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By Pete Moore On October 22nd, 2019

Though most of them are treasonous scum, MPs voted for Boris Johnson’s withdrawal treaty bill tonight at its second reading. Then they voted against the government timetable to get it through Parliament.

Boris won’t negotiate it further. The EU won’t negotiate it further. Despite this, MPs voted to delay yet further a bill they are wholly familiar with.

Some of these cretins think they will append things to it, like the stupid requirement to stay in the customs union. It appears to have eluded them that the deal needs to be the same on both sides of the English Channel.

14 Responses to “YOU JUST CANNOT MAKE IT UP”

  1. And I’d have gotten away with it too – if it hadn’t been for those pesky MPs.



    Oh what fun we had, trying to make Brexit land
    All I learnt today was how to get another delay
    Trying different ways to make the WAB go away
    Brexit chaos, Brexit turmoil
    Brexit shambles, Brexit for fools…

  3. Though most of them are treasonous scum

    soo grumpy of late, someone apart from Trump is having a meltdown

  4. Colm Party time 🙂

    Donald Tusk @eucopresident

    Johnsons’s decision to pause the process of ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement, and in order to avoid a no-deal #Brexit, I will recommend the EU27 accept the UK request for an extension. For this I will propose a written procedure.

    Hope petem has gone to bed, dunno if i can take another Major Meltdown Thread

  5. Kurt

    Pete Moore was around eighteen months old when the U.K. joined the EU in 1973. His mum held him up to the television and he heard the vote had passed in Parliament. As Prime Minister Ted Heath was hailing the decision, little Pete uttered his first words…. it wasn’t mummy, it wasn’t daddy, yes you’ve guessed, it was TREASONOUS SCUM. 😉

  6. lol colm
    But i thought they wanted sovereignty back ( = Parliament )
    can’t seem to made their minds up eh?
    more wrigglier than a spearmint gum 😉

  7. Parliament are ‘treasonous scum’

    British High Court Judges are ‘activist judges’ & ‘enemies of the people’

    It’s a strange kind of sovereignty they’re after.

  8. yeah the first thing they’d do in power is abolish Parliament, The Judiciary, Free Press
    Hmnn? Lets just call it what it is : “Fascism” .. fuk em !

  9. //Despite this, MPs voted to delay yet further a bill they are wholly familiar with.//

    This to spite a man who only a few weeks ago prorogued parliament.

    Brexit is like a spouse filing for divorce but unwilling to leave the house.

  10. If you had Johnson as Prime Minister during WW2 Allan would be Prime Minister today.

  11. According to one MP who voted for the Bill even though he does not wish the UK to sign it, it is to get its Second Reading, amendment, and criticism. He also did not want to vote against it as that would have been interpreted incorrectly.

    This still has to go through the Lords on a tight time table if it is to be passed by 31st October. The reason the Opposition have slowed this down is both to damage the Government and the Tory Party. Once that deadline has slipped it is believed by them that the Tories will drop in the polls and then they could call a GE.

    What is now going on has little or nothing to do with BREXIT. It is to do with keeping the Tory Party together and, for the Opposition, to gain political ground over them. BREXIT, the people, business and the UK can all go and get stuffed, its feeding time at the House of Little piranhas.

  12. “Despite this, MPs voted to delay yet further a bill they are wholly familiar with.”

    Wholly familiar with? The Bill is 110 pages long and grants huge swathes of power to the government to carry out secondary legislation without the agreement of Parliament.

  13. Paul

    Yes, everyone is treasonous scum in the UK except Nigel Farage and a few bloggers here.

  14. Pete

    There are British here who supported remain, and who still do.

    Are they less patriotic than you?