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By Pete Moore On November 16th, 2019

I found out this evening how one of my favourite Rock n Roll moments came about. That moment being the spine-tingling “rape, murder ..” line in the Stones’ Gimme Shelter, when Merry Clayton’s voice breaks. Many great things aren’t as pre-planned as we might suppose. Some just happen as opportunity and circumstance allow. I enjoyed it, and you might too.

Merry Clayton then, featuring The Rolling Stones –

6 Responses to ““RAPE, MURDER …””

  1. Very interesting

    Some sad details of her personal life, courtesy of Wikipedia

    Personal life Edit

    Clayton was married to jazz artist Curtis Amy from 1970 until his death in 2002.[16] Her brother is the Little Feat percussionist Sam Clayton.[17]

    Clayton had a miscarriage upon returning home from recording “Gimme Shelter”, according to the Los Angeles Times.[18]

    On June 16, 2014, Clayton was severely injured in a car collision in Los Angeles, California.[19] Both of Clayton’s legs were later amputated at the knees due to her suffering “profound trauma to her lower extremities” as a result of the accident.[20]

  2. She apparently sang with many great musicians, including Ray Charles, The Who, Neil Young.

    She sang on “ Sweet Home Alabama “!


  3. She’s not the only lowly-attributed vocalist who made a huge impression on rock music, and one hopes that Merry Clayton was suitably rewarded for her contribution. Here’s another case……


    3 years ago
    HOW can a woman (basically unknown) walk into a recording studio with no direction come up with this improvisation (and the first take !). It’s the most beautiful piece of music ever……. Maybe it was meant to be…..

  4. I learn that there was a fairly recent, well reviewed movie about this type of gifted backup singer who make huge contributions to the work of the big stars for a fraction of a fraction of the pay

    ” Twenty Feet From Stardom ”

    I am told that it is on Netflix, I will see it soon


  5. Even watching a concert from the audience or on TV, you can tell that there is often the most unbelievably rigid class system between the star and the band, and then even more, between the star and the backup singer.

  6. Pete – this is for your attention:


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