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By ATWadmin On January 22nd, 2009

Bit of worrying news for those international leftists that have been screaming about those poor innocents killed in Gaza by those bad nasty Joos.

” Palestinian civilians have accused Hamas of forcing them to stay in homes from which gunmen shot at Israeli soldiers during the recent hostilities in Gaza, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported Thursday.More than 1,250 Palestinians were reportedly killed during Israel’s offensive against Hamas in the coastal territory. Israel has been harshly criticized for the large number of civilians among the Palestinian dead, of whom they numbered more than half according Gaza officials.”

Oh no! And then, it gets worse…a doctor working at Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital has been disputing the number of Palestinians said to have been killed in the campaign.

“It’s possible that the death toll in Gaza was 500 or 600 at the most, mainly youths aged 17 to 23 who were enlisted by Hamas – who sent them to their deaths,” he said.

And then there is this...

.”A Tal al-Hawa resident told the newspaper’s reporter, “Armed Hamas men sought out a good position for provoking the Israelis. There were mostly teenagers, aged 16 or 17, and armed. They couldn’t do a thing against a tank or a jet. They knew they are much weaker, but they fired at our houses so that they could blame Israel for war crimes.” The reporter for the Italian newspaper also quoted reporters in the Strip who told of Hamas’ exaggerated figures, “We have already said to Hamas commanders — why do you insist on inflating the number of victims?”…

Oh say it can’t be true? Hamas – using innocents to hide behind whilst they provoke those pesky Jews? And NO ONE in the MSM picked up on this when it was happening? Remember Jenin?

Hat-tip to Solomonia!

13 Responses to “REMEMBER JENIN?”

  1. I find it hard to believe RS, Noel, and Jimmy could have been so wrong! 😉

  2. Charles

    I know – and they seemed so convincing. ….

  3. Scumbag terrorists lie and the left believes them – big effing surprise.

  4. Well hang on – what do we have here? One unnamed doctor quoted in on an Israeli website and another un-named "resident" quoted on the same site. Not exactly Reuters standard of sourcing on a disinterested site.
    We know nothing about this doctor, who he is. He is just describe as a doctor working in the Shifa hospital. He could be a proctologist for all we know. How do we know that his figures are accurate? And if they are, why has no one backed them up?
    Likewise the un-named resident. Again, we know nothing about him or her.
    Not even the IDF are challenging the figures of 1200.
    I don’t think there is any great conspiracy by the MSM to deny the truth – The Daily Telegraph for example certainly used to be practically the house journal for the IDF, I suspect if there were any substance to these claims then they would have followed them up.
    The reason this hasn’t been covered in a British broadsheet is because it isn’t properly sourced. Where is the second source, where is some evidence to corroborate their claims? Until then, all they are is unsubstantiated claims by anonymous people.
    Of course it is in Hamas’s interests to lie about the number of dead – and I wouldn’t believe any figure they put out. But if you get multiple independent sources all saying roughly the same thing, then you can start to have an element of trust in those figures.

  5. Really hard to establish the truth in these situations.

    There are undoubtedly innocent people caught up in it though and that is not amking any judgement on the atcions.

  6. ‘Multiple independent sources’ – name them, Jaz. I’d love to hear who you consider to be independent…

    ‘I don’t think there is any great conspiracy by the MSM to deny the truth’

    Click the Jenin link. Learn something. Then go to EUReferendum and click the link entitled ‘Corruption of the Media’. Then you’ll *really* learn something.

    Oh, and ‘just a doctor’ seemed to be good enough for dozens of media outlets when it was Mads Gilbert, who is a member of the Norwegian Marxist Party, has publically stated his support for the 9/11 attacks and is also a close colleague of the person who’s supposedly dead kid brother he was filmed performing very dodgy-looking CPR on shortly before we *didn’t* see the body. Funny that.

  7. "I heard this from someone who heard it from his grocer who says he was talking to a guy who cuts the hair of someone who was actually there"

    I’ll go with the UN figures if thats ok.

  8. By all means let’s believe the casualty figures supplied by one of the most corrupt organisations in the world, whose largest voting bloc is the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. Or, we could actually engage our brains.

  9. Lads,

    the population denisty of the gaza strip is 10,000 peope per square mile. the truth of conduct and casualties lies in the consideration thereof.

  10. the important lesson from this thread:
    People believe what they want to beleive

    (both sides btw)

  11. DSD, on CNN last night, more footage was released of the events in the theatre preceding that of the original CNN release, and it looked genuine. CNN did not admit that the goalposts had been shifted nor that the boy was killed after having been told to play on the roof during Israeli military ops.

  12. >>’Multiple independent sources’ – name them, Jaz. I’d love to hear who you consider to be independent…<<

    The UN, the ICRC to name but two. Hell even the IDF – about as non-independent as you can get – aren’t disputing the figures.

    Having worked for the best part of two decades in the media, and in particular in international news, I am more than familiar with how it works. I am also very familiar with the Weekly Standard.
    I have downloaded the EUreferendum report and will read it more thoroughly – but on first glance – and I stress on first glance – I have to say that while it is a well put together document, it does appear that it might be making rather a lot out of some rather thin claims.
    It makes a huge number of claims to suggest that images are staged, for example by saying that people are looking at the camera. Well that doesn’t make an images staged – that simply means that the snapper asked the people to look up. If you are going to print images, you want to see people’s faces. That doesn’t negate the image.
    However, as I haven’t read the report in full it would be wrong to form a conclusion on the work as a whole. S
    I am not saying that the media is never wrong. It goes to huge lengths to make sure it is as accurate as it can be at the time, but it may turn out in hindsight that it was wrong.
    There is a world of difference between that, and willfully misleading your readers.
    But as with so many things it comes down to trust. Some people do not trust the MSM and prefer to use alternative sources, but there is no more, and arguably less, guarantee of accuracy from them.
    You pay your money; you take your choice.

    >>Or, we could actually engage our brains.<<
    Indeed – but doing so without access to the facts may produce a lot of heat, but not very much light.

  13. Strange,

    Amnesty International was there only 2 days and they found plenty of Gazans to say that Israeli soldiers held them hostage in their own homes and used them as hostages. Plenty of eye witness accounts of murder of civilians by Israeli soldiers. Read up the AI website.

    But the Italian journalist reported none of that. The head of the hospitals have said the hospitals were overflowing, Foriegn aid workers helping say the same thing. But the intrepid Italian journalist can’t find a doctor who is willing to put his name even to a high casualty number. The only doctor he can find is also an expert on Jenin with a very IDF opinion on it. Funny, that.