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Ahhh the enlightened Europeans

By Patrick Van Roy On November 19th, 2019

9 Responses to “Ahhh the enlightened Europeans”

  1. The story is inflammatory and the headline is misleading

  2. Well said Phantom. Sensationalist, histrionical rubbish.

  3. It isn’t even misleading. It is a downright lie. Jewish products are not labelled as such. Israeli products are not labelled as such. What it does is differentiate between Israeli products made in Israel and Israeli products made in the occupied, illegally ethnically cleansed and illegally settled territories.

    And it is in fact favourable to the Israelis. It treats them more favourably than it does other comparative countries. The EU has a ban meaning I can’t buy goods from Crimea. The EU has a ban meaning I can’t buy goods from Northern Cyprus. This law doesn’t ban goods from the occupied territories. It just says that any good from the occupied territories must be labelled as such. So if someone (and this would be personally my position) is not opposed to buying goods from Israel but is opposed to buying goods from war criminals in the West Bank then I can do so. It empowers consumers in Europe to act as they wish. That is all this does.

  4. An Israeli import doesn’t have to say it is from Israel?

    Don’t you have to say the country of origin?

  5. It does have to say it is from Israel. What the law makes clear is that goods from the occupied territories are not from Israel. And should be labelled as such.

    By “Israeli products are not labelled as such” I meant the whole hyperbole about the Yellow Star nonsense.

  6. Until now, products were being labelled as originating in Israel when they didn’t originate in Israel.

  7. Weird and unhelpful post if one is concerned about antisemitism.

  8. You can criticize this labeling policy without running around calling everyone a Nazi.

    Israeli government policy is subject to criticism. Israelis and American Jews criticize the Israeli government strongly every day, but their right wing evangelical ” allies ” ( cough ) in America think that they should never be criticized.

  9. The old adage of the customer always being right Pat? It’s right and proper that the origin of products be labelled