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Great Version of a Classic

By Patrick Van Roy On November 2nd, 2019

66 Responses to “Great Version of a Classic”

  1. Exceptionally wonderful

  2. Yep.

  3. I was at school when Stewart first recorded that. Why does he keep flogging a dead horse? It’s not like he need the money.

  4. Dame Roderick’s always great value, even when wearing slippers and singing into his headphones.

  5. It’s weird to watch him singing that sitting down

    I saw him some years ago at Madison Square Garden. He moved around a lot at the show, and kicked soccer balls into the crowd, Which I understand is something that he often does at his shows

    That song was such a meg hit for him, And I think that it has aged well. As has he,

  6. Peter

    That is a much loved song. He should sing it forever.

    And I think that The orchestra here it gives it a different sound.


  7. I came across this earlier in the week and loved it.

    Regretfully never had the chance to see him live.

  8. Paul. You still online mate?

  9. Yeah.

  10. I have always loved this song


    I hope that Rod Stewart is doing well.

  11. I’d like to give you my email address if you want it mate. I’m not sure I’ll be around ATW much longer and I’d like to stay in contact with some people on here.

  12. I don’t like Metallica at all but think this is beautiful:


  13. why are you leaving us Dave ?

  14. and Dave if you have no private way of communicating with Paul to pass your email address to Paul let me know.

  15. Dave

    You are welcome To get in touch with me anytime that you like, and I very much hope that you stay

  16. Why are you not sticking around Dave? It would be a shame to see you go.

  17. One different types of musicians collaborate, the result can be fantastic

    I think that these songs with Rod Stewart are an example of that

    And so in my opinion is this

    Great Pavarotti used to do outdoor concerts in Italy, where he would invite other musicians

    James Brown was one of them


  18. Yes Patrick, certainly and thanks.

  19. check your email Paul

  20. Patrick Van Roy

    and Dave if you have no private way of communicating with Paul to pass your email address to Paul let me know.

    Great minds Patrick, I realise that. I was going to ask you could you pass on my email address to Paul and I’ll send him my primary email address.
    I will also send you my primary email address Patrick, but you probably already got it in that thick file you have on me. 😁 I don’t know what you think of me personally Patrick but I’ve never had a problem with you, despite our differences. I think it heart you’re a good guy.

  21. I don’t understand

  22. Cheers Pat. Thank you.

  23. Please send it to me Dave, and I sent the one you use here to Paul.

    Same here Dave.

    I will argue with anyone, but I have no ill feelings towards anyone on this site.

    Even as hard as I am on Phantom, I know him to be a good person and actually admire many aspects of who he is.

    It would be sad to see you go.

  24. Patrick

    Phantom is one of good guys. You and him have more in common than you realise.
    Most of the regulars on ATW are good people.
    If you could send my Email to Colm and Seimi I would appreciate it.

  25. Just sent you a mail Dave.

  26. What’s going on?

    Dave, I asked David to pass you my email after you wrote the post on your partner. Did he send it?

  27. I just sent Colm and Seimi your email Dave

  28. Thanks Patrick.

  29. Sent you mail, Dave.

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  32. I saw his show in New Orleans in the early 90’s. Quite a performer. He has a back catalog as good as anybody’s.

  33. It is mentioned in the YouTube comments That his vocals are actually from an MTV Unplugged recording of about 1992, and that he’s lipsyching here.

    It doesn’t take away from anything for me though

  34. At his absolute zenith with this pure rock n roll classic:


  35. Ah, MTV unplugged in 1993


    Here is a remaster of that 1993 recording

    The London Philharmonic/ Stewart album Is very good.

  36. yuk
    sorry guys i hated this philharmonic version
    Its a frigging pop song ffs

    stop butchering genres – keep them separate
    build a wall and make legend rod pay for it ..

    It just doesn’t work for me .

    This works from the Irish/Amercian Movie Duck you sucker
    Rod Steiger and James Coburn , my all time fav western

    Sean sean


  37. Sean Sean is magnificent as is Coburn as the Fenian dynamiter.

    Nothing wrong with mixing genres, comrade…..


  38. good one paul
    mixing genres def not a moral issue .. no felonies or LAWS broken there pat 😉
    haha its a matter of taste ofc.

  39. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I0Iw63BiCyY

    He still totally loves performing

  40. I always thought this song was bubblegum but I liked it. It came out when I was dating a girl that had unbelievable legs, she always wore a skirt and 3 inch high heels.


  41. I learn here that “ Sailing” Was recorded at the Muscle Shoals Alabama studios

    Which apparently was a dry area at the time.

