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Friday The Thirteenth

By 33230715130361 On December 13th, 2019

The day of Trump’s Acquittal in the Senate draws closer as the House Judiciary Committee will vote on articles of impeachment today (along party lines). American voter fatigue has set in like a plague of locusts. And the eternal and parallel presidential campaign is being run like a Geek chorus with candidates who have less appeal than Jeremy Corbyn running for Mayor of Tel Aviv. The sentiment I dont understand is the false sense of triumph of the anti-Trump forces who cant see the forrest for the trees. Yes, he is guilty. But he is gonna walk like Bill Clinton with no greater stain than an unpaid dry cleaning bill. There are serious issues in this country, and we are running out of serious people.

9 Responses to “Friday The Thirteenth”

  1. All true Mahons, in a post-truth world hard to see the “City on the Hill” with all that fog.

    “Not here the darkness, in this twittering world” – Four Quartets, T.S.Eliot ~ 80 years ago

    Pat I’ve sent you a thread, when you’ve time buddy

  2. From the excellent Andrew Sullivan:

    “When people ask me what the mood is in DC these days, the only word I can come up with is ‘surreal’. Everyone in this town — including almost all the Republican senators — knows Trump is guilty as charged over Ukraine, and then some. The evidence is overwhelming. And seeking to get a foreign power’s help in a domestic election is such a textbook case for impeachment — the Founding Fathers were obsessed with foreign meddling — it really should be over by Christmas. It won’t be because of Roy Cohn.

    That legendary lawyer had a simple technique whenever his clients, Fred and Donald Trump, were sued. He would sue back. And Trump has a simple technique when accused of anything: immediately accuse the accuser of the exact same thing. His response to Hillary Clinton accusing him of being a puppet for Putin in the last debate in 2016 was an instinctual and reflexive ‘you’re the puppet’. When that fails, he simply instructs others not to believe what they see with their own eyes.

    So when it emerged that the FBI had investigated the Russian operatives close to the Trump campaign in 2016, Trump described it as a deep-state Democratic ‘coup’. When the independent report came out last week exonerating the FBI from the partisan charge, Trump declared the report actually confirmed it. I mean, why not? When the edited transcript of his call to the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, showed a direct quid pro quo, Trump described the call as ‘perfect’. Again, why not? When an impeachment inquiry revealed Trump’s obstruction of justice, Trump in response barred any of his associates from testifying, thereby obstructing justice. After a while, it all becomes bleary. Which is, of course, the point. Shamelessness is a hell of a drug.

    In a probably related development, you can’t go anywhere in DC now without smelling cannabis. The city legalised it five years ago, and the residents of this increasingly wealthy place have responded with gusto…”


  3. There are serious issues in this country…….

    Here’s one of them:

    This year was the year of diversity within the world’s biggest beauty pageants, with 2019 marking the first time ever that Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe were all won by black women.

    It takes something as apparently inconsequential as what were previously beauty contests to confirm what realists have always known:

    ‘diversity’ – ‘all won by black women’. No whites

  4. he can’t be guilty. To have guilt you must have a crime. The only crime of Donald Trumps was beating the beast and the machine at their own game.

    History will not be kind.

  5. Impeachment doesn’t require a crime to have been committed

  6. can you name another Presidential impeachment when there was no crime. ?

  7. To have guilt you must have a crime.

    “And seeking to get a foreign power’s help in a domestic election is such a textbook case for impeachment — the Founding Fathers were obsessed with foreign meddling”

    The constitution is clear and your guy is bang to rights. And of course you have previously posted that he is above the law anyway, so even if he shoots someone in the Oval Office you will be saying that he’s home free.

  8. Andrew Johnson was impeached without any crime.

  9. Trump got caught its simple as that
    His handlers advised him not to touch it with a barge-pole,
    Bolton knew it was a drug-deal and pulled out immediately – praise him
    The Trump fired him ..
    leaving hand grenade Rudy to blow everyone up
    This is exactly what is happening right now – if you pay attention