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By Pete Moore On December 6th, 2019

The plain lies coming from the left wing media this election is astonishing. Channel 4 (Fake News) leads the pack of course. They need to be de-funded.

7 Responses to “BOOTS, WORLD, TRUTH ETC.”

  1. The plain lies coming from the left wing media this election is astonishing.

    Thank the deity that we can rely on the Borisgraph Torygraph, Daily Heil, Daily Express and the Murdoch Sun for total truth. They are our true defenders against The Forces of Evil.

  2. It was an honest mistake for which channel 4 have apologised.

    However, Boris Johnson’s multiple lies, aren’t an honest mistake.
    Jonathan Pie sums up some of Boris Johnson’s massive hypocrisy, very well here:


  3. Great link Dave, Pie absolutely nails the lying Tory schmuck and his lying buddies.

  4. “Another day, another smear. Alongside ‘get Brexit done’ and Boris Johnson’s cowardice over TV interviews, it’s been one of the few consistencies in the Tory election campaign. Come rain or shine, they attack EU migrants…

    The low point came on November 27th, when the party published “new analysis” showing free movement would cost the Department for Work and Pensions £4.1 billion in extra benefit costs over ten years. It is an astonishingly disingenuous thing to say. Every study into the subject has found that European migrants pay more in taxes than they take in benefits. But the Tory response was to bury any economic advantage from immigration and portray it only as an economic loss.

    The same applies to every area of policy. Health secretary Matt Hancock, supposedly a moderate in Johnson’s Cabinet although in reality he quite clearly believes in nothing, announced a £1m fund to combat health tourism. This is a non-issue. It equates to 0.3% of the NHS budget and is anyway mostly attributed to British migrants living overseas and travelling back to the UK for health treatment. But it allows the government to portray immigrants as a kind of social parasite, so it is routinely brought up every few years…

    Home secretary Priti Patel focused on education, issuing a statement warning of the “huge strain on schools” from immigration. Again, no mention of how the taxes immigrants pay help fund those schools, or the general revenue we get from the increased economic performance of the country through their contributions…”


  5. An honest mistake which C4 have held their hands up and apologised to:


    A senior British diplomat in the US has quit with a blast at the UK government over Brexit, saying she could no longer “peddle half-truths” on behalf of political leaders she did not “trust.”[…]

    The reluctance of Britain’s leaders to play straight with the public on Brexit, Hall Hall said, had undermined the credibility of UK diplomats abroad. Her position had become “unbearable personally” and “untenable professionally,” she wrote in the letter, which has been obtained by CNN.


  6. Good catch Paul. From the CNN story:

    “Her complaints have echoes of the discontent of some diplomats in the US foreign service under US President Donald Trump. Since he was elected, scores of diplomats have left the State Department and senior roles have been left unfilled. Hall Hall’s resignation is a sign that under Johnson, there is similar unease.

    As UK Brexit Counsellor, Hall Hall was tasked with explaining Britain’s approach to leaving the European Union to US lawmakers and policy makers on Capitol Hill and in the White House. She suggested that her diplomatic role — intended to be politically neutral — was co-opted to deliver messages that were “neither fully honest nor politically impartial.” Hall Hall said that she had filed a formal complaint about being asked to convey overtly partisan language on Brexit in Washington.
    Hall Hall said she was resigning now, rather than after the election, so that her decision could not be portrayed as a reaction to the result. She is expected to leave the embassy next week, and is quitting the diplomatic service completely.”

    I have no doubt whatso****ing ever that the Daily Heil will lead with this story tomorrow.

  7. Watch Andrew Neil eviscerate Johnson for his cowardice in refusing a BBC interview: