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By Pete Moore On November 29th, 2019

This year’s Black Friday sale could break buying records in the UK, early figures suggest.

At 10:00 GMT, Barclaycard said transaction volumes were up 12.5% from last year, and between 13:00 and 14:00 they were 9% higher.

“The fact that records are continuing to be broken suggests that appetite for Black Friday sales is not abating,” said Rob Cameron from Barclaycard.

John Lewis said buyers were snapping up Apple iPads and Lego Star Wars toys.

It’s about time that we had a bust up with China. Hong Kong’s a good enough reason. Let them not sell us their cheap tat. Damaging their economy while saving more would be good. Just saving more is desperately needed.


  1. So you want to have restraint on trade for political reasons?

    There is a case to be made for this, but this goes against what you have said many times here

  2. No Phantom, mainly economic reasons. Our economies are desperately in need of savings.

  3. nothing to do with foodbanks of course, maybe just right-wing hating of the poor, of which the majority are now “the working poor” – unable to live on their wages without foodbanks

  4. Let them not sell us their cheap tat.

    Cheap tat? The vast majority of the worlds high-quality high-tech electronics is now manufactured in China. That’s where your TVs, Android and Apple phones come from.

  5. yes Dave, agreed but gammons don’t think anything through
    they’re attracted to reactionary views and that alone does it for them, it satifies
    we’re the opposite, facts first then reflection.
    hallmark of the diff between Left and Right
    Thinking is not their strong suit shall we say 🙂

  6. Kurt.

    Spot-on mate.
    I’m afraid people don’t realise that we are on the brink of a technological revolution coming from China. China itself will soon be selling cheap, high quality electronic goods worldwide. Competing with all the current established Hi-Tech manufacturers.

  7. sure I’m going on the nasty foodbanks slur, there was no need to link that to the topic of technology, but its a give-away of a twisted mindset. Denying what’s in front of our very eyes. Find me a study that shows anything but a huge increase in foodbank use


    Maybe its a case of “let them eat cake ” ! and we know how that ended for Marie Antoinette

  8. The foodbanks will get much busier if the Tories win on 12 December, because they have promised not to reverse any of the benefit cuts of the past ten years. But Trussel and the rest will continue to be demonised as leftist agitprop by Pete Moore and the Daily Hate and the Murdoch mouthpieces.

    I’m looking forward to Trump’s visit next week. Of course he should stay silent about our general election, and of course he won’t. Johnson must be fearful of the inevitable loud-mouth bigot endorsement. “Vote for this guy! He’s your man!” It can only help the other parties.

  9. haha Dave spot-on , be great if they could even feign embarrasment for 1 sec regarding the impact of their loved polices on the poor. see how they claim the mantle of christianity, but only when it suits, not actually the words spoken by Jesus .
    The bible mentions the poor 600 times and exhorts us to care, it mentions sex 6 times
    but they would not know small facts like that – !

    Trump in UK – oh he’ll help the left when he opens his mouth ( inadvertantly ) for sure
    welcome Don, just give him a mike ..lol

  10. Somewhere in America today someone will be killed or injured fighting over 10% off tatty consumer goods produced in a slave factory.

  11. Well said Daphne.

  12. I went to a mall today Because the others wanted to do it but I bought nothing

    In town, I bought some turmeric in a small shop.

  13. Kurt,

    “Find me a study that shows anything but a huge increase in foodbank use”

    Nor will you find a study that shows anything but a huge increase in iPhone use after 2007. But that is not because there was no demand for iPhones prior to 2007. It is because there was no supply.

    In the case of food banks (really, food insecurity), there is not much in the way of studies or data of any kind that you can use to make a comparison. Though it seems clear enough that delays and bureaucracy in benefit payments is a factor.

  14. Tumeric–an amazing spice.