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Enter Mike Bloomberg

By Phantom On November 8th, 2019

Only in the US could you enter a race one year before Election Day, and have anyone think that you’re late in the race. But that’s what Mayor Mike is about to do.

We’ve never had a billionaire or a successful businessman as president. He could be the first.

After three years of a failed presidency and a morally broken Republican party, I think that the majority of American voters want a change.

But the Democratic Party has been poised to let Trump sneak in there again. It has lurched left, in a centrist nation.

The bomb throwers of left and right dominate the primaries. Bloomberg will face strong opposition from the ” woke ” Democrats who obsess on identity politics and class warfare. But if he were to become the candidate against Trump, he’d win all the states that Hillary won, and would in my opinion be a certainty to win Pennsylvania, and would be very strongly positioned in places like Michigan.

A President Bloomberg won’t use vulgar language. He won’t trash his opponents. Gutter behavior has never been his thing.

If elected, he would shove the Democratic Party to the center, putting it in a position to rule for some time. I don’t know how the Republican Party could recover anytime soon from its association with a liar and a criminal.

Bloomberg is thoughtful. He is the most intelligent guy in the room. He has successfully created a large and international business. He has paid his bills on time and in full. He led the country’s largest city and led it well.

The current president has stolen from a charity that he led but didn’t contribute to. He ran a fake university. Bloomberg has donated $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins University, the money earmarked to pay tuition for low and middle income students.

Bloomberg is everything that the Trump is not.

Let’s all wish Mike Bloomberg every success..

64 Responses to “Enter Mike Bloomberg”

  1. problem
    Bloomberg a centrist will likely pull votes from Biden , thereby hand the nom to Warren.

  2. Bloomberg doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell…..

  3. I’m not sure that Biden has what it takes to win a national election. And he is nowhere near as talented as Bloomberg is. Not in the same universe as respects background.

    If he won multiple elections in heavily Dem NYC, I won’t rule him out in the primaries.

    Besides, Warren and Bernie could continue to split the hard left ( by US standards ) vote…

  4. The gun nuts really and truly hate Bloomberg.

    But they’d have little power in this situation. They’re in the bunker with Trump anyway, with nowhere else to go.

  5. So no Democrats own guns or drink soft drinks…….

  6. He could win the Primary no problem. In a National Election he’d be lucky to win 3 states.

  7. Responsible gun owners are not gun nuts.

    100% of the gun nuts are in the bunker with Trump, who has sold his soul to the NRA.

  8. NY, NJ, and California

  9. He would win all the states that Hillary won, and he’d win Pennsylvania in a walk.

    And that’s just a start.

  10. Pennsylvania has led the nation in gun sales since they’ve kept records.

  11. Phantom honest question.

    Do you consider me a “Gun Nut” ?

  12. ” Mike Bloomberg is doing a great job as Mayor of New York City ”

    Donald Trump, April 16, 2012

  13. He did do good job, he carried on Guliannies policies.

  14. not gonna answer my question ?

  15. reckon bloomberg should sit this one out, enjoy a carlsberg lager instead.
    Wherez my N.Pelosi,K.Harris Ticket – would they beat Trump/Pence ( hypothetical ofc )

  16. according to the polls mickey mouse will beat Trump.

  17. I wish to have no fights, but of course you are a gun fanatic, a nut on this issue.

    You fight nearly all controls tooth and nail, and have been argumentative even on the definitions of what an assault weapon is.

    You are not on the middle ground on this issue. You are far off on an extreme.

  18. Kamela Harris is disqualified in my books, after she played the race card against Biden, the cheapest shot so far. She needs to go away.

    Bloomberg has a track record as a great business creator, a great business leader, and a highly effective leader of a huge city that is hard to govern.

    Why not the best?

  19. no no argument, I just wanted to know your parameters for a “Gun Nut”

  20. Natural Justice, Karma, evolution 2020 would favour a white and black women highly intelligent and eloquent against two ol whitey’s: a washed-out pasty liar, and his silent side-kick.
    One day this will happen, its just a case of how soon ..
    We got the black guy in, now a woman is next .. I really wanna hear smart people in charge not dirty foul mouthed dikheads, its as simple as that for me . Even if it was a literate thoughtful GOP I don’t care if its red/blue.

  21. Bloomberg is a good candidate on many fronts, but other than California he can’t win outside NY and NJ.

  22. pat dya get my mail hombre 🙂

    Phantom, what dya think of the analysis that Bloomberg would take votes from Biden, being as he is a better Biden, and so Warren gets in . Are you saying Biden might or should drop?
    Maybe the final two will be Warren/Bloomberg anyway, but 2 centrists vs a hard-left ? Hmnnn?

  23. it’ll be a couple of hours till I get to mail Kurt, I’m about to get on the road….

    I’ll let you know as soon as I can check.

  24. If Bloomberg enters, he could shove Biden to the bottom tier.

    I don’t think that anyone sees Biden as the best man for the job. He only looks good in comparison to the guy who’s there now.

    Bloomberg I think would easily win MA, MD, CT, IL, HI.

    And I think that he wins all the Hillary states, plus PA comfortably. And that’s just for starters.

    The country longs for a return to competence and dignity. Mike gives you that.

    He excites no one but he is a proven leader in two fields.

  25. alrighty pat, am off for a weekend work shift, will tap in now and again . Ta

  26. hope so , i like Bloomberg, and the only moniker Trump got right in all his foul-mouthed personal attacks on former employees or rivals is “Sleepy Joe Biden” .. bless him but he’s an old timer , like i said before someone you wanna meet at Xmas , have a drink with and a warm chat , listen to a few anecdotes about the Kennedys, and enjoy the whiskey giving you that nice after-glow, but not the POTUS .. Sleepy Joe Biden ( gaff prone )

  27. “He excites no one but he is a proven leader in two fields.”

    Sounds perfect. Never trust a “charismatic” leader or one that excites.

    Choose the dull, honest, competent guy (or gal) every time.

  28. Patrick Van Roy, on November 8th, 2019 at 2:26 PM Said:
    no no argument, I just wanted to know your parameters for a “Gun Nut”

    Oh please god, don’t let this be the seed from which another ‘Guns and why they are great’ post grows… 😉

  29. Sound advice Reg. Quality over presentation every time.

  30. He has a significant business presence in London which includes live business-focused radio and television operations.

    He is a benefactor of the Tate Museum.

    He would be a big admirer of London, New York’s twin city in so many ways.

  31. Bloomberg would be a formidable candidate if he actually runs. Given his history, it is not certain he will run. 2020 is about getting rid of Trump and there are several candidates capable of that. Even if Bloomberg does not run he will be a strong supporter of the anybody-but-Trump candidate and in addition to his financial resources he has political skills.

  32. That second paragraph is very funny.

    I think Bloomberg is too centrist to get the Democratic nomination, but it would be nice if he could.

  33. Oh please god, don’t let this be the seed from which another ‘Guns and why they are great’ post grows… 😉

    Nah I just wanted to know if I fell into the category for Phantom or not. I don’t look at myself that way, but I thought he might view me as such.

  34. Bloomberg would be a good candidate he is better than anyone already running,(on the left) but just like them he’s unelectable.

  35. Kurt check your email

  36. He’s no leftist.

    He’s as capitalist as they come.

  37. I don’t know that Bloomberg would win against whomever replaces Trump after the impeachment.

  38. But there’s minimal chance of Trump being removed.

    The Republicans in the Senate, with the possible exception of Romney, won’t vote to convict no matter what is found out about Trump.

    I’d think that at this stage that Pence would be the stronger candidate in 2020, but it won’t be him. And a centrist Democrat IMO can beat Trump.

    Bloomberg – Klobuchar?

  39. I was joking about the impeachment.

  40. The Republicans in the Senate, with the possible exception of Romney, won’t vote to convict no matter what is found out about Trump

    That’s absolutely true and when their immoral cowardice comes to fruition it will be pushed as exoneration.

  41. It is said that many Republicans in the Congress despise Trump and are appalled by the way that he has conducted himself since Day One, but they must deal with an unquestioning GOP base that does not care what Trump has done.

    They’re not sticking their necks out. ” The job before country ” is their motto.

  42. One possibility on impeachment is that if Republican senators (especially McConnell) think Trump will be hurtful to their own races they will tell Trunp to resign or face the consequences. The most important thing for these senators is to get back into office and if they think supporting the Liar-in-chief is a big negative to that goal, its good-bye to Trump. The majority popular support for impeachment is cause for them to think what is best for their own survival.

  43. Not supporting him will cost them more than supporting him.

  44. Profiles in cowardice.

  45. in your view…. which on this topic is wrong in every department

  46. I wonder how he’ll do in Oklahoma….. lol


  47. I wonder how he’ll do in Oklahoma….. lol

    About as well as Trump in NYC.

    If Bloomberg gets the gig for the Dems we can be sure that Trump will fight dirty, because it’s the only way he knows. Be sure that anti-semitism will rear its ugly head, but in a way that Trump can deny it’s him, although of course it will be.

    The Klan will be fired up for sure. Oops…

  48. Oklahoma yes is a one party state so it doesn’t matter, just as NY, CA, and Alabama don’t matter.

    PA, MI, OH, WI and a few other swing states matter a very great deal. And a guy like Bloomberg can do exceptionally well in those states

  49. President Trump wasted no time on Friday trotting out a nickname for Mike Bloomberg a day after The Post reported that the former Big Apple mayor was considering a presidential run.

    “Little Michael will fail,” the president said outside the White House before boarding Marine One for the first leg of a fundraising trip to Georgia.

    “There’s nobody I’d rather run against than Little Michael,” Trump said.

    “I‘ve known Michael Bloomberg for a long time. He said a lot of great things about Trump. But I know Michael. He became just a nothing. He’s not going to do well, but I think he’s going to hurt [Joe] Biden, actually,” the president continued.

    “But he doesn’t have the magic to do well. … He’ll spend a lot of money. He has some really big issues, some personal problems, and he’s got a lot of other problems. But I know Michael Bloomberg fairly well. Not too well, but fairly well. Well enough. He will not do well. And if he did [run], I’d be happy.”

    NY Post

    The Trumper base will think that these are the most intelligent words ever spoken. They are astonished at the wisdom here. The majority of Americans, not so much.

    Always, always the personal attack. He has nothing else.

  50. “There’s nobody I’d rather run against than Little Michael,” Trump said.

    He lies every time he opens his mouth.

  51. He’s a proven habitual liar and a proven larcenist too, Peter.

  52. That nickname will change Nanny Mike is better……

    Paul McMahon, on November 8th, 2019 at 10:00 PM Said:
    He’s a proven habitual liar and a proven larcenist too, Peter.

    Funny though they just seem can’t seem to find the larceny….. but you keep chasing that unicorn.

  53. Bloomberg is everything that Trump is not. They are cut from different cloth.

    Again, Trump stole from his charity. He even submitted the expense of $20 or so for his son’s Boy Scout dues to the Trump Foundation ( fact ) . ( The Trump base think that this is excellent behavior )

    And little Michael has committed to give $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins.

  54. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/6/17/1772626/–Billionaire-Trump-Illegally-Diverted-7-From-His-Charitable-Foundation-To-Pay-Boy-s-Scout-Fee


  55. Funny though they just seem can’t seem to find the larceny

    Do you know what larceny is Pat?

  56. There are a lot of short people in the US. They might not like Trump using this as an insult.

    One of the most conservative people I’ve ever met is a ” short ” Chinese American guy.

    What a complete blundering fool this Trump is.

  57. Yes Phantom

    But Trump hasn’t started on Bloomberg yet, and the dogs of Fox have yet to be unleashed. I’m betting that Murdoch will give the ok to anti-semitic attacks, if that’s what it takes to keep their guy in the White House. I’m struggling to identify a Fox pundit who would have a problem with that, but maybe Patrick will enlighten me.

  58. Yes if Bloomberg becomes a real threat, expect anti Semitic whispers yes

    Just as the GW Bush campaign used racist attacks against McCain in SC years ago in a primary campaign as the McCains had an adopted Indian daughter

    The leopard hasn’t lost all his spots

  59. Mike Bloomberg’s first major campaign move should be to buy Fox News.

    Ideologically, Bloomberg as a Biden sub makes a lot of sense. Demographically, it makes zero sense. The idea that Biden will lose black & white working class support to Bloomberg seems far fetched. He’ll pick off college educated, upper income whites to the detriment of Biden, Buttigieg and Klocuchar. No way he’s getting the black, hispanic or blue collar vote.

    He’d be better off sinking big money into the five swing states firebombing Trump nonstop for the next 12 months and loading Buttigieg and Klobuchar with serious campaign cash.

    If he runs, at best he takes away Biden’s suburban moderate/indie support and gives the nomination to Warren/Sanders, who then proceed to lose to Trump.

    He could have been a solid candidate if he’d got in earlier, but he didn’t. Now he’ll just fuck things up for the Dem moderates who stand a chance of beating Trump.

    Plus he’s old. Biden, Warren, Sanders and Trump are all too damn old. They should all retire.

  60. gee Paul really…..

    it’s obvious you’re the one lacking the definition of Larceny along with you’re lack of definition of Due Process….

    Pretty good read on Bloomberg Daphne.

  61. Bloomberg is 77, yes.

    But I’d take a 77 year old Bloomberg over a whatever age he is Corey Booker or rest of them any day of the week

    IMO he’s 100 times smarter than Biden. The only selling points for Biden are that he’s not Trump and that he might be more electable. I don’t think that anybody sees him as a potentially strong president. How expectations have diminished.

    77 isn’t so old for a guy who remains sharp, who flies his own airplane , whose mother lived to the age of 102, herself sharp all that time I believe.

    Daphne’s political observations may well be correct- Bloomberg’s crusades against soda drinks etc made him look like the king of the nanny state to many -but let’s see.

    I condemn any system that makes anyone say that declaring one year out makes you late. The others were premature . The debates were premature. Everything that has been said so far is premature

    IMO a vote for Warren or Sanders in the primary is a vote for Trump and a vote for Bloomberg is a vote for the best

  62. Bloomberg Is skipping Iowa and New Hampshire

    I understand why he is skipping Iowa, Which has that imbecilic caucus system, dominated by party base political obsessives

    But I might’ve thought he would’ve done OK in New Hampshire.

    There are a lot of sensible people there, and Bloomberg is from right next-door in Massachusetts, which might have helped

  63. It’s obvious you’re the one lacking the definition of Larceny along with you’re lack of definition of Due Process….

    Once again Pat, do you know the definition of larceny? As I’m apparently lacking it perhaps you could explain it to us?

    I know what DP is and it’s not what you’re trying to allege it is in the preliminary evidential process of a potential impeachment hearing.

  64. Pat

    Your boy stole from a charity, thefts from as small as Eight dollars to as much as $50,000 and more

    Do you approve of this?