    Stewart Would get nervous before a performance, and had a habit of having a cocktail before to calm his nerves

    But they woke him up early in the morning and said that they wanted to record this at 10:30 AM. There were no drinks to be had anywhere. He sang it stone cold sober, the only one recorded without a drink


  42. Stewart does an Irish love ballad called ‘Grace’, the true story of Grace Gifford who wed Joseph Plunkett in the chapel in Kilmainham Jail on the morning of his execution for his part as one of the architechts of the 1916 rising.

    Here he is getting emotional on Irish TV.


  43. Never knew that

  44. //Stewart does an Irish love ballad called ‘Grace’, the//

    Yes, but still not as weird as Leonard Cohen doing the rebel song “Kevin Barry”.

  45. Hey, where’s your post ye lazy shite?

  46. …..or as surreal as David Bowie shouting ‘tiocfaidh ár lá :

    I’ve seen the video but it seems to have been removed from Youtube. This’ll have to do instead:


  47. Good job Cohen


    A block away, the New York marathon is passing by

    Time to roll out of bed at last

  48. did you roll your clock back Phantom….

  49. Whose Post Paul ?

  50. Stewart had a real sense of humor about himself which I think has preserved his popularity. He has written some great songs and is a great interpreter of other people’s songs. A sports fan and a devotee of the great Sam Cooke. How he is still standing after all those blondes is legendary.

  51. Noel’s post on Belfast, Pat.

  52. My Internet clock radio adjust the time automatically, I’ I haven’t change the manual clocks and watch yet

  53. who did he send it to ?

    Yeah Phantom half my clocks are on wifi, but I have a Cuckoo Clock and 4 or 5 others yet to change.

  54. Mahons


    I like here where he’s messing with the flutist. You get the feeling that that’s the real him, with the twinkle in the eye

  55. I don’t think he’s sent it to anyone Pat. That’s the question.

  56. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lBhnkJ6sVrM

    This guy wins the lotto every day, And he knows it, and he totally appreciates it, and he gives it back

    I have a lot of time for Rod Stewart

    Good post, esp because it made me go back through the catalog. An awful lot of treasures there

  57. Hi Paul, I didn’t get back till yesterday, and am now up to my eyeballs in work till Wednesday; working all through the Lord’s Day and all. 🙁

    I love Rod Stewart’s music, although it also has to be said a lot of it is second rate.

    I love the jaded and naive melancholy of MM and other songs of the dejection when love ends.

    Every Picture … is a masterpiece, Mandolin Wind is vastly underrated. One of the very best love songs.

    Here’s another


  58. And of course he was pretty groundbreaking releasing this in 76, about an acquaintance of the Faces being murdered in New York because he was gay:


    Looking forward to your post Noel.

  59. It doesn’t work for me – it’s not bad, but the orchestra doesn’t bring anything to the song. Here’s Rod Stewart’s greatest vocal, and it’s not even a Rod or Faces song!!


    Daryl Constance
    Daryl Constance
    10 months ago (edited)
    This track is so fucking underrated. A very well crafted song, great vibe, and Rod’s singing on this…ugh, magic.

    4 months ago
    Yep and not played nearly enough.

    Jaesen Knowles
    Jaesen Knowles
    2 days ago
    Very true 👍and that Vocals, spine tingling ooooooooow

  60. Patrick

    How did you find this? The album hasn’t even been released yet.

  61. BTW

    He will perform live in Manchester and Glasgow this month, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool and London this December; and is doing a ” residency ” at Caesars Palace in Vegas this coming March and September.

    His website says, ” Belfast Ireland “, which will please all here I am sure.


  62. Phantom, on November 4th, 2019 at 12:37 PM Said: Edit Comment

    How did you find this? The album hasn’t even been released yet.

    It just popped up in my youtube recommends along with two other songs from the session….

    didn’t know the alblum wasn’t out…. they must be promoting it for xmass

  63. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weqgFrL5Zsk


  64. Yep

    Friends saw him at the Academy of Music in Philly in 2007 and they really liked it

  65. I’ve always loved ” Sailing “, which I understand was a huge hit in Europe. ( known, but not so huge in the US )

    Years ago, I heard the story of him taking his seat at his football ( soccer ) team, whereupon the entire crowd sang that song, bringing tears to his eyes.

    Life has been OK to Mr. Stewart.

  66. The academy is a great venue.

    He is one of the few that I’ve wanted to see but haven’t.

    I did concert security part time for fun. A Friend of mother has a private security firm that provides personal security for stars and dignitaries that come to Philly. I got to see tons of concerts for free and also provided hotel security for them.

    Surprisingly at least to me, but I worked the team for one of McCartney’s visits…. back in the days of Wings. He and his kid were pricks, while Linda was a sweetheart to everyone.