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Tic Toc

By Patrick Van Roy On December 9th, 2019

Today the first Inspector General Horowitz releases his Report.  It’s 08:30 and has not been dumped…… not what I expected.

This report is going to give ammo to both sides. No matter what is exposed that was done wrong a huge segment will say it means nothing because no one got indicted…… The IG can’t indict they have no power to empanel a Grand Jury.

Personally I can’t wait to read it, but I know no one else that would consider it a “good read”.  Depending how harsh it is will dictate how fast the Democrats move with their impeachment vote.

If you want to blow a Dam you put a relatively small charge at the base of the Dam. When the charge goes off it seems like nothing happened, but the forces of nature take over and all that weight behind the dam seep into the fracture and then slowly the dam explodes. This report is the initial charge….. the Dam won’t burst until Durham indicts.

14 Responses to “Tic Toc”

  1. You have counted your chickens before they were hatched.

  2. Many of Trump’s most loyal boosters and sycophants at Fox News have long promised that Horowitz’s report was not only going to expose FISA abuses and reveal that the Russia investigation was a politically motivated hoax by the Obama administration, but would also lead to actual jail time for those in the Deep State.

  3. The Fox Fake News Factory has promised steak many times, but they deliver baloney every time

  4. The gun well and truly jumped there:

    “We did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced the FBI’s decision” to seek surveillance warrants on Page, Horowitz’s report concludes


    It’ll be interesting to watch how this is spun. Watch how a veil of silence is drawn over the allegations of political bias and how the ‘serious performance failures’ are brought to the fore.

    Much like the Trump impeachment process the subject content will now be sidelined in favour of procedural matters.

  5. This is funny

  6. It kind of shows that the US is behind the tech curve, at least when it comes to the FBI. I’d say it’s an SOP to erase phones and equipment used by employees fired/made redundant because the data should be stored elsewhere and encrypted. With that said, I don’t know why anyone would think this report would be mind-blowing. Mr. H always plays on both teams and the investigations never go high up the food chain. His scope is always tight.

  7. rush limbaugh show is over in an hour so maybe pat will update us then on the latest TP’s
    thinking things through

  8. lol fox news booked james comey , then when pat’s report came out cancelled the engagement
    priceless … lmao !!!

  9. The report confirms what was to be expected. The FBI was justified in investigating Trump and his team. Other than a low-ranking guy who messed-up some paperwork, the FBI did what it is supposed to do. The Trump team was crawling with Russian contacts, of course that should have been investigated by the FBI. The FBI would be faulted if they did not investigate. Trump does not like the FBI like most other crooks. This report was a waste of resources and AG Barr should be held accountable for letting looney rumors direct his department. The US needs a straight AG not one who bends to the whims of right wing nutcases.

  10. So no ” Tic Toc ” after all.

    Right wing state media was wrong again.

  11. I bet Pat has hand sewn Obama’s Orange jumpsuit and he got robbed again

  12. In fairness the important thing is those Trump supporters who have been telling the world for months that this IG report will bring down so many Deep State Operatives and back up the President’s claims have learned their lesson and will no longer be fooled by such nonsense or try to fool others……

  13. Funny, right?

  14. !!!

    Allan and the Allan lites will believe anything

    History shows us that