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By Pete Moore On November 28th, 2019

He’s a good bloke, Ambassador Johnson. Always positive about his gig and Anglo-American relations. As our independence looms and Europeans repatriate themselves back to where they belong, we can at long last rebuild the Anglosphere. That’s where we belong.

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. He is a good bloke. Keeps himself above the fray acting with dignity .
    The oath is always to the office of ambassador and the constitution, never the President . As that is when it all goes wrong .
    Clearly numbers are down because if Brexit from EU. Let’s see how this plays out
    The 30000 new nurses petem where are they gonna come from ?

  2. The 30000 new nurses petem where are they gonna come from ?

    Maybe, I dunno, we could train them? There’s a radical idea. Then again GlobalMegaHealthCorp Inc. could fly them over when they buy the NHS.

    Either way it’s better than strip mining poor countries of their staff. You have to be a right bastard to prefer that.

  3. Yes am sympathetic to that point about strip mining.
    In principle it should be like that . But wages are so bad for say graduates from Hungary who trained as social workers they want to come to UK and work here .

  4. we could train them?

    Yes, but the Tories abolished the nurse training bursary, that shows their priorities. And there are huge shortages of staff at all levels, nurses, doctors and consultants. In Northern Ireland the waiting list is over 300,000 (population 2 million) and there are 8,000 nursing vacancies. Our NHS is not safe with the Tories and never will be.


  5. Your post makes no sense!

    The statistics do not match the map

    Complete fake news

  6. I would argue the most impressive thing about those stats is little Ireland’s position.

    And happy TG holidays.

  7. The UK has long been a major source of investment in the US.

    British companies like doing business here. They know the US very well. They buy and hold, and make lots of money. In real estate and many other fields.

  8. I would argue the most impressive thing about those stats is little Ireland’s position

    Wow! Thanks for pointing that out SMc.For such a small country that’s pretty incredible.

  9. One of the probs I see is in Dublin . As when DFI occurs and greedy peeps use Dublin as a play ground for making money . The prices go sky high everyone thinks they can make a killing in property selling houses to each other . It pushes out the artists musicians and low paid that service the city

  10. The answer of course is to have robust local law in Dublin with a good Mayor who had power. Then projects have to be tested against strict criteria as in ” Does this development any value ?” if not they give you a free bus fare to Connaught with a polite feck off u leech 😡

  11. I’d wonder if the Irish investment to the US shown here is correct

    How could it be correct?

    Would some of those investments be in the form of flows from the Dublin based US owned subsidiaries sending money back to the mother ship?

  12. Phantom,

    That would be quite likely.

    Ultimately FDI is simply the other side of the trade coin. Trade deficits are paid by capital surplus. So if the US has a trade deficit with a country then that country has to balance it with either FDI or the purchasing of US debt. Either way the money comes home.

  13. Investment is a tricky thing to measure.

    Ryanair is a successful Irish company but much of its funding would have come from Americans and others who bought stock in it

    Apple is a great American company But many Europeans and European stock funds would own significant part of it

  14. I also think it is largely a measurement of how intertwined economies are. The US would invest quite a lot in Ireland and vice versa.

  15. Yep

    An international publicly traded company doesn’t belong to one nation anymore

    A privately owned company that only operated in one nation might ne

  16. O/T we’ve had an incident in london, man shot dead, knifed 5 people
    love this one on twitter:
    more for our right wing friends this :

    Can somone hurry up and confirm the ethnicity of the London Bridge assailant?!!!

    We’ve got headlines standing by and need to know if were going with “Terrorist” or “Loner with Mental Health Problems”!

  17. Most likely both. Terrorist with mental health problems. He had a dummy suicide vest on. Either he wanted to use the vest to scare people into thinking he was a suicide bomber or he had a suicide vest on to make sure the police shot him.

  18. Yes seamus , my money on the latter . They seek martyrdom as their lives are ruined by their cult beliefs in jihad

  19. Different figures but Irish companies employ a similar number of US workers as US companies employ in Ireland, their relevance is not as impactful, but impressive none the less.


  20. He’s a good bloke, Ambassador Johnson.

    No he’s not Pete. He’s a Trump groupie who bought the ambassador post with millions of dollars of bribes donations to the Trump campaign. And of course you are aware that any “free trade” deal with Trump will mean the end of the NHS and British agriculture, I know that you hate the NHS but I’m not clear if you are happy to see an end to UK farming? Perhaps you will enlighten us.

  21. The practice of buying diplomatic posts with large campaign contributions to the winning presidential candidate Goes back a long time, and it is a completely bipartisan, corrupt practice.

    Trump promised To clean out the swamp, but he has continued this and most all other corrupt practices.

  22. I don’t think trump will get through the senate trial there’s no antics nothing like that and senators only get to vote . If his handlers can insulate him he might get through .

  23. The question isn’t whether he survives impeachment its whether the yahoos vote him back in and judging by Pat the yahoos are foaming at the mouth to vote for turnip

    Its amazing, they claim to love their country and yet vote to destroy it

    4 more years of turnip and China will be the dominant power

  24. Trumpers

    Self described patriots and or evangelicals in the service of a man who has spent every day of his life in rebellion against God

    These are exceptionally strange days