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To The Athlete Buying Young

By 33230715130361 On December 11th, 2019

The New York Yankees are paying a picher $324 million over the course of a nine year contract. Good work if you can get it.
I doubt i shall ever recapture my boyhood enthusiasm for the game but this type of transaction just makes md feel like moving on to watching curling.
I get athletes deserve to be well paid, the market etc. But at some point dont you go “the gods must be crazy.” It isnt limited to baseball or American sports.
Add to this the prohibitive cost of a family attending professional sports games, the ludicrous ticket prices, price gouging food and merchandise and you think the people who control this are simply rotten.
I love sports, and there have always been issues in professional sports, but I feel like we are crossing the Rubicon of decency.

4 Responses to “To The Athlete Buying Young”

  1. The pitcher is Gerrit Cole, an excellent starting pitcher.

    Nine years is a very long time for a pitcher. Pitchers get injured. Pitching is an unnatural motion. And in major league baseball, contracts are 100% guaranteed, so the owners can’t cut you and not pay you if you lose your effectiveness five years down the line.

    Attendance is down in many sports here, including baseball and the NFL. Tickets and grub are way too expensive now. The games take way too long. In the nineties, I would attend maybe 15 Yankees and Mets game a year. I don’t know anyone who does that now. Why would you?

  2. If baseball is your thing I don’t know if you can handle curling. It’s faster with much more action and state, it runs under much stricter time constraints

    Baseball is great fun to play but torture to watch

  3. An awful lot of people in North/Latin America and Japan/Korea/Taiwan would disagree with you there.

    Baseball is intrinsically slower than other sports, which is part of its unique charm.

    But it has become slower than that, ” aided ” by endless analysis of tendencies, and overspecialization in relief pitching.

    No nine inning game should last longer than 2 hours 45 minutes. But games last much longer than that now.

  4. On New Years Day 1975, the baseball world was shocked when free agent pitcher Jim ” Catfish ” Hunter signed with the NY Yankees for a then unheard of sum of $3.75 million for five years.

    Prices have gone up a bit since then.