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Beto goes bye bye

By Patrick Van Roy On November 2nd, 2019

Beto O’Rourke has dropped out of the Race…….. boo hoo

This leftist loon who I don’t care what anyone says, he’s a Kennedy Snow, he’s like no Texan I’ve ever known.  His candidacy for Senate was one of the most expensive ever run. Democrat money from around the world poured into it that race. Beto was going to CRUSH Ted Cruz….. he lost. Upon that loss he immediately became a frontrunner for President.

In the beginning he was in the top 5, then he wasn’t…… as he descended lower and lower on the list he got crazier and crazier. Well he is now gone by the wayside. A dropout…. we will miss you Beto.  (not)

I give you the speech/conversation that he will be remembered for…..

Bye Bye Beto

12 Responses to “Beto goes bye bye”

  1. A bunch more of them should admit reality and just drop out as well

  2. I don’t remember anyone saying that he was going to crush Ted Cruz. Republicans don’t lose too many state elections in Texas. Even universally hated ones like Ted Cruz. But Beto did put a real scare into the Republicans. He made them pay attention, he made them spend money, he made them send Trump to help Cruz By campaigning in person there

    Beto Is a pretty boy , Who I believe married into money the same way that Kerry did

    He said some truly idiotic things, Like wanting to tear down the wall in El Paso, , Like speaking admiringly of Kaepernick’s phony baloney antics, And yes his comments on guns were noted by every single issue gun nut. He ran a good campaign for Massachusetts, but forgot that he was running in Texas.

    If he had spoken with more discipline, the way that Maher Pete does, he might’ve beaten Cruz. He hurt the party In my opinion

  3. Mayor Pete

  4. Guys like Steve Bullock and Corey Booker only remain in the race for ego and resume padding reasons

    They are not helping the party, they are not helping the country

  5. No they stay in as long as they can raise money….. every dime they don’t spend stays in their campaign coffers forever for them to use in any election or for advertising their issues they want to highlight while they are in office as a whatever. The money can also be used for advocacy,

  6. Simples Bernie and Joe kick the bucket they’re old timers. Warren takes that head librarian position offered in badiddaly bong Ohidiho leaves Kamala Harris to take a strap to The Don’s fatty ass.
    That’s my hope. Prolly not gonna happen 🤣

  7. Patrick

    Good point

  8. Third time lucky for Hilary ?

  9. Ain’t happening

    She cost the Democratic Party a victory last time with a leisurely and incompetent campaign. She ignored the white working class swing voters in the Rust Belt states, which is where Trump pulled it out with his energetic campaigning in those places

    She pulled defeat from the jaws of victory

    And the progressives and young Dems don’t like her at all

  10. Problem for me is that the loon will probably come back to El Paso!

  11. hey Charles, good to read ya…. hope all is well.

  12. and thanks Phantom.

    I believe most that jump in early and bail early say like Swalwell more than Beto actually do that as a primary reason. It gives them exposure and a ton of money that can be used for a political bankroll.