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By Pete Moore On December 8th, 2019

We don’t really think about how news becomes news. Something happens, media somehow picks it up, news gets reported. That’s about it. But sometimes someone just happens to be in the right place at the right time, and he knows someone who knows someone. That’s how (American) football fans got the news first, on this night 39 years ago, that John Lennon had been murdered –


  1. ya can’t stop crazy….. sad

  2. Interesting link Pete. Like most of us here I heard the news when I woke up and remember discussing it at work. I’ve seen the Dakota Building beside Central Park.

  3. Peter –

    The Dakota’s setting has changed since when “Manhattan was sparsely developed and remote from the core of the city’s population”.


  4. Some years ago, I ran a half marathon that ended in the southwest corner of Central Park, by the Tavern on the Green restaurant

    When walking out of the park, I saw Yoko Ono walking alone

    I was happy in a way to see that she had not chosen to live a life hidden by security.

    Lennon very much loved New York City and we loved having him here.

    I remain angry at the monstrous injustice of his murder, that it happened on my streets, done by yet another no good bastard with a gun.

  5. Yes Pete

    I have seen drawings of Saint Martin in the Fields long before it became part of Trafalgar Square.


  6. I just watched the video Pete posted. Very interesting.

    Monday Night Football back then was a very big thing, more than now. People organized their Monday night to watch it. The very opinionated broadcaster Howard Cosell was much liked, much disliked across the country. They did the right thing by announcing it In the middle of the game.

    The other broadcaster was Frank Gifford, a Hall of Fame and NFL champion player for the NY Giants in the 1950s into the sixties. He play both offense and defense , something you don’t see now.

  7. An Irish blogger called who went by the name Twenty Major (an Irish brand of cigarettes) had the real story of what happened to John Lennon