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By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006

Do you think that Muslims can serve our Nation and occupy positions of importance? I do. 

Today brings a story concerning an experienced Muslim firearms officer who  has begun race and religious discrimination proceedings against the Metropolitan Police after he was removed from a close-protection unit guarding senior dignitaries, including Tony Blair. Amjad Farooq, 39, a father of five, was told he was a threat to national security because his children had attended a mosque associated with a Muslim cleric linked to a suspected terrorist group.

Well, I don’t wish to comment on this specific case for obvious reasons BUT in general, I would believe that the Metropolitan Police shoud be very mindful to ensure that no such links – or potential links – to Islamic terror amongst these senior squads of officers. It’s precautionary and it’s common sense.

Naturaly the whole "Muslims are discriminated against" bandwagon has kicked off following this news.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for this faux argument. We know that there are militant Islamists living amongst us in the UK who seek to kill as many of us as possible. See this news story to get an idea as to what some Muslim extremists have in mind. The Muslim Council of Britain continues to do a great disservice to the many decent Muslims living here as it screeches its usual refrain about how the British Muslim community is so hard done by.

8 Responses to “MUSLIMS UNFIT TO SERVE?”

  1. The decent British Muslims are very shortsighted not to distance themselves from the terrorists.

    I suppose one could draw a parallel with the "terrorists" who perpetrated the Spanish Inquisition. Good, decent Christians did not speak out against it and it prospered for a long time. British Muslims in our time can speak far more freely, yet as a rule don’t.

    The more prolonged their silence, the more the religious divide is widening.

  2. While I can understand the caution taken in removing this man from such a sensitive and important security duty I can also understand how unfair it can be if he is genuinely committed to his job and has been removed due to circumstantial links which he cannot control. However I do think he should try and find a more conciliatory way of dealing with this than the confrontational demand of using the discrimination laws, which I think cannot be allowed to override security issues.

  3. Hmmm – if we accept the principle of this and bearing in mind the RC Church in Ireland was instrumental in the formation of the Provos ( Paddy Devlin), at least one RC priest was an active terrorist, that most republican terrorists were RC and the revelation that The Irish RC Church and the Govt of the ROI planned to ethnically cleanse nationalist areas of NI of protestants in the 1970s as reported in todays Irish Independent – mean that RCs should have been excluded from all sensitive positions in NI ?

  4. Colm.,

    That’s my take as well – a little bit more understanding all round would have helped on this specific.

  5. By this arguement if your kids ever listened to a Willie McCrea sermon, the pervery looking baldy bloke on the platform with Billy Wright, then you could not work in close protection.

    Which is probably fair enough when you think about it.

  6. "The Irish RC Church and the Govt of the ROI planned to ethnically cleanse nationalist areas of NI of protestants in the 1970s as reported in todays Irish Independent"


    Not like you to quote an article out of context!

    You are, of course, referring to the article on the "doomsday plan" (Gene McKenna – pge 20) formulated in the event of civil war and an ethnic meltdown in NI.

    This plan was in the event of a Bosnia-esque scenario where the British authorities were "unable or unwilling" to help the Catholic "minority". It proposed the Irish Govt intervening to protect mainly Catholic areas and evacuating Catholics from other areas.

    Your reference to ethnic cleansing no doubt relates to "some cases" where Protestants may have had to be pushed out to make them safe havens for nationalists. It is unclear if this refers only to hardline loyalists who may be a threat, or to ordinary Protestants unfortunately caught in the maelstrom.

    Sorry for going off-topic folks but I think that needed to be clarified!

  7. Reg – you don’t deny that SOME ethnic cleansing was to have taken place and most important of all – the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland and the Government of a foreign Country, the Republic of Ireland, had plans to drive protestants out of certain areas. That is breathtaking.

    Quote : "The plan involved co-operating with the Church authorities on the ground to organise the Catholic population into safe areas and stockpiling these areas with food and supplies. In many cases, it says, Irish Government officials suggested the movement of Catholics to make predominantly Catholic areas easier to hold. In some cases, this involved "pushing Protestants out of areas" to make them safe havens for nationalists. "

    That’s a direct quote from the newspaper.

    It was discussed and accepted as a contingency plan.

    It’s not off topic – as access to sensitive posts for terrorists is still under discussion in NI…..

  8. Muslims are loyal to the ummah – the collective islam – and not to this country. They simply cannot be trusted.