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By Pete Moore On November 5th, 2019

A new European arrest warrant has been issued for a St Andrews University professor over her role in the 2017 push for independence in Catalonia.

Clara Ponsatí, who was education minister in the Catalan government, is wanted in Spain on a charge of sedition.

A European Arrest Warrant? Oh what to do?

I would suggest that right and justice be the principles by which British authorities respond. This is necessarily a nationalistic thing to do, because it freedom of action according to our customs and traditions.

Fans of EU jurisprudence, however, will be keen for Ponsati to be extradited.


  1. Sounds like a political ” crime ” that is non violent?

    Who would support extradition in such as case.

  2. Fans of EU jurisprudence, however, will be keen for Ponsati to be extradited

    That’s absolutely not true however I do know that there have been calls on ATW, (including yourself?), for continued co-operation with the EU and Britain in legal and criminal matters.

    Going a cherry picking?

  3. Do you support extradition here

  4. hope she wins her case phantom
    I don’t know enough about how a EU warrant is issued? Can any member state just issue one
    and that’s the law, it just automatically becomes an EU warrant
    Obviously Spain started with it . Looks like it has to be followed if all the protocols have been followed .. sure is political.
    Interesting subject mr moore.

  5. Nonviolent political so called offenders should not be extradited

    Tell Spain to take a long walk off a short pier

  6. Do you support extradition here

    Absolutely not. And to go further, as I’ve said on more than one occasion before, the EU should be absolutely fucking ashamed of itself at its silence and inaction regarding Madrid’s iron fist violence in Catalunya.

    But be under no illusions, this post has nothing to do whatsoever with the extradition of a Catalan academic and all to do with a two fingered fuck you to the EU, the same EU where he and others will be castigating from the rooftops for none co-operation when it suits the agenda.

  7. “Fans of EU jurisprudence, however, will be keen for Ponsati to be extradited.”

    Pete, why? The UK courts may disagree as good old EU law allows for.

  8. There are times when a US state will not extradite to another US state

    Not that often,but it does happen

  9. Agree with everything that Paul says here

  10. Phantom, I’ve just hurriedly completed a blog about the late Fr Des Wilson from Belfast who died earlier today and Pat doesn’ seem to be about.

    I’d like to get it up asap so would it be possible for you to post it and if so could I have an address to send it to?

  11. I am distracted and going in to a call, can you shoot to Pat


  12. Okay, NP. Cheers.

  13. Just popping into this thread to say NO to Brexit and NO to this extradition !

  14. Do you support extradition here

    I’m torn.

    One the one hand she’s a commie, so get rid. On the other it’s Spain and a Euro Arrest Warrant.

    On balance I think it’s best if we leave EU jurisprudence and get rid of these euro-commies.

  15. Send her back to the state which lets the police loose to beat up their own citizens.
    I bet you never done a post highlighting your concern for that injustice .
    Oh wait – you have
    Just didn’t mean a word of it as proven by your last comment . ” Shakes head “

  16. You want political and economic union with a state “which lets the police loose to beat up their own citizens”.

    I don’t.

  17. You want political and economic union with a state “which lets the police loose to beat up their own citizens’

    I don’t

    Pete’s obviously never heard of the B Specials and the RUC.

  18. Great men.

  19. Petem you’re the only one who wants to send her back to that . Trying to have it both ways ( again ) ffs you’re too old for ballet . Time to put your feet up and relax 🙄

  20. It is certainly a problematic issue.

  21. Well done the UK: