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Impeachment Three Questions

By Patrick Van Roy On November 9th, 2019

Guest post by Kurt

I was wondering if we might do a thread on impeachment, where all the news coming out can be collated in one place.
Its on-going and controversial, even the steps that are being taken are divisive, witness selection procedure etc
This is my best google search for an easy to follow timeline, and might serve well in the thread

Yours sincerely

Now I won’t keep this thread pinned, but Kurt brings forth 3 good questions.


• Did the President request that a foreign leader and government initiate investigations to benefit the President’s personal political interests in the United States, including an investigation related to the President’s political rival and potential opponent in the 2020 U.S. presidential election?

• Did the President – directly or through agents – seek to use the power of the Office of the President and other instruments of the federal government in other ways to apply pressure on the head of state and government of Ukraine to advance the President’s personal political interests, including by leveraging an Oval Office meeting desired by the President of Ukraine or by withholding U.S. military assistance to Ukraine?

• Did the President and his Administration seek to obstruct, suppress or cover up information to conceal from the Congress and the American people evidence about the President’s actions and conduct?

Show him some respect. Anyone that takes the time to try to add to the site deserves it.

41 Responses to “Impeachment Three Questions”

  1. Accompdating as ever Pat and wll done Kurt.

    I think the answer is affirmitive to all three questions with the addition of the Chinese trade deal to number two.

  2. The GOP just released THEIR witness list in the Impeachment probe
    *Hunter Biden
    *Eric Ciaramella
    *Nellie Ohr
    *Devon Archer
    *Alexander Chalupa
    *Tim Morrison
    *Kurt Volker
    *David Hale

  3. Thanks Pat
    Is it possible to amend the post as the photo included in the email is really important.
    I wanted to ask some questions about it .
    The timeline the flowchart . Cheers

  4. sorry missed the pic

  5. hey man that’s great appreciate it

    now the questions I can’t figure out is:

    Have the articles of impeachment been drafted and voted upon

    or are we at the stage of hearings, which then lead to articles of impeachment, which they lead to a vote in the House, which then goes to the Senate.

    scholars, lend me your ears – dissection required, non partisan

    ~Just where are we ?

    I guess that ties in with the 3 questions

    again are they the articles of impeachment, or terms of references that needs to deabte to then be put as articles to a House Vote .


  6. Seamus Help please ( above ) question

  7. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EI7y-ZpXsAAYqfU?format=jpg&name=900×900
    Method science vs trump

  8. it’s a shame but I’ll bet that idiot believes in climate change which defies the very method he has written out and he’s just to dumb to realize it…… 😉

    but he can apply it Trump though……

  9. Kurt we are at none of those stages…. the only stage we are in is Kangaroo cakes and circus stage…..

  10. The whole process is a waste of time. Not because I think Trump is innocent but because overwhelmingly politicians judging politicians will act and decide partisanly and won’t carry out their duty of delivering genuine neutral investigative justice.

  11. Be that as it may Colm I argue it’s not a wasted process as the American people and the world can make the verdict based on the evidence. That is important for patriotism defenders of the constitution and our democracy as a whole.
    Why are GOP brown nosing the Russians when every branch of govt concluded they interfered in the 2016 election. By setting up Ukraine – Russias enemy pat and his mates are helping the Russians. That is TREASON

  12. Kurt

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not against an open and full investigation. The role of having an impeachment is necessary. I just think it should be conducted somehow by a genuinely independent panel rather than the House and the Senate. They will 99% vote on party lines not on a proper conclusion to the evidence presented to them. The House will probably vote ‘guilty’ and the Senate will say ‘Not Guilty’. We can predict the outcome now.

  13. Good post Kurt.

    Method science vs trump

    That really made me smile. 😁

  14. “Have the articles of impeachment been drafted and voted upon”

    No largely speaking. It is probably a foregone conclusion that the House of Representatives will impeach Trump at some point. Ultimately which specific articles, and how detailed those articles will be, are still being debated by the Democratic leadership.

