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By Pete Moore On December 4th, 2019

It’s not only MPs, councillors, police officers and bureaucrats who effectively aided and abetted jihad-rape camps to avoid controversy and protect their fat pay packets. It’s teachers too, which is no surprise frankly.

A girl who was sold for sex has told a court no action was taken by teachers when rumours of her abuse circulated at her school.

Giving evidence behind a curtain, she said they did not ask “if things were all right” when they heard rumours.

The girl, now an adult, told Birmingham Crown Court she was traded to men in Telford for sex in the early 2000s.

Mohammed Ali Sultan, Amjad Hussain, Shafiq Younas, Nazam Akhtar and Mohammad Rizwan deny wrongdoing.

As someone has often pointed out, only a lunatic would allow their children anywhere near state-employed wrong’uns and weirdos in the classroom.


  1. Guilt by omission now?

    How many lads from Walfamstow went to your public school and your private university?

  2. “Mr Sultan, 33, formerly from Telford, faces four charges of indecent assault and one of rape. The jury was told he already had convictions for “similar offences against young girls”.

    Mr Hussain, 38, of Acacia Drive, Leegomery, is accused of forcing the victim to perform oral sex on two occasions.

    Mr Younas, 35, of Regent Street, Wellington, is accused of the same offence, said to have taken place in the same churchyard.

    Mr Akhtar, 35, of Victoria Avenue, Wellington is accused of raping the girl in a lane, alongside Mr Sultan and Mr Hussain, and is also said to have urinated on her in an act of humiliation.”

    Bloody hell.