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By Patrick Van Roy On November 19th, 2019

5 Responses to “Motive”

  1. Pat hi
    these aren’t threads, no argument or presentation therefore just # trolling
    unworthy of ATW – this site is NOT twitter
    sent ya decent thread on the electoral cycle a few days ago
    carry on , I’m offski

  2. no Kurt they are pieces I like to just throw out there……

    This one is just to irritate, the other should be a concern to all you anti-brexiters as the EU implement Nazi tactics.

  3. If you want trolling, here is one by the master, after the beloved Patriots beat the Eagles this past Sunday


    Remember when Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson said shortly after Philly’s Super Bowl win over the Patriots in 2018 that it didn’t seem like Patriots players had any fun playing for the now six-time Super Bowl champs?

    Well, Belichick slid this gem into his presser on Sunday, saying: “It looked like everyone had fun out there today.”

  4. go Eagles….. they’re BUMS, but they’re our bums

  5. Patrick – so what! The Dems can do anything that they want because they are going to be in perma-power, and nobody could possibly have foreseen this ever…..


    By George Skelton | Capitol Journal Columnist
    Nov. 18, 2019
    |5 AM
    SACRAMENTO — Democrats dominate politics in California and Republicans are doomed for one simple, overriding reason: shifting demographics.
    In short, the GOP’s core constituency is white people and they’re a declining slice of the California population pie. Conversely, Democrat-backing Latinos and Asian Americans have been expanding their slices.
    That pattern is projected to continue, although at a slower pace. So the raw numbers won’t be getting any better for the already weakened California GOP.
    “Republicans are heading into a demographic cul-de-sac,” says longtime Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at USC.

    “This is not just in California, but nationally. It’s happening here first. But it’ll tend to happen around the country.”

    Of course, the term ‘shifting demographics’ is used passively, but the demographics are being shifted by somebody ever since those nice jews Celler and Hart used dupey Ted Kennedy for their open-border 1965 Immigration Act, and the results are evident.

    “California is the future. It tends to be more non-Caucasian than most states. But we’re heading into that for the rest of the nation. And how are Republicans doing in California? They’ve got to figure out how to compete here or it’s the ice age.”
    Demographics are an eye-glazer, but California’s historic shift has been a political game-changer. The state has turned from battleground purple to one-sided deep blue in 25 years.

    California is the future – where cities are shit-covered, third-world nightmares in a sea of violent crime split between drug-gangs and the biggest gang: the corrupt police.

    Nobody could have foreseen this 🙂