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By ATWadmin On January 21st, 2009

If it wasn’t so lethal for jobs, it would be funny.

“Employees on long-term sick leave are still entitled to paid holiday, EU judges have said. Their ruling clears up years of dispute over whether holiday rights are lost during prolonged illness. Critics said the judgment would impose yet more burdens on hard-pressed businesses already struggling in the recession.”

The EU exists to add cost onto private business. It seeks to burden it, to provide employee benefit at the expense of the employer – even when the employer cannot afford it. And now, as the EU enters an unparalleled recession, the EU judges seek to  cripple business even more. Stunning EU stupidity.


  1. Ja! even though you are not doing the job you can have holiday from the job. double plus good !

    "The EU exists to add cost onto private business" –

    We can see the advantages derived from market collapes begining to become apparent even with our own state control orientated ‘goverment’. Is the above maddness or does it show a desire to sabotage ?

  2. Ja! even though you are not doing the job you can have holiday from the job. double plus good !

    Cant complain. Im out on long term sick (first time ever) and to be honest am quite happy that my holidays wont be affected. I will need one more than ever after I get better. Especially considering my Christmas was dismal (wasting my last holidays on 2 weeks of agony).

    That said I am not entirely unsympathetic to the employers concerns.

  3. The EU is capable of great comedy on these things. God bless em

  4. How did you manage that, DT? Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  5. Frank,

    Ive torn ligaments in my spine and a disc has prolapsed as a result. Root cause is likely a weakness that was overstressed by continuous cycling. Im currently laid out on a karrimat on the living room floor. Ive had over 5 weeks of pretty horrendous agony, though I am improving slowly. Doc and physio say its gonna take time, and there is no rushing these things. Ive already missed xmas to a great degree and im also likely to miss my closest friends stag.

    cest la vie