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By Pete Moore On December 6th, 2019

With so many lessons to learn, state bureaucrats must soon be the wisest of souls. When people in the economy make catastrophic errors they tend to get the sack. They might even be prosecuted. State apparatchiks are more fortunate than that. We know what will happen next in this case – nothing.

A man who carried out a string of sex attacks on 11 women and children across England over two weeks has been found guilty of 37 offences.

Joseph McCann’s victims were aged between 11 and 71 and included three women who were abducted off the street at knifepoint and repeatedly raped.

The 34-year-old also tricked his way into a woman’s home before tying her up and molesting her son and daughter.

McCann, of Harrow, was found guilty of offences including rape and kidnap.

The convicted burglar had been released from prison following a probation error in February before he embarked on a cocaine and vodka-fuelled rampage.


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