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By Pete Moore On November 18th, 2019


Exclusive: Labour manifesto to pledge a Corbyn government would review the legacy of British colonial rule across the globe.

There’s no need for that, and not just because Labour us tanking in the polls. I can save them the bother.

We spread the Word of the Lord to heathen lands. We built roads, railways, canals, ports and great cities. We took with us medicine, manners and decent tailoring.

British liberalism opened up the world to trade and made it vastly richer. Seven of the world’s 10 richest countries (Qatar, Singapore, Kuwait, Brunei, UAE, Hong Kong, and the USA) were British colonies or protectorates. Five of the ten richest African countries (Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria) were British colonies.

We untied the world through all the sports (football, cricket and rugby). Even those American games are derived from them. We united it also through technology. The train and the telegraph were the greatest leaps in communication speed since the Roman Empire. We also united the world via the language of Shakespeare. Yep, if it wasn’t for us you’d still be clicking your tongue.

We defeated the Ottomans, freed the Arabs and saved Indian widows from being burned. We didn’t just abolish slavery. The West Africa Squadron tirelessly chased slavers from the seas. There’s the legacy, in the world around us, which is immeasurably better for our having civilised it.

The British Empire s the best thing to happen to an undeserving world.


  1. Great. So stop all that gurning about its legacy.

  2. The Brits invaded half the world, told people how great Britain was, and then have spent every second since crying because those people followed them home.

  3. This jamoke gives the Conservatives a fresh batch of votes every time he opens his gob.

  4. Britain achieved tremendous things mostly diplomatically, inc treaties, agreements , accords.
    The short sighted numpties who think Britain can just rip up all those delicate treaties, common rulebooks and sail off into the unknown towards greater glory are dumb as posts and completely & hopelessly deluded.

  5. What does that have to do with the empire

  6. Almost everywhere in the world where disparate ethic groups were thrown together in an artificial state, and are now at war with each other, is down to British Imperialism.

  7. The communist Soviet Union was great at that also.

    As are the communist Chinese now.

  8. What an evil empire it was, and all done at the behest of the (((City of London))). Invading wherever had something of value was the purpose of this cabal, and when England was no longer able to support the ambitions of the Money Power, the Money Power simply switched to another horse – the USA. The (((British))) imposed a lineal map over the ethnic map in Africa and the middle east, the consequences of which are here today. Look at those straight lines around Syria, Iraq, Jordan – these were drawn with a rule on a piece of paper in the Foreign Office

  9. Allan makes a good point. Historically boundaries use to follow rivers and other natural obstacles. The West, not just the British but the French, Dutch, Belgium’s, Portuguese and especially the Spanish, all carved the new worlds between themselves. But it is interesting that usually English or British former colonies have been pretty stable since independence.

  10. “The British Empire’s the best thing to happen to an undeserving world.” And look at the home country today, it cannot get out of the EU without impoverishing itself, and it has been going on for near four years.

    The major issue of the day has one party that somewhat supports Brexit and no major party that opposes it. Years ago on major issues there was usually a pro and anti party and the winner led the country. Not now. How do you expect to resolve the situation when there is no clear choice between the parties? It looks like more self-imposed agony until this issue clears the body politic.