    It will be the fourth impeachment proceedings initiated by the House of Representatives against the President. Two previous were unsuccessful, one was successful (in the sense that the pending impeachment and likely conviction forced his resignation).

    The previous unsuccessful attempts were deeply flawed (and despite their flaws one nearly succeeded). They were largely speaking caused by a President of one party disagreeing with a dominant majority Congress of a different party. They were partisan, and, in the case of Clinton, hysterical. Certainly in the Clinton case it seemed more about naked partisanship and a dose of trying to embarrass Clinton by highlighting his sexual infidelity.

    The Nixon one was not. It was exhaustive, and evidence based. The three articles of impeachment, and their accompanying report from the House Judiciary Committee, laid out step by step how Nixon was guilty of what they accused him of. The sober laying out of the facts made Nixon’s support collapse. They couldn’t go back to their electorate and defend Nixon when faced with that sort of evidence.

    The Democrats, in their impeachment of Trump, are aiming for a Nixon style impeachment. One that is facts based, evidence based, and not “we don’t like Trump”. Trump and the Republicans are aiming to make it far more like the Clinton impeachment. To try and claim they are only trying to reverse in the House what they couldn’t do at the ballot box.

    So the articles of impeachment, and their accompanying reports, will be far more important than what the vote is. Because he is going to be impeached. It is a simple as that. Whether they have the smoking gun or not the Democrats are going to impeach him. But if it is a partisan hatchet-job, like the Clinton case, then Trump is going to be impeached and almost certainly acquitted. If it is forensic, and evidence based, then he is going to be impeached and most likely either have to resign, or be convicted and removed.

  15. The most partisan side to all of this is that the Republican senators With the possible exception of Romney will ignore all the evidence presented at the trial

    They disrespected the constitution when garland was nominated for the supreme court, and they will disrespect the constitution here

  16. Currently the public is pretty much divided on the impeachment issue. 83% of Democrats support it. 11% of Republicans support it. And 44% of Independents support it. If you go back about six weeks ago, in the post-Mueller but pre-Ukraine polling and the Republican support was about the same, but the Independent support was about 34%, and the Democratic support was about 72%. If that Republican number starts to tick up then Republican senators will flee Trump. As long as Trump remains popular with Republican voters, and as long as impeachment remains unpopular with Republican voters, then the Republican senators will stick with Trump. If that changes then Trump is dead in the water.

  17. Thanks Seamus
    Say dya think then that the two recent wins by the Democrats in Kentucky and all blue Virginia reveal the true barometer of Trump’s actual popularity ?

  18. Ukraine is our ally. Ukraine is in a war with Russia because Russia stole Ukraine territory. Trump withheld military aid for Ukraine until they produced dirt on Biden. It’s that simple.

  19. Kurt

    All that is correct

    Crimea Probably should never have been Ukrainian territory, but it was Ukrainian land

    And it was seized at the point of a gun. Ukraine Could not resist the much greater Russian military

  20. Kentucky is interesting

    I am not sure of all the details of what happened there

    But I do know that Mitch McConnell is very unpopular there

    And I do know that Trump tried to take away healthcare from Kentucky residents, and even Trump supporters were not too happy about that

  21. Aye Tom
    We got facts and the law it’s easy to talk about this . Table pounders blow hards just losing the run of themselves. Where is their self respect. ? I never took pat as a self loather hating his country and kissing Russia’s Butt . Am shocked tbh

  22. https://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2019/10/politics/impeachment-inquiry-timeline/

    Nice timeline

  23. Moscow Mitch so called because it’s 256 days he’s sitting on legislation to protect USA from its enemies plus restrictions on guns.
    I hope and pray Trumps Presidency falls apart and he goes . Then there will be a healing opportunity and a proper race to be fought in 2020

  24. The Irish might refer to Mitch McConnell As a Gombeen man

    He has very few principles, but he knows money and he knows how to count votes

    When Trump tried to take away healthcare from working class Kentucky residents Who had only recently had it for the first time, McConnell and others warned Trump that He was absolutely playing with fire

  25. Yeah dammit asshole in chief instead of tweaking Obamacare he wrecked it just like Iran deal. Neither were perfect but they were triumphs of govt and diplomacy . What has the idiot achieved that can be attributed to himself not the ris
    e and fall of markets . Zilch it’s all negative pulling out of good things like climate accord Iran deal . Has NK stopped it’s program

  26. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000brh9

    Live coverage of the public impeachment hearings being held by a congressional committee into president Trump over allegations he threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless it investigated the leading Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden and his son. The committee will take evidence from Bill Taylor, the former top US diplomat in Ukraine, and George Kent, a key state department official.From 13 November.

  27. Right church, wrong pew, as we Catholic types are wont to say.

    As I tried to explain in Thursday’s column, Rand Paul is wrong to insist that the Sixth Amendment’s confrontation clause demands that the so-called whistleblower be unmasked and publicly questioned. That does not mean, though, that Senator Paul’s general idea (that the “whistleblower” should testify) is wrong; nor does it mean that the Constitution’s guarantee of trial rights is irrelevant.

    The right to present a defense, also vouchsafed by the Sixth Amendment, is the guarantee on which Paul and the rest of the president’s supporters should focus.

    This comes with the same caveats elaborated on Thursday. The Constitution vests the House and Senate with plenary authority over their respective impeachment proceedings (the House to decide whether to file articles of impeachment, the Senate to try the case). No court has the power to make either legislative chamber afford a particular quantum of due process.

    That said, impeachment is inherently political. Here, it has been launched when we are less than a year out from an election in which the American people are supposed determine for themselves whether the president should keep his job. By the time impeachment has run its course, we could be just a few months from Election Day. Apparently, though, the political class is intent on end-running the sovereign, attempting to remove President Trump on its own. To pull that off, it will need to convince the country that (a) it has grounds so extraordinarily serious that Trump must be ousted forthwith and (b) the procedures under which it impeached were fundamentally fair.


  28. “The Washington Post dropped their first headline about it 19 minutes after the inauguration, ‘The Case for Impeaching Trump.’ Nineteen minutes, Rush… that was about the amount of time that it took Obama to get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.”

    ‘We’re At War’: Don Jr. Joins Rush Limbaugh And Unloads On The Left


  29. Only two U.S. presidents have been formally impeached by Congress—Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton—and no U.S. president has ever been removed from office through impeachment.

    In addition to Johnson and Clinton, only two other U.S. presidents have faced formal impeachment inquiries in the House of Representatives: Richard Nixon and Donald Trump. Many other presidents have been threatened with impeachment by political foes without gaining any real traction in Congress.

    Not a bad record for USA 2/44

    ooh Bolton got his book deal – maybe he’ll pop by say hello at the hearings 😉
    wonder what he’s say if testified?
    lol i expect lindsay graham will call him a commie prevert, a never-trumper .. lmao

  30. ooh Pat you must have been busy
    straight up
    who is USA Ally Ukraine or Russia ?

    Nikki Haley has no doubt , remember when she held up the picture of the dead children Assad chemical bombed , and pointed at Russia? a clue there i guess ?

  31. The Democrats have tried to impeach every Republican since Ike. The NYTs 19 minutes after his Inauguration called for Trumps Impeachment.

  32. 19 minutes……….

  33. You say that no one reads the NYT any more

    So why the repeated references to what they have to say about things

  34. I still read it….. I just put it in the category it belongs in….. Fan Fiction.

  35. who is USA Ally Ukraine or Russia ?

  36. maybe that is too difficult a question
    how about just a simple

    Is Russia an ally or an adversary pat ?

  37. adversary

  38. The Ukraine is just another Banana Republic

  39. ok

  40. Peter King is the 20th House Republican to announce their retirement

  41. 28 years he served…… He and his family should be audited for 30.

    and I like King.

    Serving as a member of Congress is supposed to be a temporary position to give BACK to your nation. We need Term Limits.

    And EVERY member of congress and the long term high ranking Federal Employee Dept Heads all need to undergo a Forensic Audit of the finances and coordinated against every govt contract and piece of legislation.