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We Won’t Miss This Lousy Trump

By Phantom On November 1st, 2019

Reality star Donald Trump has changed his state of residence from New York to Florida.

He won’t be missed. Most New Yorkers despise him with a contempt normally reserved for the Weinsteins of this world.

Twenty five years ago, Trump was a very popular guy. People would reach forward to shake his hand in Atlantic City or Manhattan. But that was before he started the Birther movement, before he became such an angry incompetent and confused president. He’s not popular in his hometown anymore.

Florida has no state income tax, so the flinty Trump save a few bucks there. NY has a high state income tax, a city income tax too. Now Trump can escape some of that NY tax now ( not all of it, since he will still have to pay tax on his NYC holdings. )

But I note that Trump may ultimately face criminal charges in NY. If that happens, Florida could be a nice refuges from justice. Florida might not extradite him.

A few years ago, Trump super-lackey Sean Hannity said that he would move from NY for Florida or Texas. He never did. But maybe Hannity will now move to Florida when Trump leaves office, so that he can stare adoringly into the face of his master for all eternity.

Donald, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

11 Responses to “We Won’t Miss This Lousy Trump”

  1. Phantom

    Could it not be because he just wants to get closer to the wall he’s building?

    Oh wait …

  2. and like so many others of wealth and means he’s fled the oppressive taxes and idiocy of NY


  3. NY city and state income taxes are a big problem

    One reason why so many retirees from NY move to say Florida or North Carolina.

    They get twice the house at half the price and pay less state tax or no state tax.

    An easy decision for a lot of people, including some that I know.

  4. In Florida you can exempt your primary residence in a bankruptcy.

  5. Yes…

    Former baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn moved there for that reason…

    He bought the biggest house he could afford and then no one could touch it when his law firm went bust.

    You may be on to something. Trump’s brand is fairly radioactive now – they’ve taken his name off a number of buildings as well as off the Central Park skating rink, and this guy was always leveraged with huge loans…

  6. I think the protection of your primary residence in bankruptcy is a factor. He has declared bankruptcy several times as other con artists do.

    I hope he never is in NYC again. The security around Trump Tower is a costly nuisance in upper midtown. As Cuomo said: Good Riddance.

  7. Gov Cuomo suggested that this is a legal strategy to prevent NY from seeing his tax returns.

    There is something in those returns that he does not want the public to see.

    He promised during the campaign to show the returns some day, but that day will be never, unless forced to do it

  8. Speak for yourself, I like President DJT and I’m glad he is the President of the greatest Free Nation of the world. Is he perfect, No. Is he a morally wonderful guy? No. Am I a morally perfect guy? No. Is he generally trying to direct the greatest country in the world along a path in accordance with its Constitiution? I would say Yes. So as I say, speak for yourself.

  9. Speak for yourself, I like President DJT and I’m glad he is the President of the greatest Free Nation of the world.

    No shit Brex?

  10. Is he perfect, No. Is he a morally wonderful guy? No

    Bit of an understatement there

  11. Tax experts say that convincing auditors that a taxpayer has gone from being a New Yorker to being a Floridian involves more than filing a “declaration of domicile” form, as Mr. Trump and Melania Trump, the first lady, did in Palm Beach County Circuit Court in September.

    Florida is one of the few states with no state or local income taxes and has long been a preferred destination for wealthy New Yorkers looking to lower their tax bills. But Mark S. Klein, the chairman of the law firm Hodgson Russ, said New York “made it very clear at least a dozen years ago that filling out pieces of paper does not change your domicile.”

    Trump, Lifelong New Yorker, Declares Himself a Resident of FloridaOct. 31, 2019
    New York has a multipart test that takes in everything from where a taxpayer’s family is to where he or she keeps “items near and dear,” like family heirlooms. Auditors also examine whether a taxpayer continues to maintain a business in New York.

    In this case, if Mr. Trump still controlled the Trump Organization, with its considerable holdings in New York City, that might raise questions.


    New York City and NYS can be counted upon to say that Trump is still a resident of NY for tax purposes, esp since so much of his businesses are based here. He still owns a three story apartment that he will live in much of the time.

    NYC has an army of auditors who fight will fight him. It makes me sympathize with Trump a bit.

    Years ago, I knew someone who lived in NJ 80% of the time, but who was well off enough that he bought a Manhattan apartment for the occasional overnight stay. NYS actually went after him, claiming that he was a NY resident, and that he should be taxed accordingly.

    After a long appeal, he won the case, the thieves had to admit that he was a NJ resident. He sold the Manhattan apartment, and now spends less time in NYC, less time spending money and adding to the life of the place.

    DebLasio, Cuomo and these tax auditors are the enemy. Good luck on this one, Trump.