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By Pete Moore On November 9th, 2019

The General Election only started four days ago. The dominant theme so far is the extraordinary number of candidates who have chucked in the towel because of something they once said. It’s impossible to keep count. With al-Labour delegates it’s almost always comments about Jews. Conservative candidates display a greater diversity of subject which bring them down.

The one common theme is social media. It’s always something tweeted, retweeted, posted, liked or shared. We now have candidates old enough to stand but young enough to have grown up with social media. So they have a pretty packed audit trail for opponents to scrutinise.

But human nature doesn’t change. We all said or did dodgy things. Yes, even me, Pete “moderate” Moore. I once shook hands with a Labour MP. In my defence, and Gawd knows I need it with this one, he’s the father of an old schoolmate and I hadn’t seen him in years. There, it’s out now and I can’t take it back.

Nor would I. I’d like to see candidates owning up to what they said and telling their opponents to get stuffed if they think he’ll offer up his head for it. There’s something truly pathetic about a line containing “I deeply regret my words ..”. No, own up and stand your ground.

Maybe the rest of us need to be honest. We need to admit that we all have skeletons and maybe have an amnesty for things said or posted a few years ago. If not then all elections will be like this. More candidates will end up resigning than making it to polling day, and vast efforts will be spent forensically analysing social media accounts.

I’m not going soft on the bastards. In fact I’m amused that the kind of surveillance most of them would put us under is causing them damage first. But many a decent politician (yes, there have been a few), wouldn’t have made the cut today.


  1. Another Labour post Pete?

    Rattle, rattle!

  2. I once shook hands with a Labour MP.

    I can beat that Pete, I once shook hands with Harold Wilson.

  3. Oh, I’ll see that and raise you both.

    Adams, McGuinness, Paisley Snr and Galloway.

    Beat that!

  4. I do agree with Pete here, especially if it concerns tweets or social media comments from years ago. Most people in public life will have something or more than one thing in their online history that isnt bland or uncontroversial. Heck it would be difficult not to unless you are the most boring person on the planet. Allow people to have a bot of a past within reason otherwise everyone in public life will be resigning all the time.

  5. Galloway? You have no standards Paul, none I tell you.

  6. I expected something along those lines Peter


  7. there are no secrets

    Ahhh the wretched pangs of guilt and public shame….. Shame is second in human motivation behind Love and is more useful than fear…… it’s a primal instinct usually ignored but always exploited.

    do not feed the Alligators they will bite you…… the biggest Alligator to most people is their own conscience.

  8. Paul
    I’ll see the four you mentioned and add Gregory Campbell, Diane Dodds, Nelson McCausland and an ‘almost’ handshake with Sammy Wilson (I reached out my hand to him, but when he heard my name, he turned his back on me!) 🙂

  9. Hard to see that Seimi but I’ll stick Cyril Ramaphosa into the mix too.

  10. Bah I’m well beat – no hands
    got steve coogan’s autograph
    a tweet reply from sinead o’connor and Gerry Adams
    oh and shook phantoms hand – ATW royalty no less 🙂

  11. Why do I always decide to watch these videos when I come back from the pub drunk.


  12. I have never been impressed with celebrity nor notoriety

    I’ve met more Politicians than I ever want to meet, provided personal security for several musicians drank with mafioso and better still drank with men that put a few in the ground. When I was I’ll say 21 because it was in a bar, but I don’t think I was there legally I asked someone I admired for his autograph Minnesota Fats one of the greatest pool players that ever lived it was an event for a friend of mines grandfather Willie Mosconi. He pulled out a rubber stamp of his name and stamped on a napkin…… That moment I felt more disgust for him than I had ever felt before and just dropped it at his feet and walked away…… it still pisses me off.

  13. Patrick

    He pulled out a rubber stamp of his name and stamped on a napkin…… That moment I felt more disgust for him than I had ever felt before and just dropped it at his feet and walked away…… it still pisses me off.

    Perhaps he was fed up with people constantly hassling him for autographs?
    I’ve got to say Patrick, you really know how to hold a grudge mate. 😁

  14. I have never seen the point of autographs. Its just a scribbled name on a bit of paper. Useless.

  15. I’ll bet that really put him behind the eight ball for you Pat, (I’ll get me coat)

    In these days of high technology selfies with the subject have replaced the autograph Colm.

  16. he sunk the cue ball in my view Paul

    No I’m sorry if you’re famous enough to have people ask for your Autograph and you have a stamp made of your signature that you carry no that’s just Lazy and Ignorant.

    If you don’t want to do autographs don’t, but if you’re ok with autographs and you get a stamp made….. that’s insulting.

  17. I agree. I do have a few prized autographs: Phil Lynott, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher and a stack of others. They’re a reminder of when I met these people, and how nice and friendly they were. If any of them had pulled out a rubber stamp, I’d have told them to fuck off.

  18. I guess the best thing to do is if you ask a celebrity for an autograph and they take out a rubber stamp, politely “say thank you very much “ and take the rubber stamp 😉

  19. i think i’d bend over and say “can you stamp it on my ass please mister big celebrity”

  20. man after my own heart colm

  21. That rubber stamped napkin you dropped on the floor could be worth a fortune now Patrick. 😁