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By Pete Moore On November 5th, 2019

Grandad Semtex warned today that a trade deal with the US will mean we will have to accept rat hairs in paprika and maggots in orange juice, because them’s American food standards.


Americans have maggots in their orange juice?

If the Russians had told me that I’d have voted to Remain!

17 Responses to “MMMM PROTEIN”

  1. Operation Fear II

    But the EU should not relax any food standards to make the USA happy

    You should be the sole arbiter of those standards, and no one else should have any voice.

  2. There is an orange maggot in the whitehouse, and he’s in deep sewer-juice along with many rats
    Russians lied to you petem , ( psst… they only know how to spread lies )

  3. That’s Pete’s buddy you’re disrespecting

  4. Stupid and clumsy ‘examples’ which don’t help the perfectly proper warning message that Corbyn is right to convey about this issue. He should sack his speechwriter though !

  5. The US really does have allowable levels of bug contamination in their prepared foods, I don’t know if other countries have these standards but they probably do

  6. They all must.

    There would be some bugs in every grain silo, etc in the world.

  7. https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/11-revolting-things-government-lets-in-your-food/

  8. Phantom –

    It seems we have discovered why your life expectancy is three years shorter over there. Apparently your food is foul, chlorinated and full of bugs.

  9. You don’t think that there are any bugs in your grains, etc?

    Oh really.

  10. We had the odd few fingers in pies in Fleet Street. But you’d have to back a bit fer that .

  11. Of course there are no bugs in our grains. We have the EU to guarantee the quality of everything here. Even the horsemeat that’s sold as beef.

    Is it true you have to strain the maggots from your orange juice? Just asking for a Labour voter.

  12. There would be some bugs in every grain supply from any nation.

    This does not imply any bad quality at all.

  13. Regardless of food standards I think most of us Euroweenies ( yes even Pete) would agree our chocolate , Swiss, Belgian , British, is a lot better than what passes for chocolate In the good old US of A 😉

  14. “ The US really does have allowable levels of bug contamination in their prepared foods”

    No. They aren’t “allowed levels” they are the minimum levels that are considered to represent a health hazard and lead to automatic enforcement.

    That doesn’t mean lower levels are “allowed” and nor does it mean that there won’t be enforcement action at lower levels.

    The U.K. And EU standards are effectively the same they just don’t state any level that leads to automatic enforcement (as far as I know, which is not very far 🙂

  15. Colm

    You don’t sell any Mars milk chocolate in jolly oul England, eh?

  16. https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/buylists/cadburycalendars-18tw37/cadburycalenders


    I can get a bag of milk chocolate and a dialysis machine at Tesco for £25.99

  17. Forget Cadbury. Quite simply the most delicious chocolate known to man: