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By Pete Moore On December 3rd, 2019

Tariffs are simply a bad idea both in theory and practice. They make us poorer, which isn’t the point of this economic game at all.

But then, well, we’re in an election period, aren’t we? So, economic interventions aren’t going to be made on the basis of good economics but mere political calculation.

Which brings us to the most worrying thing of all: of the people running to be president, Trump is the least interventionist. Everyone else insists there should be more politics in economic decisions. Lord, help us all.

That’s Timmy, writing over there. President Trump is pretty horrible on trade (i.e. he’s very political). But those who would agree that he’s horrible on trade can’t really point to a better alternative, because all the rest lean in the same direction, and much more so.

2 Responses to “WELL, YES”

  1. Trump is an extremely interventionist president.

    He wants to personally decide where US auto plants are located, how much Mexican auto workers are to be paid, wanted to command that coal plants not be closed even though the power companies wanted to close them.

    He was a champion of the Wisconsin Foxconn plant that looks like it will be an expensive flop

    After Obama opened doors to more trade with Cuba, Trump largely closed the door to where it had been before.


  2. of the people running to be president, Trump is the least interventionist.

    LOL. What about his constant bullying of the Fed to move to negative interest rates and trash the value of the dollar? Or his constant pumping of Wall Street? He’s the biggest stock pumper since Warren Harding in the 1920s and we know how that ended.