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By Pete Moore On November 19th, 2019

Is it me?

I couldn’t think of anything less appealing than watching tonight’s debate between Boris and the communist tramp. It’s a television event only, promoted to get in advertising revenue. We are not one of these new democracies, with their presidents and all that.

The choice is clear anyway. With Boris it’s Brexit, left-liberalism and a bit of fun.

Corbyn means remaining in the EU, hard Marxism, Diane Abbott in charge of national security, the IRA and Hezbollah in charge of the Armed Forces, economic catastrophe, anti-Jewish pogroms, famine and the gulag for anyone who argues.

If you haven’t made up your mind by now you should have your vote taken off you.

5 Responses to “I”M OFF TO WASH MY HAIR”

  1. Like I said a while back current polls translated into seats predict Tory Majority of 72
    Labour on 201, yes they’ll be lucky to scrape 200.

    see snapshot from https://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/homepage.html

    re: tonight its noticeable that whenever Corbyn talks about NHS its always people, when Johnson speaks its always numbers. One of these two is a lying toad .

  2. https://twitter.com/bendepear/status/1196889732841713669

  3. paul
    I’m pissed off with the lib dems + labour , we had our chance back in Sept.
    ok we stopped no deal, no mean feat, but lib/lad failed us
    simples – they had chances to vote no confidence, install a caretaker gov’t under Clarke
    and steer the county out of this mess .. libs couldn’t drop their antipathy to Corbyn, and Corbyn would not stand aside to allow Clarke of H.Harman to deputize
    Now its fuckt , i think it might be worse than 72 majority
    a great night will be 100 majority .. its a clusterfuck

  4. divide and conquer, Tories have done it again divide lab and libs
    whilst managaging to neutralise Brexit party – they played a blinder
    100+ majority I’m predicting ( also got it at 4/1 – might as well make a few bob )
    tad mercenary I know ( red face ) ..lol

  5. Kurt

    ok we stopped no deal, no mean feat, but lib/lad failed us

    Actually, Johnson rolled over when you side presented him with a golden opportunity to get the second worse deal in history almost through. At last he had an excuse for his failure.

    Way to go Remainers, way to go !