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By Pete Moore On November 19th, 2019

Commies love to tell us that the NHS depends on immigrants, that it’ll collapse without strip-mining poor countries of their doctors and nurses. As if we didn’t invent modern medicine in this country!

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital: Babies and mums died ‘amid toxic culture’

Babies and mothers died amid a “toxic” culture at a hospital trust stretching back 40 years, a report has said.

The catalogue of maternity care failings at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust are contained in a report leaked to The Independent.

The cases include 22 stillbirths, three deaths during pregnancy, 17 deaths of babies after birth, three deaths of mothers, 47 cases of substandard care and 51 cases of cerebral palsy or brain damage.

The interim report said the number of cases it is now being asked to review “seems to represent a longstanding culture at this trust that is toxic to improvement effort”.

But we never hear about immigrant staff when the NHS reveals itself to be a horrible human abattoir which exists only for the benefit of those in it. Which is very often. So if foreigners get the so-called “credit” for propping up the NHS we can start blaming them for all the things which go wrong too, yes?


  1. Ah – but there are two side to the coin. Not only are 3rd-worlders providing the NHS with care levels of the 3rd-world, but 3rd-worlders are also providing the NHS with much-needed custom. After all, somebody is paying for it so somebody has to use it, and this applies across the entire western world

  2. If the NHS kills all its patients, why is UK life expectancy higher than in the US?


  3. why is UK life expectancy higher than in the US?

    Fewer vaccines?


  4. In the US, I am aware of some wonderful, competent, devoted care given by foreign born doctors/nurses/phyical therapists/aides.

    And I can give quite a few examples of bad and callous treatment of patients by those born here. In hospitals, and in nursing homes, etc.

    I might imagine that it is a similar deal over there.