the family later emigrated to South Africa.

    Dr Wilks had recently started important research into ‘resilience as a means of adaption and survival’ with a special focus on South Africa’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

    This brilliant woman, with a PhD in ‘hate crime’, was simply unaware that a ‘homophobic’ tweet just doesn’t match a machete-wielding negroid.

    TakiMag had a devastating view of this event……..


    Miriam Wilks, 69, received a Ph.D. in Hate Crimes—yes, there’s actually a doctorate for that—from the University of South Africa last year. She was born in Israel, moved to Australia, and finally landed in South Africa, where her arduous efforts in attempting to understand how “hate” works revealed that she didn’t understand the first thing about it.

    Her husband Frank returned from synagogue to find his wife of 45 years lifeless and soaked in her own blood. If he’d returned from church, you probably never would have heard this story.

    Wits Uni was a place of excellence when I was in SA in the 1980’s – now it’s just shit. Formerly providing PhD’s in Mining and Engineering, it’s degenerated to awarding a PhD in Hate Crime to an idiot.

  26. it’s degenerated to awarding a PhD in Hate Crime to an idiot.

    charming! a woman brutally murdered and this is your comment
    you’re disgusting

  27. kurt – this was an expert on ‘hate’, you know, the kind of hate that mean people put into internet comments to gays, trannies etc, and then she comes face-to-face with the real hate that has killed thousand of whites in South Africa. Of course, neither you nor she give a fuck about that, do you? Then again, you’re virtuous, right?

  28. I have pity for her family, would never stoop so low as to insult a murdered person
    You could apologise, say you over-reacted- put that right anyhow

  29. kurt,

    charming! a woman brutally murdered and this is your comment
    you’re disgusting

    Allan has said far, far worse than this many times in the past.

  30. Charming! a woman brutally murdered and this is your comment

    Allan despises women. The only things above women on his detestometer are ‘race traitors’ Africans & Asians.

  31. Interesting, so you’re banned on ATW not on content, but you you might wind up the wrong way

  32. ATW is in interesting site when it comes to the subject of censorship and being banned.
    I like this forum because I’m a big believer in free speech, and on here it appears that anything goes. i personally have never had a problem with David Vance Who runs this site, only with those with moderator privileges, who’ve threatened to remove, or have removed my posts in the past. But my experience isn’t the case with everyone here, as people have been banned in the past for some pretty obscure and trivial reasons.

  33. I’m a bit disappointed in a couple of posters here who have privileges to post, but don’t , so its left to Pat, who basically just trolls the site with fake news post, or idiotic posts like F the French, or meaningless pop videos.
    you can moan at the quality of posts, stay of the site in a huff, or get on with it and report stories of interest .. Hmnn? apathy rulez, and in that situ, trolls win !
    I do my utmost to fact-check and include sources ..

  34. kurt

    Some of us are busy.

    I try to think through a post, which can easily take 30 minutes or more and sometimes I do not have that time

    It may take only a minute to counterpunch to an error, or to the latest Fox News reprint, but a counterpunch or a quick comment is a different thing from a post

    And why is it important that everything be commented on here?

    The Trumpers have their minds made up and don’t much think stuff anyway, the others are fairly well informed by the web etc

  35. I appreciate that phantom
    Gammon threads are instant boils, in all senses of the word “boil”
    Measured threads like a sunday roast take time to prepare
    May the good Lord grant you peace and rest, and well-oiled fingers 🙂

  36. You kind of glaze over the endless Hannity Trump worship reprints

  37. What this forum has always needed was a sane, old-fashioned conservative American thinker. Someone like Charles from Texas, but one who writes more.
    Otherwise, Phantom comes closest to fitting the bill, but he’s become a bit too liberal of late 🙂

    The Trump supporters we get seem to feel themselves permanently at siege, they’ve raised the drawbridge on reality and closed ranks with each other so tightly, and generally insulated themselves so much, that to the rest of the world they appear insane. They accept any argument – no matter how bizarre – as long as its conclusion supports their position and they speak a language only their fellows undedrstand.
    This makes for endless pointless discussions and the inevitable rows when their fantasies come face to face with reality.

  38. I would like it very much if Charles were to post, even a short note.

    And if Daphne were to return to do the odd post, that would be hitting Lotto.